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Ever wondered if Goldendoodles get along with cats? Our miniature Goldendoodle Lexie has always been very gentle with children and other animals. A few weeks ago, our neighbor’s cat decided to turn our backyard into a temporary playground. My girlfriend’s two daughters immediately wanted us to get a cat.

Not sure if I’d add cats to the mix, but it got me thinking. Are Goldendoodles good with cats? Goldendoodle’s behavior around cats is also reliant on other important factors. I did some research and found some exciting information about Goldendoodles and cats. Read on to find out what I discovered.

The Goldendoodle Personality

Goldendoodles are widely described as great family dogs and popular with young families. Friendly, gentle, and loyal are three words often associated with Goldendoodles. They are very friendly, which is all good news considering they share space with cats.

However, considering the possibility of putting cats and dogs together, it is essential to review the history of the dog, or if your dog is a crossbreed, the history of both parents.

Why Does The Goldendoodle Not Have A High Prey Dive?

Although dogs have long been spoiled and no longer need to hunt for food, they still have the instinct to hunt small animals, including cats.

Because the Goldendoodle is a product of the Golden Retriever and Poodle, it is crucial to understand the prey drives of both breeds.

Golden Retrievers are bred and trained to retrieve and shoot waterfowl for hunters. A knocked-down bird can be put back into the mouth without damaging it. Breeding and training make the Golden Retriever a dog with a low prey drive and is generally safe around other animals, including cats.

Therefore, Poodles are also bred with low prey drive and are less likely to harm another pet.

The Goldendoodle is a genetic combination of two dogs with a natural low prey drive, making it an excellent family pet with no high prey drive.

As long as a puppy is well cared for, it should be safe around cats and other dogs in the house.

How Do Cats React To Goldendoodles?

There is a famous saying: “To truly understand rejection, you must first be ignored by the cat.” This quote underscores the cat’s innate defensive and unresponsive behavior. They are not bothered by their type and tend to be very demanding. Your cat’s dismissive attitude may create conflict or conflict with your Goldendoodle. Since this is due to the general silence of cats, this has nothing to do with their high prey drive.

The dynamic and energetic nature of Goldendoodle puppies can be daunting for cats. If the cat is aggressive towards your dog, there is a good chance of immediate retaliation. Factors such as a cat’s age, personality, type, and breed can affect its dog tolerance. Owners who want two animals to interbreed peacefully must introduce them carefully and help them bond. Besides, before you adopt a golden puppy at home, you should know what things that make them comfortable

What Are The Best Ways To Introduce A Dog And A Cat?

Suppose you have a cat and want to get a Goldendoodle. In that case, you can systematically introduce the two animals by following the steps below. It also applies to dog owners who wish to adopt a kitten. Animals need to get along and be comfortable in their own space. They will have to slowly get used to ​​having a new presence in the house. If your initial efforts to tie the two animals together are unsuccessful, do not push or force them. This only makes things worse. Please try again later.

Adopt A Goldendoodle If You Have A Cat

  • It would help if you introduced both animals informally. Schedule a meet and greet before bringing the dog home. This creates a neutral ground. It gives your cat peace of mind that its territory has not been invaded. Keep both animals in their kennel/carrier if you are doing your first introduction. If the situation is calm, you can use her leash to let her out and move on.
  • When your Goldendoodle comes home, give your cat her personal space. Your cat must have his own space away from puppies. This can help your cat reduce stress when being overwhelmed by the newest addition to the family. Pay close attention to your pet and its behavior in the first few hours after adopting your puppy. Get her out of hairy situations when it looks like teeth and claws might be involved. Your puppy needs to know about personal space until the cat is comfortable with the change.
  • Give your peers the same treatment and care. This reinforces positive values. Interaction between puppies and your cat is usually minimal, as puppies are busy finding new homes.
  • Connect slowly and steadily. If this is your first time introducing both animals, keep the session short. Try to meet in a specific location, such as your living room, at first until things go more smoothly. Don’t put food in it — your puppy may be tempted to try your cat’s food. When the first few meetings go well, gradually increase the social time

Moreover, if you buy new Goldendoodle puppies, you should know many things, such as how to clean their ears or how to trim a golden face. 

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Once you’ve ensured that your two baby pets are getting along and there are no accidents, worry no more. The two animals will be inseparable. Of course, how long this join takes depends on the situation. After all, unlike dogs, cats are unpredictable. Therefore, adopting a puppy rather than an adult dog is recommended. Goldendoodle puppies are more accessible to train than adult dogs. After a little consistent encouragement, he will understand his limits with cats.

Adopt A Cat If You Have A Goldendoodle

  • Getting a kitten is always better if you’re planning on introducing your dog to new feline friends.The older the cat, the more reserved and demanding it becomes. Likewise, kittens will be bolder and less demanding when interacting with your Goldendoodle.
  • Goldendoodles are friendly and fun dogs. However, they should be careful and may become jealous if their new pet is the center of attraction. This may affect the bonding process between the two animals. Remember to give both baby pets the same attention.

The ideal way to bond two pets is to bring home a puppy and a kitten at the same time. This method ensures that both pets are introduced to each other from infancy to infancy in a similar environment. Realistically, though, this option can be exhausting for new pet owners. They find it challenging to train and care for two baby animals simultaneously.

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When A Dog And A Cat Don’t Get Along

It’s always possible that a Goldendoodle and a cat don’t get along. Living in these conditions is very difficult unless there is enough space and the two of you are far apart to maintain a good quality of life. You should carefully consider whether you should give your existing pet her second pet. Most dogs and cats get along well, and you can find many examples of this. Sometimes they don’t. A Goldendoodle will bark something strange and unprotective so that cat is not accepted.


Are Goldendoodles Good with Cats? They can get along well in the right environment. Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs who are good at sensing other people’s emotions. If the cat wants to be alone, the Goldendoodle picks it up and walks away. You will want to play with your cat until he knows his limits. Once kittens are trained, they can get along just like adult dogs. With the right attitude and care, nothing can stop you from owning a Goldendoodle and a cat.