Why Do Pugs Scream? What Should You Do To Stop Them?

Why Do Pugs Scream

Intro  Why do Pugs scream? Is that a sign of danger to their health?  There are many reasons that make your Pugs scream: They’re bored and need your attention They’re sensitive to the sound of tv They’re overexcited about something They’re scared of something They had a horrible nightmare They don’t like the beauty or … Read more

Raising Dogs Safety Tips: Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners?

Do Dobermans Attack Their Owners

Introduction Even though the Doberman breed of dog is one of the most popular breeds in the US for its beauty and friendly appearance, many people still question it. Since they were originally bred for aggression and speed, do Dobermans attack their owners?  These vicious dogs can attack quickly and without warning, but this doesn’t … Read more

Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance? – A Guide For New Dog Owners

Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance?

Introduction The English bulldog is known to be an intelligent yet stubborn dog breed. Are English bulldogs high maintenance? Indeed! The English bulldog is a high maintenance breed. In fact, the English bulldog is one of the dog breeds that require the most care. If you plan to get an English bulldog anytime soon, there … Read more

Why Are Dachshunds So Hard To Potty Train?

Train your dachshund not to keeps having accidents indoors

Introduction Why are Dachshunds so hard to potty train? Dachshunds are a kind of hunting dog, so it can be a little hard to train. Moreover, there are several sights, noises, and odors that cause distraction.  Your doxie will rather smell everything rather than concentrate on going potty, so potty training will take a bit … Read more

Surprising Reasons: Why Dachshunds Are The Worst Breed?

Why Dachshunds Are The Worst Breed

Introduction The sausage dogs originated in Germany. Because of their unique and cute appearance, some pet lovers still wonder: why dachshunds are the worst breed?  With so many dog breeds to select from, it may take a long time to choose the perfect breed for your living space and care. Dachshunds are one possibility. This … Read more

Why Do Dachshunds Like To Sleep Under Blankets?

Funny dachshund in blue pajamas just woke up

Introduction  Why do dachshunds like to sleep under blankets? It is a dog’s natural instinct to burrow and sleep in a cozy warm place. However, for Dachshunds, the reason behind this behavior is that they were bred for hunting.  Dachshunds were kept to trail tunneling animals like rabbits, foxes, and badgers (they were exclusively bred … Read more

Why Do Dachshunds Stink? Tips for Avoiding Bad Odor

Why Do Dachshunds Stink

Introduction Why Do Dachshunds Stink?  It can have many causes, one of which could simply be that your smelly dog needs a bath. But besides that, it can also signal something more serious.  Some dogs might acquire a skin infection with a strong fishy smell caused by bad breath, yeast and bacteria that grow beneath … Read more

What Food Do Pugs Eat? Useful Feeding Guide For Your Pet

What Food Do Pugs Eat

Introduction   Pugs are not like other breeds of dogs. They not only look different, but they also have distinct nutrition and behavioral tendencies. Certain items that the other dog breeds can consume, pugs cannot. Most of this is related to the pug’s physical characteristics. So, what food do pugs eat? You can give pugs most … Read more

Why are Dachshunds so clingy ? Tips To Help Them Not Feel Lonely

Why are Dachshunds so clingy?

Introduction Why are Dachshunds so clingy? Owners of these weiner dogs often find themselves asking this question. Well, Dachshunds are a social dog breed. They are pack animals, so naturally, they will be somewhat needy and clingy, especially in comparison to more independent dog breeds. If left unchecked or encouraged, this behavior can develop into … Read more