Are Pugs Good House Dogs? How To Care For?

Are pugs good house dogs? This chubby “dogloaf” has captured the hearts of many dog lovers with its lovely appearance as well as its mildly vigilant and friendly personality. 

However, first-time owners may find the process of caring for these breeds challenging. Pugs are a good pet for an apartment of any size due to their inactivity, quietness, and size.

What Are Pugs?

Distinctive Characteristics 

Are Pugs Good House Dogs
Woman with cute pug dog at home

Pugs are a long-lived dog breed with origins dating all the way back to 400 B.C. The breed is believed to have originated in China, where it was bred as a family pet for wealth and power.

This dog breed has a body size that is considered average. However, don’t dismiss these lovely animals because of it. The pug’s body is small, but its muscles are well-toned. 

Despite belonging to the dwarf dog line, the breed gait is majestic; every step is solid because the back is always straight. In general, the ratio between the legs and the pug’s body is also quite balanced, even though the pug is not particularly tall.

The grimace of the face with stacked wrinkles is the most distinguishing feature of pug dogs. The bulging eyes are dark black and round, and the bottom of the jaw droops down. Looking at this puppy, you will always get the impression that the dogs are thinking about something.

Furthermore, the pug dog has a wide range of expressions. When they’re sad because you don’t want to play with them, they have the expression of a “grinning old man.”, or when pugs are happy or want to flatter something, their faces are “unmatched cute”.

One Of The Cutest Dog Breed
One Of The Cutest Dog Breed

The pugs come in a wide variety of coat shades, but the most popular are black and white. Pugs have the silkiest, smooth, and lustrous fur, which is another reason why pug owners adore them and love stroking them. 

Unique Personality 

This breed, in particular, does not enjoy exercise as much as others. 

The breed is still very obedient despite having to stay in a small apartment for several days and not biting anything. As a result, the puppy is good with kids and a popular dog breed for families who live in a small apartment.

Pug is considered a lazy dog, but it will do whatever you ask as long as there is food to entice it. When they are given food, their energy level will change significantly.

The breed also enjoys being petted, but if you forget to pet or praise the dogs, they will pout like a child. Simply looking at them at that time will melt your heart.

Just because the breeds tend to eat, sleep, and cuddling doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. This breed, on the other hand, is a very intelligent breed. If you’ve ever raised this chubby pet, you’ll know that they’re intelligent dogs who get along well with kids.

These are calm dogs who aren’t prone to excessive barking, digging, or chewing. They enjoy being around other people and can be quite sentimental. They are good companion dogs, as their grouping suggests.

Pug’s life revolves primarily around his owner and family. As a result, the sufficient way to train pug dogs is to understand their nature.

So, Are Pugs Good House Dogs??

Super-Duper Friendly Personality

Are pugs good house dogs? Yes! Yes! Yes!

They are self-assured in social situations, get along easily with family members, and can easily adapt to a variety of living conditions. They are well-liked in family life since they are kid-friendly and rarely bite or nip.

The playful dogs are known to be affectionate and friendly. As a result, they’ll make an effort to win over not only you and your children but also any other pets you may have. 

They are, however, quite delicate, especially as puppies, and should be training and monitored while playing. 

Low-Maintenance Breed

Pugs live for an average of 12 years, but with proper health care and nutrition, which has been known to extend their life span, pugs have been known to live much longer.

Pugs do not require large spaces and adapt well to small apartments due to their small stature. To keep your pet active, playful, and comforted, 20 minutes of brisk exercise per day should suffice. A little exercise makes a big difference to a pug’s health conditions and expands its life span.

The breed do have a voracious appetite and a proclivity to become obese, as well as a variety of other health issues. As a result, you should monitor your pet’s fat percentage and limit snacks, especially if they’re older.

If you’ve taught the pugs to obey and understand basic commands from a young age, you’ll only need to train them a few more light exercises to improve their health.

Care For The Pug With Affection
Care For The Pug With Affection

The dog breeds are quiet and sleep a lot, which is ideal if you live in a flat or share a room. Contrary to popular belief, pugs shed, and their coarse, short hair necessitated consistent grooming. 

Most pugs love to be in the owner’s arms and don’t want to be left alone for too long.

How To Care For Pug Dog

Make Reasonable Training Plans

Pug dog is naturally sedentary, preferring to eat and sleep all day. As a result, the dog breed is prone to many health problems such as obesity, breathing problems. 

The big advice is to spend about 30 minutes letting your dog in training indoors or outdoors to prevent obesity and help your pug dog body become more toned. Enjoying the weekend at the pool is cool, right? Don’t be surprised at how well a chunky pooch like pug can swim with such high energy.

Pugs are not too active dogs, so they will not be suitable for high-intensity activities. Pug owners should only allow your pug dog to engage in simple games such as chasing, throwing objects, and so on.

The Fur

Cleaning your dog with pet products should be done regularly. After bathing, use a hairdryer to dry the breed’s fur. Also don’t forget about their grooming needs.

Pugs are prone to shedding almost all of the time. As a result, you must brush your puppy’s coat daily to aid in the removal of old hair and promote the growth of new hair.

Beautiful and Shiny Coat 
Beautiful and Shiny Coat 

Keep An Eye For Hidden Dirty Spots

The wrinkles on the pug’s face make him even cuter. However, bacteria, dirt, food, and other contaminants live in these wrinkles. 

It would be perfect if you cleaned the pug’s face three to four times a week to prevent skin-related disease. 

To thoroughly clean the pug’s face, wipe over the wrinkles with a cotton towel, then wipe away the dirt or leftover dog food with a dampened antibacterial cotton swab. 

Check Their Faces Details 
Check Their Faces Details 

It’s important to remember not to let the swab come into contact with the pug’s eyes, nose, or mouth while cleaning.

In Conclusion

Are pugs good house dogs? We hope that you have found the answer. This adorable pug puppy will undoubtedly be your best life companion. Because of the pug’s lovely, friendly, and intelligent nature, you and your family, especially children will be filled with joys and memorable moments.

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