Are Corgis Good With Cats? (Tips To Introduce Corgis To Cats)

Though cats and dogs are considered enemies, Are Corgis Good With Cats? These species sometimes get along together if the two animals are socialized early. The two are not quite a “match made in heaven.” Cats need time to get used to all the loud barking and commotion because Corgis are active and boisterous. Watch out for the Corgi’s natural herding instincts as well. Just train your dog carefully unless they might attempt to nip at the cat. Corgis don’t typically feel separation anxiety, so your pets will take up with others if you’re busy.

Differences Between Corgis And Cats

The personalities and temperaments of a Corgi dog and a cat are highly different, as you may already know if you have owned both animals. Additionally, cats and dogs generally play differently. That doesn’t exclude Corgis and cats, who can and will eventually learn to coexist and interact despite being two very different species.

Corgis And Cats’ Personalities

Most corgis are aggressive and outgoing, but they are amiable dogs that enjoy the company of other pets. And despite its small size, the Corgi has a tenacious and bold demeanor which sometimes gets them in trouble.

And although there may be quite a few cats with similar personalities, there are many cats with opposite ones. According to Colorado State Veterinary School experiments, cats often have two common personalities. The first is outgoing and confident cats – they will get along best with corgis. On the other hand, this cat is timid, shy, and not very friendly.

Of course, if this is your cat’s personality, the chances of getting along well with the Corgi will decrease. However, regardless of the cat’s personality, there can still be a civil relationship between them. Corgis and cats can become good friends, interact, and “play” with one another.

They Tend To Play Differently

In addition to personality, the play styles of cats and corgis are also entirely different. Therefore, these two animals must adjust their play style to play together.

For example, the Corgi may begin to pounce or crouch to show an invitation to play. In addition, the Corgi even barks a lot at one but has no threatening purpose. In contrast, cats often roll over on their partner’s back to indicate they are in a playful mood. Please keep the cat, and the Corgi may not understand each other’s invitations. However, if the Corgi immediately chases after the cat when they first see it, you must stop your Corgi.

Are Corgis Good With Cats?

Contrary to what you read above, corgis and cats can become good friends. But of course, the two animals wouldn’t be good naturally. There are some differences between the two species, requiring a lot of patience and practice.

If your cat is extroverted, that’s a great way to start a friendship. If not, there’s still hope.

Remember that meeting their requirements is essential to maintaining a close relationship between a corgi and a cat.

What Cat Breed Best Gets Along With Corgi?

Choosing a species suitable for the Corgi is extremely important if you want to bring home the two adorable short-legged breeds. It is considered that a young cat will match a corgi’s energy and playful mind because a cat’s equivalent size to a corgi is also essential.

You can refer to the cat breeds that will quickly get along with the Corgi in the list below:

  • Bengal – this cat breed loves to move and is always eager for attention that suits the Corgi.
  • Maine Coon – Maine Coon cats are giant gentle cats. They will not fear the size of the Corgi.
  • Japanese Bobtail – these cats love to chase and play ball. This way of playing will be very suitable for your Corgi.
  • American shorthair – The nation’s favorite feline enjoys the company of canines.
  • Abyssinian – The Abyssinian cat has some corgi-like features. This playful, naughty cat and the Corgi will quickly become good friends.

Most of the cats above will have no problem living with corgis. However, there will be exceptions such as neurotic or antisocial or Corgis hypoallergenic issues. However, these cases are sporadic.

What Will Corgis And Cats Play Together?

Corgi dogs love company and play, especially with cats. Cats and dogs can play together when you’re not around. Best of all, cats and corgis both enjoy similar games. Corgis share cats’ strong instincts for predation. Both animals will enjoy pursuing wired toys or laser pointers—schedule alone time with your pet to prevent envy or anger.

The majority of corgis will also avoid rough-and-tumble play. Although corgis are similar in size to cats, they weigh twice as much on average. Corgis won’t try to start a wrestling match, so you won’t have to worry about that.

How To Introduce Corgis To Cats?

Doing this is not as simple as throwing the Corgi and the cat in the same room and expecting them to be able to make friends on their own. Below are some methods to introduce two animals to each other. Besides, better if you also have patience and consistency in this process.

Face-To-Face Introduction

Meeting face-to-face can sometimes be intimidating for cats because cats are smaller than corgis. However, a close relationship is an ultimate goal, so you must try harder than these two animals. First, you have to ensure that you have exercised your Corgi before, or else they will be pent-up energy and spill onto the cat, or it may not be quiet. When the Corgi is too aggressive, you may want to keep the Corgi on a leash; this will give the dog better control at first.

Then let the cat roam around as they like. If they’ve both gotten comfortable with each other, make sure you bring their favorite treats. And if, unfortunately, the cat wants to run away, then let the cat leave and stop the Corgi from chasing.

Ideally, this partner pet should be of the same age. A kitten will welcome the playful energy of a Corgi puppy. An older cat is more likely to find this upsetting, fearful and distressing. Therefore, the age difference will make a dynamic relationship more complicated. The best way to pair a cat with a Corgi is to raise both of them when they are young. If two animals grow up together into stop growing to become adults, they will quickly learn to accept each other and become friends.

Exchange Scents Of The Corgi And Cat

This method is understood that before the two animals meet, you should let the Corgi and the cat get used to the scent of the other animal.

According to Paws, you can change bedding or blankets for your Corgi and cat. Or you can take a towel, rub it on each animal, and place it under the other animal’s food bowl.

In this way, they can see the other animal as close to them, not as a stranger.

Desensitizing The Corgi And Cat

Desensitizing the Corgi and cat is considered the best method when introducing these two animals to each other. Remember that for each different Corgi, the time will not be the same. Having a baby only takes a few hours or days to get used to the presence of a cat, but having a baby can take up to several weeks.

Try placing the cat in a cage with a small gate across the door to prevent the Corgi from entering. This allows the Corgi to “watch” your cat without them getting close and making a fuss.

After your Corgi gets a good look at the cat, the goal is to direct Corgi’s focus to something else, such as obedience commands, toys, or food. If this doesn’t work, use a leash to pull the dog away.

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Things To Keep An Eye On

The Body Language Of Cats And Corgis

Dogs and cats are both animals that communicate using body language. Ensure that you watch both pets’ body language when the Corgi interacts with the cat. If you spot any signs of distress and aggression, keep the two animals apart to keep them calm.

Cats Mark Out Area

You may be surprised that cats are more territorial than dogs. Male cats are the most territorial animals in the home and can show aggression toward dogs. So when bringing a new corgi home, introducing a corgi to cats can be complicated and require more patience.

Commonly, the territorial instinct of cats often shows in stranger humans or cats and dogs. So if the cat considers the Corgi as one of its friends, this instinct will decrease. Adequate time and referrals are required for this to happen.

Herd Instinct Of Corgi

The Corgi was bred for herding despite their long bodies and short legs. This instinct probably wouldn’t be ideal when letting a corgi live with a cat because they will effortlessly chase cats while trying to nip them. Of course, this is a dangerous case.


Therefore, in introducing cats and corgis “come into contact” with each other. You should try to observe to avoid the above situation even if they have been together for a long time. But if you have trained your Corgi well, this instinct will decrease, so there is no need to worry.

So, are corgis good with cats? The answer is yes. Suppose we can spend time and care introducing these two animals together. In that case, you can provide a happier home and new friends for your Corgi and cat. As long as you treat the two animals equally, they will become a “match made in heaven.”