A Convincing Explanation For “Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?”

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs with natural instincts like independence and a playful spirit. Although they are so cute, you are sometimes annoyed by their stubbornness. They usually make you upset by cleaning up pee everywhere. So, are dachshunds hard to potty train? This post gives you the correct answer, along with many practical tips for you to enjoy happy times with your doxie!

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Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?

Not only the type of dog breed but also a dog’s personality varies from each other. Hence, that’s why some dachshunds could be easily trained while others are so stubborn that you can hardly train them. 

To answer the curious question “Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?” precisely, it is necessary to look back on the history to know the miniature dachshund’s origin. 

Well, you would be surprised to know that this cute, elongated body dog breed originated from a hunting dog breed. The natural characteristics of hunters like independence and intelligence are good explanations for why dachshunds are notoriously stubborn and hard to potty train. The same as English bulldog puppies and Rottweiler puppies, Dachshunds often do what they like and do things their way. So, potty training with them will take time. 

Anyway, we believe training dachshunds wouldn’t be as hard as you might think. By spending enough time and attention along with our following tips, your life with a doxie will become much easier and more fun. 

Standard Vs. Miniature Dachshund
Standard Vs. Miniature Dachshund

How To Potty Train A Dachshund

Watching For Potty Signs

Like any dog, you can guess when doxies need to go pee and poop. To be more specific, their facial expressions and actions tell you that it is time that you need to take them outside, for example:

  • Scratching the doors
  • Sitting by the doors or the area you usually pass by and looking outside.
  • Looking restlessness
  • Sniffing the grounds
  • Turning in circles
  • Walking around the potty area, they usually go to in your house 
  • Whimpering

Although watching for the potty signs is a must, we still recommend you take them out to the potty every one or two hours. The exact potty breaks are based on how often they make an accident in the house. We also advise you to lead them outside a bit earlier so that you wouldn’t witness the accident happen again.

Beside potty signs and potty break time, there are other timeline dachshunds has to relieve themselves like:

  • After waking up and finishing a meal
  • Before going to their bed in the evening
  • After playing time. 

Select A Designated Place

Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?
Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Train?

Besides watching for potty signs, you also need a designated place where dachshunds can go pee and poop every time. No matter where it is, the area must be the only place. Ideally, it would be a quiet spot in your yard or a place nearby your house so that they can reach you every time. Additionally, that spot doesn’t have a lot of distraction in order for dachshunds to focus on pee and poop.

Every time you take them outside to potty, let them have 5-10 minutes to sniff and explore the outside. Be patient and say commands like “Pee.” “Potty” or “Go” to help your pup understand what it is supposed to do. By getting them to the one place for potty repeatedly, your doxie would understand what they need to do once being at that place. 

Despite having them go potty at the same place, they sometimes still refuse to do that. At that time, bring them back to the house and don’t let them play outside, or else they are getting confused about potty or playtime. Then, in the next 10-15 minutes, lead your doxie back outside and try giving the command again. If they are too stubborn, there is no other choice than to repeat the routine in the next 10 minutes until the puppy finally goes potty. 

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Set Regular Time To Take A Dachshund To Go Outside 

A child with a red purebred Dachshund on a walk
A child with a red purebred Dachshund on a walk

Creating a routine to be suitable for your work and lifestyle allows you to go outside with dachshunds for potty breaks. Unlike the baby pugs that need to go out more frequently, dachshunds need at least 4-5 times. Ideally, we highly suggest you spend at least three times after waking up & eating and before going to sleep. Try your best to take a doxie to go outside at a fixed time. 

On the other hand, you can get them out to pee at a specific time you want. In the beginning, your dachshund won’t require the toilet. At that time, let’s give them 20-minutes to find their chances for a wee outside. Day by day, your doxie will have the habit of going pee at that time you set daily. 

Pray And Reward A Dachshund After It Does A Good Job

Training a dachshund is the same as teaching a baby. Hence, praising and encouraging them to keep moving forward is the most efficient way to reach your training goals. Once the dog finally goes potty, it is time to reward them. You can verbally praise them by saying ”Good Job” in an encouraging tone. Or, give them a small treat or piece of food as a reward. By doing this way, you send a signal to them about the association between going potty well and a reward. 

Final Thoughts

We hope the article provides you with a lot of extra useful information besides answering the question Are Dachshunds Hard To Potty Training? By understanding the deep proof about why they are so stubborn to potty training and useful tips to turn them into obedient dogs, you can be more patient and successful in training them. Last but not least, please be patient in teaching them the way you teach a baby!

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