Best Dog Collar For Pulling – Top 10 Pet Collars

Walking a dog that never stops pulling is a nightmare. It only gets worse and worse if you live with relatively big ones. Normal collars are no longer a solution when they keep breaking free in as little as five minutes. So, it’s time you get them the best dog collar for pulling that will teach them to behave. Scroll down for more details on what the market has for the most effective (and safest) neck accessories for your furry buddies!

Choosing a collar for pulling dogs sure is stressful. Don’t worry; we have had the ten suggestions on Best Dog Collar for Pulling below that can help you control them.

The Guides To Choose The Best Dog Collar For Pulling

I’ve got your back if you’re still pondering how to choose the Best Dog Collar for Pulling!

Types Dog Collars

Generally, there are three types of Martingale: headcollar, pinch collar, and chain collar.

As for the headcollar, it is probably the most gentle collar for pulling dogs. The collar doesn’t squeeze the neck and nose, thus not causing choking and coughing. Pinch collars are common when it comes to training aggressive dogs. Despite its appearance, it doesn’t cause pain for your pups. Instead, the collar applies just enough pressure to calm them down. You can also opt for chain collars if you prefer some warning in advance. Thanks to the clanking sound, you will know immediately whenever your dogs are up to something.

Recommended Material

It’s widely known that synthesis fibre bands are comfier and less likely to injure. However, it’s easier to fray than metal. If your dog is a master of biting and snapping collars, it’s best to stick to a chain for more durability. 

Suitable Size

As for most Martingales and anti-pull collars, the effort will amount to nothing unless you choose the correct size. Correct size means a tight fit around your dog’s nose or neck but not tight enough for them to have problems breathing. 

To find a suitable size for your dog, I recommend measuring the top portion of the neck and pressing down through his fur to get the precise measurement. Remember this rule of thumb: You have to be able to insert two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck.

The Temperament For Dogs

If your dog has this type of anxiety and he doesn’t like having straps around his head or muzzle, headbands with headbands might bother them. You can try a Martingale-style collar which might be more appropriate. On the other hand, most dogs with more laid-back personalities don’t usually have problems with collars.

Remember that a no-pull collar or harness is not the only way to teach your dog not to pull. They are additional tools. However, combined with obedience lessons and the help of a certified dog trainer, collars and harnesses can be very effective and valuable to make your walks more enjoyable.

Top 10 Best Dog Collar For Pulling

Here are the 10 picks of the Best Dog Collars for Pulling that will give you hope:

  • Country Brook Petz Nylon Dog Collar
  • PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar
  • Max and Neo Chain Martingale Dog Collar
  • StarMark Dog Training Collars
  • Mighty Paw Cinch Chain Collar
  • PetSafe Chic Gentle Leader Headcollar
  • Canny Dog Walking and Training Collar
  • Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Training Collar
  • CollarDirect Nylon Martingale Dog Collars
  • Dazzler Extra Strong Pull Dog Collar

Country Brook Petz Nylon Dog Collar

It’s hard to get a product putting your hyper buddies under control while feeling softer than any other collar. But this Country Brook Petz dog’s where you can find all those specific traits. It is the best dog collar for pulling.

Designed with no buckle, this collar slips over the head. Generally, it’s an endless loop that can be adjusted through the welded stainless steel rings, which immediately tighten in response to pull. And you will be thrilled to know there is no limit to what dogs this can train. The collar can fit Maltese puppies at their tightest and fit up to an English Golden Retriever at its loosest.  

What’s more brilliant is the box stitching applied to the pressure points. This will add double strength to the collar, so big dogs don’t need to worry about it being frayed. Moreover, the heavy nylon material is extremely durable but simultaneously gives a soft feeling. It’s comfy and won’t scratch your dog’s neck.

There’re almost no complaints about this Country Brook Petz collar except for some pointy-edged metal rings on the inside that can cause discomfort. Make sure you double-check before putting it on your dog.


  • Solid design
  • Well-fitted
  • Low chance of break or fray


  • Some metallic edges on the inside

PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar

Despite its over-simplistic impression, PetSafe Gentle Leader prevents pulling better than people expected. Consisting of a strap placed around the nose and another loop around the neck, this collar best redirects your buddy’s tendency to pull without choking or gagging them.

