Are Dobermans Easy To Train? How To Train Them?

Dobermans are famous dog breeds from Germany and have been bred around the world for certain purposes. They could become a pet, a guard, or a service dog. As these dogs are not easily propagated, they need to be cared for and trained carefully. So, are Dobermans easy to train? And how to train them most effectively? Let’s surf down and read this article to find out the answers.

Are Dobermans Easy To Train?

Are Dobermans Easy To Train
Black Doberman Pinscher with owner in dog school

Dobermans are one of the most beautiful and beloved dogs in the world. However, the slightly aggressive appearance makes many people who intend to raise them wonder whether Dobermans are easy to train.

Although the Dobermans are an aggressive breed, they are very intelligent and ranked 5th in the most shrewd dog breeds. They are extremely courageous, good at guarding the house, and ready for the attack when in danger. Like Labradoodle and Teacup Pomeranian, Dobermans are also considered loyal dogs, always willing to defend their owners.

If taught and trained well, they will become a devoted soldier for the family. Doberman learns very quickly, so it will not be too difficult to train these dogs. However, new owners will have a little trouble training them as they are known for being stubborn.

Nothing is difficult to a man who wills. Continue reading to discover some helpful ways to train a Doberman!

How To Train The Dobermans 

Doberman training is fun as long as you have the right motivation and purpose in mind.

Motivating Your Doberman

To stay motivated, the first thing to do is give Dobermans lots of praise during training. Being too strict will make them afraid and no longer close to the owner. That’s why you need to be friendly with your Doberman, smile, pat, and give him praise when he completes the mission. 

Dobermans are extremely compatible with the emotions of their owners. Seeing the owners happy and proud of themselves will be a great motivation for them to train.

Besides compliments, rewards are also a great motivation for your Dobies. As dogs always love treats, you can use some delicious food to start training.

Remember that you can be a little strict with your dog, but do not use violence and harsh words with them. Or else, this bad behavior will frighten them and make practice time not fun. As a result, they can even fear training.

Embrace a Routine

Embrace a Routine for Doberman
Embrace a Routine for Doberman

Like baby pugs and Maltipoo puppies, creating a certain routine is the basic step to training Dobermans. In this way, your dog will gradually get used to a healthy lifestyle, making you save time when taking care of your pet. 

They will eat, sleep, and go to the toilet as regularly as clockwork. For more convenience, you should first establish a fixed time and place so that your dog can easily adapt to the new lifestyle.

Potty training is kinda hard, so be patient with them. If the dog makes a mistake, you need to be gentle with them too. As mentioned above, rewards are extremely important in coaching. You can applaud your dog with actions such as hugging, rubbing his head, or using a treat.

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Potty Training

Potty training
Potty training

Potty training is a must-have for your Doberman if you don’t want to clean those dirty things every day. This difficult task often takes a lot of time and patience. Normally, an owner must spend about half a year training a dog to be able to sit on the potty proficiently.

In fact, training your dog to go to the toilet in the right place is only effective when he eats and drinks on time. After about 15 minutes, whether the food and drinks are gone or leftover, you should put them away. This way, you can determine when the dog wants to go to the toilet.

The next step is to control the time potty for your dog. A pretty simple way is to put the dog in the cage. When they want to go to the toilet, your dog will definitely bark loudly.

It is important for you to determine the place your Dobies will go to the toilet. Because you will not be able to train them if you keep changing places. Also, remember to use commands such as “Potty, hurry up…” together with clapping or waving action.  

Crate Training

Crate Training
Crate Training

Dobermans are wild animals, meaning they instinctively prefer to be in near-dark areas. They quite like being in a place where they feel safe, like a fit cage or a warm crate with toys. Those will surely make them feel excited.

The good idea is to teach your dog to enter his crate on command. You can start by saying, “Go to the bin!”, then throw a treat in the bin. Your dog will quickly find going into the crate a beneficial action. Leave the crate door open at first to let it come and go as it pleases. Repeat this several times for the first few days.

While introducing your dog to their new crate, you should avoid using it as a form of punishment. You are trying to bring positive emotions to the crate, so don’t put them in when they make a mistake. This will likely cause your Dobies to distrust or fear their new home.

Obedience Training

When teaching basic obedience, the first thing you should do is give them a name. Things will get easier when your Dobie can hear its name and responds to you immediately.

You also need to teach the dog to run to the place where the sound is coming from. When the action is repeated many times, the dog will understand and perform as their instinct.

When your Dobies have impetuous actions, you must stop them at the right time. Instead of scolding them, you should teach them to obey. When you say “Stop” and look them straight in the eye with stern eyes, Dobermans will realize that they are wrong. It is difficult work at the start, but practice makes perfect!


That also concludes our post related to Dobermans training. So, are Dobermans easy to train? The answer is definitely yes if you have proper training methods. The Doberman is an extremely intelligent but also quite stubborn dog. Remember to be patient, do not yell, and use violence against them during training. Let’s try to teach them with love, praise, and rewards. These will help your Dobies obediently train and learn as quickly as possible.

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