Baby German Shepherd – Here Is Some Detailed Information You Need!

Baby German Shepherd

German Shepherd is now a popular canine that we often come across on the streets. Especially, baby German Shepherd has become an indispensable family member because of its friendly and easy-going characteristics. If you want to raise such a puppy, you should learn more about this dog breed.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dig deeper!

What Is The Basic Background Of A Baby German Shepherd? 

Personality And Behavior

When a baby German Shepherd is born, he will only sleep in his mum’s cuddle and feed on her milk as his main food source. He will not be able to generate his body warmth to fight against the cold; thus, he always needs his mother’s protection during this time. Besides, he won’t be able to move much but only crawl on his stomach.

After two weeks, his fur will appear a little blue; however, it will change into brown as he grows up. Moreover, he will begin curious about his surrounding environment and crawl around more.

Portrait of a cute puppy purebred german shepherd

Portrait of a cute puppy Purebred German Shepherd

At 3-week of birth, the dog’s senses will evolve better. Interestingly, the cloudy blue in his eyes will change into brown. And he will be more independent, especially on urination and defecation.

After one month, the need for socialization in a baby shepherd will be more obvious. His love of discovery and courage will express daily through the process of detecting the world surrounding. Things the baby german shepherd learns during this period could shape his behavior and individuality throughout his whole life.

At the 7-week age, the baby puppy will come into a period of fear. Anything that made him frightened could have a considerable impact on his personality traits. For instance, when your puppy has an aversion to a specific human, he will be fearful and incredulous towards human beings for a long time later.

At the age of 2 months, he will be independent of his mother. However, it’s high time to think about socialization and basic training later on, as well.


As far as we are concerned, baby German Shepherd puppies’ weight at birth, on average, is roughly 1.1 lbs or 503 g. Usually, this weight can range from 0.8 lbs to 1.3 lbs or 370 g to 600 g. Also, the birth weight often relies on the size/body shape of his mother.

German Shepherd Puppy Portrait

German Shepherd Puppy Portrait

At one week of age, the little pup, a sable German Shepherd, for example, will weigh about 1.6-2.0 lbs, which is estimated to double his birth weight.

Do not be shocked when his body shape begins to develop at this time because several baby dogs, who can not hear or see yet, can become even larger than the adult dogs!

What About Health Problems Of Baby German Shepherd Puppies? 

In many cases, several baby German Shepherd puppies can suffer from the following common diseases.

Back Issues

Because this canine’s back legs tend to slop, the risk of suffering from back pain can be reduced. But if your dog does not like climbing stairs or being inactive, he could go down with many back injuries.

Bleeding Disorders

German Shepherds can suffer from bleeding disorders like hemophilia. This disease may happen when your puppy gets some serious injuries during terrible bleeding. If you doubt that he may be in such a case, you should take him to the vet to do a diagnostic test for coagulation time.


Bloating happens to many dogs with deep narrow chests, not except baby German Shepherds or white German Shepherd puppies. The symptoms are that your puppy’s stomach will be twisted and filled with gas. If this symptom goes untreated, it can rapidly become fatal within half an hour.

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd Puppies

If your baby puppy falls back or becomes motionless, has a full stomach, and lies in a prayer posture, please take him to an emergency hospital as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected dangers for himself. 


Cancer is the most popular cause of older dogs’ deaths, even in many baby German Shepherd puppies. And your puppy is easy to have lymphoma and some tumors in his kidneys and wombs. If he becomes pale in a flash, especially on his skin, legs, and head, make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible.

Digestive Upset

If your canine is ill-fed, many digestive problems, like recurring, vomiting, weight loss, or diarrhea, can occur. To avoid these diseases, please fill your puppy schedule or diet with healthy food. Do not feed your dogs snacks and table food too often. Many dishes with high-fat content, sodium, or artificial ingredients are so harmful to his digestion that he could suffer from bad digestive disorders.

How To Care For A Baby German Shepherd? 

Taking care of your baby German Shepherd is, of course, your responsibility. The healthier their dogs become when they grow up, the happier the owners. To increase the physical strength in dogs, we suggest you prepare some training items as follows.


The smaller your puppy is, the more newspapers you will need to remove his physiological waste. To be more specific, your baby pup may defecate uncontrollably in your house so many times that you will need more newspapers to clean up. The best way is to use old newspapers owing to its permeability, abundance, and low price. 

Puddle Pads

Paddle Pad For Dogs

Paddle Pad For Dogs

You can also buy many thick puddle pads for your baby dogs in quality pet supply/toy shops. The benefit is that these pads possess waterproof backings so that the urine of your puppy can not seep into your floor. Nevertheless, these items seem to be more expensive than newspapers.

Baby Gates

Since baby gates are much higher than your puppy, hindering him from getting outside, these products are a good option to restrict your puppy from running around in your house and knock off your furniture. 

The more doorways your house has, the more baby gates you will need. It is worth noting that you should only opt for safe baby gates. Please choose up-to-date mesh gates instead of old-fashioned wooden gates because these  gate materials can injure your puppies and the children.

Exercise Pen

Exercise Pen For Puppies

Exercise Pen For Puppies

When you take your baby German Shepherd to an outdoor place, you had better bring a foldable exercise pen to make sure he will not run around. To use this item, you must unfold, connect the joints, and put your dog into the exercise pen.

Final Call

It can not be denied that the dog owners had better raise their dogs in good conditions, health, and happiness. If you want to bring a baby German Shepherd home as a lovely pet, please have responsibility for their mental and physical health, and treat them as your family members. You should carefully read our above article to learn more about this canine so that your baby puppy could grow up healthy.

Goodbye, and have a nice day!

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