The miracle lays a special padded neoprene nose loop that places pressure on the back of the dog’s neck instead of the throat. The headcollar will immediately place gentle pressure on pain-free points whenever they attempt to lunge forward. The thoughtful detail is all dog lovers need, showing our pets they have crossed the limit without going through pain.

Having such a convenient design is also a pretty nice selling point. The collar never squeezes too tight for your dogs’ comfort, giving them the freedom to move their jaws and even bark.

However, this PetSafe Gentle Leader will only make the difference if you take the exact measurement of your dog’s neck and nose. 


  • Great functionality
  • Highly adjustable to different dog sizes
  • Not cause choking and gagging


  • Require precise measurements

Ma​x and Neo Chain Martingale Dog Collar 

This special Max and Neo Chain Collar dog stands out with a 2mm stylish nylon band with a stainless steel chain at the back and a well-built snap buckle, completed with two reflective stitching bands that increase visibility during night walks. You can release your dogs halfway in a less crowded area for them to have some fun on their own and still manage to have them under your view the whole time.

But even with reflective features, it would be dangerous if your dog breaks out and takes off running into the night. That is why the producer has made this collar to be extremely secure. Unlike buckles that snap easily, it has a lockable tab, which curtails the motion and prevents unexpected release.

Being a martingale collar whose whole point is to tighten just in time when your dogs prepare to lunge forward. It also serves the purpose of pull prevention very well.

However, there is still a minor problem. The chain appears shorter than you think, making it challenging to slip this collar on large-sized dogs.


  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Metal slider for length adjustment
  • Make a noticeable sound when the dogs pull


  • Short-chain

StarMark Dog Training Collars

This unique-looking StarMark Collar dog’s made to be an effective communicator between you and your energetic furry friends. So tell them to stop lunging and freaking pedestrians out during walks. 

It is made from superb heavy polymer; the collar looks just like a flat collar on the outside. This design intends to make your pulling-loving dogs look less dangerous to people. 

On the inside, several removable pronged links are applying gentle pressure around your dog’s neck as a silent command for them to stop pulling. The design works well as a replacement for the infamous metal pinched collar that answers to your dogs’ disobedience with pain, which is the last thing we want.

However, there is still a chance of this StarMark Training Collar being snapped on an extra strong dog. We would not recommend it for large Pitbull or playful Golden Retriever owners.


  • Manufactured by dog experts
  • Gentle pressure
  • Help with training


  • Risk of snapping for larger breed

Mighty Paw Cinch Chain Collar 

This Mighty Paw Collar dog’s all the qualities you look for in a daily use collar, ranging from the durable nylon band to the iron chain. It forms a comfortable loop around your dogs’ necks, and they can go about their days without even realizing there is an anti-pull tool on their body.

That side of the collar will only be activated during walkies. Its most notable feature is the auto-cinch that immediately tightens under tension. However, the squeeze is gentle enough so that it will not cause choking. Besides, the stitching is also reflective, which allows you to keep your eyes on the pups when taking them out at night.

There is also an additional D-ring attachment to switch it from a training to a standard collar. With this smart design, your dog can wear the same collar all day without discomfort.

However, it is not all that effective on giant dogs since the producers did not release any size larger than 8 x 1 x 2 inches.


  • Multi-functional
  • A high level of comfort
  • Martingale style for choking prevention


  • No size for big breeds

PetSafe Chic Gentle Leader Headcollar 

This PetSafe Chic Gentle Leader dog will first appeal to people who want to add more style to a regular dull-looking collar. As you can see, all dogs’ training tools, including collars, always border on the verge of boring with only one solid color. You can consider this a change of pace if they have never been to your liking.

The collar is more than a mere fashion statement, for its well-made anti-pull mechanism can stop your dogs from tugging during walks by tightening to an acceptable extent. The nose loop and dog’s neck strap might look like they will get in the way, but they never prevent barking or eating activities in reality. This allows your dogs to explore the outdoors to their fullest.

Moreover, this collar is also designed to be put on super easily. All you need to do is slip it over the nose to the dog’s neck, fasten the nose loop and then the neck strap to ensure it won’t get loose.

But this collar is far from the perfect option. Some customers reported that the collar they purchased didn’t fit their small dogs as the dog’s neck strap was not tight. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you buy this PetSafe Chic Gentle Leader for your tiny puppies. 


