Are Pugs Lazy? Facts About Your Puppies

Are pugs lazy?” is the most common question to owners of this dog breed because they will easily notice their pugs are less active than other breeds.

Pugs are lazy for certain reasons; do you want to know why? If yes, then continue to follow this article!

Are Pugs Lazy?

Unlike Labradoodles or mixed poodles, pugs are classified as low-energy dogs because they are less active. So YES, pugs are pretty lazy!

Are Pugs Lazy?
Are Pugs Lazy?

To be more specific, the reason behind this trait comes from the body structure of these puppies. They have a small body structure and a short and saggy face that affects the respiratory tract, so pugs do not exercise much.

In addition, you may notice that other than eating, sleeping, and playing, owners can hardly command them to do anything. 

Why Are They So Lazy?

Teenage girl taking selfie with cute pug dog at home
Teenage girl taking selfie with cute pug dog at home

Pugs are inactive because they sleep a lot, and their energy levels change with age. In fact, newborn puppies tend to sleep all day and hardly expend much energy.

As adult dogs, Pugs will sleep 14 hours a day, except when eating, urinating; they will not be as active as other breeds. And as pugs get older, they mostly lie down and relax all day.

Why do they sleep so much? As mentioned above, pugs have a very special facial structure. They are a type of dog that normally faces brachycephalic airway syndrome. 

The wide but short head structure and narrow nostrils cause pugs to partially obstruct the airway, leading to difficulty breathing or hypoventilation limiting overactive exercises.

In addition, you will easily notice these symptoms when the puppy is always snoring loudly, having difficulty swallowing food, and panting.

Wet weather is also a factor leading to breathing trouble and inactivity for Pugs.

Another thing that causes laziness in pugs is overfeeding. In detail, Pugs don’t have a lot of activity to burn calories, so if the amount of food intake exceeds, they will have more struggle in moving. As a result, they will have a break and sleep all day.

Suppose you observe your dog showing signs of uncontrollable weight gain or seeing them move more slowly than usual. In that case, you should adjust their diet or see the veterinarian create an appropriate eating and exercise plan to help them lose weight safely.

We can explain this behavior as pugs were considered aristocratic dogs since ancient times, and they have a very luxurious life, so they did not do much. 

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How To Push Up Their Energy? 

How To Push Up Pugs Energy?
How To Push Up Pugs Energy?

Even though it is true that they are lazy, your pug still needs activities to stay happy and avoid the stress of obesity or heart disease.

We would like to suggest to you some ways push up their energy:

Take Pugs For A Walk

Pugs don’t have the stamina for a long hike, but they’re perfectly suited for short walks. 

Specifically, these activities will help them stretch and open up and make them feel happier when they are in contact with nature.

One thing to note, you should align the walking time accordingly and try to go as slow as possible so that the dog can catch up with speed.


As pugs love to chew and bite everything, you can keep them active by organizing a game of tug of war at home. 

You can let them chew on one end of the string or towel, and you pull the end back.

However, always remember to keep things going slowly and smoothly. 


Fetch is an activity that every dog ​​loves. Although pugs can’t stay in the game for a long time like other dogs, it is still a good way to push up their energy.

Treasure Hunt

Going hunting for the treats is a great way to keep pugs busy when you don’t have time to play with them.

In Particular, you can hide the toys or food so they can find it. Trust us; your pugs will walk on air when they find their treasure.

Do Pugs Need To Exercise?

Do Pugs Need To Exercise?
Do Pugs Need To Exercise?

As mentioned above, pugs are incapable of long-term physical activity, but do they need exercise? And how much exercise is enough? 

Usually, pugs need 20 to 30 minutes of light exercise, and the ideal form is walking around the neighborhood at a slow, comfortable pace because they have very small bodies and legs.

In addition to walking, a slow run will also help them keep their body and mind healthy. You can also let your dog play catch the ball if they feel like it.

Outdoor activities and indoor exercises such as hide-and-seek and learning commands also increase intelligence and stimulate pugs’ instinct to learn.

Because they are sedentary, pugs are very susceptible to cardiovascular diseases and obesity, especially in older dogs. So, try to motivate them to exercise a little bit every day to keep them healthy.

Also, pay attention to your dog’s diet. You should design a suitable menu for your pugs, as well as make sure they stay hydrated!

Last Thoughts

In short, are pugs lazy? Yes, they do. The fact that they are lazy to exercise is due to their body structure and their characteristics. 

But to keep pugs happy and healthy, make sure you pay attention to your dog’s diet and exercise regimen!

Hope this article has brought you interesting information. Thank you for joining us!

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