Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance? – A Guide For New Dog Owners


The English bulldog is known to be an intelligent yet stubborn dog breed. Are English bulldogs high maintenance? Indeed! The English bulldog is a high maintenance breed. In fact, the English bulldog is one of the dog breeds that require the most care.

If you plan to get an English bulldog anytime soon, there are a few things that require your attention. 

Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance?

English bulldogs are high maintenance due to their various inherent health problems, resulting in higher expenses needed in treating such health issues. Getting a bulldog puppy means giving out a commitment for their general care and wellbeing. 

Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance?
An English Bulldog

When thinking of adopting an English bulldog, you should know that it goes beyond your liking. It is better if you’re financially stable to fulfill their significant needs, precautions, health care practices, and more.

Keep reading to know more about the facts and tips to care for a healthy English bulldog!

The Important Factors To Care About When Owning An English Bulldog

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Bulldogs were born with a uniquely designed upper breathing system that sets them apart from other dog breeds. They also have a flat face, a shorter snout, and an elongated jaw.

All of this combined causes bulldogs to suffer from what’s called Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome – a complex syndrome that causes issues with the dog’s soft palate, nostrils, and the upper/lower respiratory system. If you want to put it in a simple way, it’s asthma but in dogs.

So, when the cartilage gets in the airway, these poor canines cannot breathe. This keeps you wondering, can French Bulldogs be left alone? The truth is, you can, but it is not recommended. Someone should always be there to keep an eye on your dog and monitor the breathing.

Keep An Eye On Your Bulls
Keep An Eye On Your Bulls

The size and shape of bulldogs can make it confusing to tell which is normal breathing and which is not, so it is best if you study your dog carefully to find the difference. One of the early signs to tell if your pup is struggling is gums turning blueish.

Multiple Skin Diseases

Skin problems are common among different bull breeds, but they’re even worse for English bulldogs. They have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, bacteria growth in skin folds, acute moist dermatitis, etc.

Bulldogs Have Multiple Skin Problems
Bulldogs Have Multiple Skin Problems

Your bull is going to need proper grooming and diet.

  • Diet: Due to their unique health condition, bulldogs need a special diet. Vet recommended food is often expensive, including either dog food that contains special nutrients to help with the health problems or a particular mix of different food to keep the allergies at bay.
  • Grooming: Bulldogs need daily cleaning of skin wrinkles to keep them bacteria-free. Also, weekly brushing is needed to remove the loose hair, dirt, and environmental allergens in the fur.

There’s no need to take your dog to an expensive spa as you can carry out this cleaning with baby wipes.

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Eye Problems

Again, eye problems are another common thing among English bulldogs.

It can get extremely painful without proper treatment, resulting in severe pain and blindness.

KCS (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca) and cherry eye are the two eye problems bulldogs often encounter. You can prevent these issues by applying eye drops to your little puppy.

Some eye drops are really good in remoisturizing and cleaning the eyes; better yet, they can be purchased without a prescription from the vet.

Nonetheless, once your bull is starting to show severe symptoms, it’s best to take him out for a vet checkup.


It’s going to be a pain to train your English bull. This British breed is known to be very intelligent yet stubborn. If you still insist on training them, keep in mind that they will only (unwillingly) learn simple commands.

Are English Bulldogs High Maintenance? - A Guide For New Dog Owners

Training Your Bulldog Can Be A Pain

Also, you should be persistent and dedicated to successfully fulfill the task of training a bulldog. Treats definitely come in handy, but be aware of the proportions you’re going to give.


Exercising is one of the best practices to help your bull with separation anxiety.

As mentioned, English bulldogs have problems with their respiratory systems, so they won’t need much exercise. Try to keep the exercises light and fun, just enough to leave your little pup in a calm, peaceful state of mind.

Are English Bulldogs Dangerous?

English bulldogs are fearless and daring; however, they can get very aggressive when threatened.

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English Bulldogs Are Not Dangerous!

The independent and strong-willed temperament of bulldogs can make people think they’re dangerous beings, but they’re actually not.

With the right owner, they can be very sweet and loving. English bulldogs make a good family pet as they’re sociable and friendly towards owners and people they have high trust for.


Are English bulldogs high maintenance? We assume you must have the answer by now. Beginner or not, what matters is how much time and energy you’re willing to put out to take care of the dog.

Caring for an English bulldog may not be a simple task for those who have never owned a dog before. Nonetheless, as long as you have enough knowledge and, of course, love to care for him, nothing is too complicated.