  • Gentle control
  • Anti-biting
  • Easy to put on


  • Unsuitable for small dogs

Canny Dog Walking and Training Collar

Another simple headcollar design, Canny Dog Walking and Training Collar dog’s best known for its astonishing power. With its well-built and durable material, this collar is made to halt even the worst puller without causing breathing trouble. We are sure that you will love how this one eases the pain in your arm when resisting tension from the pulling dog. 

Also, should you realize the nose strap is not tight enough, you can find a yellow slider beneath the dog’s muzzle to adjust the tightness and more ways to put your playful dogs in control?

Overall, we must say this Canny Collar is a must-have tool to keep your puller dog under control. One minor flaw is that this collar doesn’t work well on dogs that pull with their noses. The nose loop might come loose and get into their eyes.


  • Extra strength
  • Neat and minimal design
  • Easy to wear


  • The nose loop may loosen

Herm Sprenger Prong Dog Training Collar 

This fabulous Herm Sprenger Prong Collar dog looks just like a torture tool at first sight, but do not let that get to you, for it is also the furthest thing from painful. It comprises several non-pinching prongs; this collar will hold firmly onto the dog’s neck and resist slipping.

Moreover, it consists of removable links with a center fastener plate to keep the prongs in the same direction, limiting the possibility of them falling apart even when your dogs get overexcited. This will certainly aid training and correction of negative behavior and has been tested by professional dog trainers.

A piece of advice, but we think you should purchase the stainless steel version, which costs a few dollars more than the chrome-coated one. It will last for a lifetime.

However, this Herm Sprenger Prong Collar is also said to take many tries to be put on, so expect quite a learning curve.


  • For dogs of all sizes
  • Non-pinching prongs
  • Anti-rust design


  • Tricky to wear on

CollarDirect Nylon Martingale Dog Collars 

This economical CollarDirect Reflective Collar dog’s made from non-allergic material to help puppies get used to wearing a collar. It is also praised for being extremely lightweight so that it won’t weigh down the puppies’ necks during training.

If you are into minimal design, you will love how this collar can be worn quickly and as a normal collar after putting off a leash. Besides, the material is super durable and eliminates the risk of discoloration. At the same time, the stitching work on the nylon band is reflective to serve night walks.

Similar to all options in this list, this useful collar can help with your dog correction training. Its martingale style applies just the right amount of pressure to get your young pups to realize. That pulling is not an encouraging behavior, and they cease to do so as they grow up.

However, because of its purpose, this CollarDirect is unsuitable for large and strong dogs as it may break under tension.


  • Safe and durable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to put on


  • Not recommended for strong pullers

Dazzber Extra Strong Pull Dog Collar 

The name speaks for itself. This Dazzber Extra Strong Collar dog’s built especially for huge dogs. When your buddy outgrows almost every collar the market can possibly offer, this one will save the day.

The collar is wide enough to hold down massive dogs with superb, durable 1000D nylon with a total thickness of 3.8mm. Additionally, it is designed with no buckle to prevent snapping by accidental force.

When going for a walk, you will love how a stitched box is put at every pressure point to avoid choking. This caring and safe anti-pull system are a must-have for all big dogs since they can easily escape regular collars with one single dog’s neck jerk.

The good news is that few past customers have ever experienced a breakdown of this product. However, some complaints about this collar being uncomfortable during normal, daily wear.


  • Stylish look with a name tag
  • Metal hardware for extra durability
  • No buckle to prevent escape


  • Only work for training purposes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of collar is the best choice for a dog that pulls?

For strong and big dogs like Belgian dogs and English Golden Retrievers, an average it that wraps around the neck would break as soon as the dog starts pulling. 

Therefore, most owners will switch to a Martingale – that prevents pull by applying subtle pressure to the neck and nose. Each dog has his unique preference; he refuses a type of collar but gets used to another one immediately.

Try at least three types of it to find the best one.

How does the training collar work to pull?

The dog training collar is a pretty simple tool. It includes a collar with an electronic receiver and remote control. Starting with a press a button on the remote, it sends a radio signal to the receiver, causing some irritation, whether it’s noise, vibration, or shock. Most receivers have a small metal probe in contact with the dog’s skin. This helps to ensure they feel the stimulation, and you can usually increase or decrease the intensity of the stimulation via the remote control.

