Are Pugs Smart Dogs? – Which Signs Show That

The majority of people do not believe a pug to be intelligent. If you’ve ever questioned, “are pugs smart?” you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’re going to be looking at why pugs are less intelligent and discuss the IQ level of a pug. Hopefully, this information will assist you in determining which dog is best for you.

Are Pugs Smart?

Are Pugs Smart?
Are Pugs Smart?

Everybody considers to have the brightest dog in the neighborhood, yet the level of intellect varies depending on which breed of dog is talked about. Pugs are clever enough to work out a method to obtain what they want. They’re also tenacious enough to test your endurance.

They are the finest little dog for a family because of this. They get along swimmingly with youngsters, other dogs, and tiny children. They are highly loving and nice, in other words. Is this enough to imply that they are not dumb?

Why Are Pugs Known As Less Intelligent?

Why Are Pugs Known As Less Intelligent
Why Are Pugs Known As Less Intelligent

You might be curious why pugs have a reputation for being a stupid dog breed. There are some reasons for this, such as:

Firstly, it is because of the unfortunate reality that we make assumptions based on initial impressions. Pugs are adorable, but they don’t appear highly intelligent compared to dogs with innate intelligence like European german shepherds. If dogs don’t growl or show their canine, we think they aren’t particularly intelligent.

Secondly, Pugs do not have their intellect visible to the naked eye. It takes a long time for adaptive intelligence to emerge. It may take time and repetitions to see pug intellect. Thus, you wouldn’t be able to detect a pug’s intellect from a quick visit. 

A pug owner may track their pug’s growth and observe the pug changes as they mature. As a result, nearly every pug owner will tell you that their dog is not dumb. 

Therefore, you can’t entirely trust anything someone who hasn’t spent time with a dog says about it. They are not a good judge of a dog’s intelligence if they have not been around it for a long time.

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Pugs: How Smart Are They?

What Is A Pug’s IQ Level?

There is no way to accurately assess a dog’s intelligence. A dog’s intelligence is more commonly assessed in making a change to pick up new tasks. Pugs have medium comprehension, while Border Collies have the greatest assessed intellect.

Pugs are ranked 57th in intellect, placing them within the highest 55-69 dog breeds. This breed learns new orders after around 40-80 repeats and only obeys the initial command 30 percent of the total time.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that potential dog owners should look further than the stats. Doggy intelligence assessments are skewed toward commonly used intelligence indicators.

Pugs are slower to learn orders than Border Collies, though they have certain special abilities.

Instinctive Intelligence Of Pugs

Pugs don't have instinctive intelligence
Pugs don’t have instinctive intelligence

Pugs don’t have instinctive intelligence because they were raised to be companion dogs.

Pugs have been treasured pets of ancient Chinese emperors since 400 BC. Therefore, Pugs were not developed to specialize in any innate skill. Instead, they were chosen for their gentle, caring personalities.

Adaptive Intelligence Of Pugs

The Pug shines in this situation. The breed is well-known for its social sensitivity and adaptability.

Pugs are naturally inclined to please their owners because they were raised as companions. As a result, they are very loving and suitable for families.

Pug’s people-pleasing habits might become aggressive as well as pushy at times. They have plenty of time to socialize with their human companions. They are, nevertheless, excellent friends for youngsters and other pets.

Discipline Intelligence Of Pugs

Pugs have some intellect when it comes to obedience. However, it is something that must be worked on.

Pugs are known for their stubbornness, but with a little patience, they can be trained. Keep your workout regular and systematic, and provide lots of (meals) incentives across the process.

Do Pugs Have Enough Intelligence To Be Trained?

Pugs Are Smart Enough To Be Trained
Pugs Are Smart Enough To Be Trained

All dogs can be trained; however, positive reinforcement training works best for the majority of them. This entails providing food or toy-based incentives in response to desired behavior exhibits. New commands are picked up at various speeds by different breeds.

Every dog can be trained; however, physical exercise programming works best for the majority of them. This entails rewarding desired behavior with toys or food. At various speeds, different breeds will learn new commands.

Pugs are not as agile as some other breeds like the poodle mixes. It’s critical to be calm and provide regular encouragement when teaching a pug. Thus, pugs have gained notoriety for being obstinate.

But pugs are not obstinate. It is just because they were not bred to learn instructions. Stubbornness is an indication that your message isn’t going through, and you should change up your goodies and make your orders more explicit.

When a Pug understands your preferences and dislikes, he or she will be a devoted friend. They may be a little sluggish at times, but you can be assured that your pleasure is their main concern.


Overall, you probably already know the answer to the question “are pups smart?“. No, pugs aren’t dumb. We hope this article has been helpful for you in learning more about pugs and clears up the misconception about pugs’ intelligence. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, and we will get to you soon!

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