Training collars are commonly used to curb a wide range of stubborn and undesirable behaviors in family dogs. Use for dogs excessive barking to food aggression. Training collars when training dogs should not be intended as punishment. But as a deterrent for negative or unsafe behavior. They will associate the unwanted behavior with a slightly unpleasant behavior and stop doing it until he no longer requires reminders.

The shock used by the approved it is safe. So though, it’s certainly enough to get your dog’s attention and deter certain behaviors. But be careful because sometimes it can cause any slight physical harm.

Are training collars safe?

Dog training collars are safe if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When starting, you should use the lowest level of stimulation possible and the collars. A note, you should not be left on the dog for more than 10 hours at a time. Also, it’s important to regularly check your dog’s neck to ensure it isn’t causing any irritation. You should stop using it if there is a problem until their skin and fur have healed.

When should a puppy training collar be used to pull?

Suppose your dog is big enough to fit a collar and has an outgoing, boisterous personality. In that case, you can add an electronic collar to your training kit and get started sooner if you have a quiet, reserved puppy.

E-collar training should depend on a much more important factor than the dog’s age which is the dog’s overall temperament.

You can start if you are a patient willing to learn how to use it properly. On the other hand, don’t be too quick to punish annoying behavior. You should reevaluate your motives and your relationship with the puppy.

Participate in practice sessions because swaddling will teach your puppy how to react correctly and control sensations. That understanding will result in a happy working attitude rather than sullen or sullen.

How can you stop your dog from pulling when walking?

It’s hard to tell a dog to stop pulling, especially when they’re too excited to join the outside world. You must train them with some treats to ensure he behaves. Next, adding motion means you move forward and reward your dog whenever they are by your side. As they begin to understand it, slowly increase the time and interval between rewards. In the end, reward them with a treat or a few compliments every so often.

Stop when the cord starts to tighten. Instruct your dog that walking beside you on a loose leash means they can move forward, and pulling means stopping. Repeat to form a habit of giving. If your dog doesn’t return to you, try walking a few steps in the opposite direction to regain focus.

Be consistent with your training every time you go out with the dog. This may take time, but it will be well worth the effort. It would help if you walked longer with your dog during this time. After a while, the dog will calm down, happily no longer pulling.

Which Better To Use, A Harness Or Collar For Dog Pulls?

A harness is also one of the options for dogs that like to pull. The perks of a harness are durability and safety. It will last longer than a collar and can hold off your dog better.

On the other hand, a collar is a much more comfortable choice since it does not put any pressure on your dog’s torso. If you do not have a dog who tends to turn violent and believe a harness is just too much, then it is what you should go after.

The Way To Put A Collar Or Belt On Your Dog To Pull Harness

The manufacturer has instructions on installing a new collar or harness for your dog on the product’s packaging, or check their website. If you buy a new collar, you can bring your dog to the store; an employee will be able to help you adjust.

You can make it by fitting a finger or two between the material and the dog’s skin. Make sure your fingers are between the collar.

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Learn more about solving specific leash, collar, and harness problems.

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Escape Retardant: Some dogs, especially tall breeds, such as terriers and zebras, can often slip out of conventional harnesses. Fortunately, many different types of the harness make it difficult for even the most Houdini-breeding terrier to do so.

A Small Note About The Correction Collars To Pull

Correction collars such as chains and barbs are not widely accepted tools. However, when using these training collars, you must use them carefully to avoid injuring your dog.

In addition, many people believe that a method of training through punishment is out of place; these are coercive tools that only hurt the dog without correcting its behavior. Worse yet, your dog may feel suffocated completely, not understanding why his owner is reacting this way. This changes the trusting relationship between the dog and the owner.

However, suppose you want to use a modified collar. You should consult a certified dog trainer to avoid causing pain to your dog.

That’s wrapped it up

Now that you’ve got through our list, you will be able to find the collar that best suits your buddy’s body shape and temper. Overall, I recommend Country Brook Petz for its sturdy design and durable material.

Also, for the first time putting on a collar, you will need to make careful adjustments so that it won’t cause any discomfort. Always double-check for the collars with buckles before going out to prevent accidental release. Even the best dog collar for pulling will not be of any help if it cannot fit your dog in the beginning.

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