Best Harness For Belgian Malinois – Top 9 Harness Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is an active dog who needs to be exercised frequently. While they are not usually known to be aggressive, all dogs should be kept safe when they are outside. Don’t put off deciding on the best harness until you’re ready to take your Malinois for a walk. The information in the following article will help you choose the best harness for Belgian Malinois based on how it will be used.

How to leash walk your Belgian Malinois

Top 09 Best Belgian Malinois Dog Harness

Here is our recommendation for the best overall Malinois harness Belgian. We looked at the Top 09 best-rated dog harnesses on the market, and one stood out as the best choice for this breed:

  • PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness
  • Kurgo TruFit Smart Harness
  • ICEFANG Tactical K9 Operation Harness
  • FIVEWOODY Tactical Dog Training Harness
  • Emotional Support Dog Vest Harness
  • Rabbitgoo Dog No-Pull Pet Harness
  • OneTigris Dog Tactical Harness
  • HDP Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness
  • Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

PetSafe 3 in 1 Belgian Malinois Dog Harnesses


  • Material: Nylon, Synthetic Fabric
  • Breed Size: Small Breeds
  • Harness Type: No Pull, Car Safety, Back Clip, Front Clip
  • Leash & Collar Feature: Dual Clip, Waterproof, Reflective
  • Lifestage: Adult
  • Closure Type: Quick Release
  • Pattern: Solid

Description of the product:

The PetSafe 3-in-1 Harness is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a simple and functional harness. It is straightforward to put on your dog, allowing you to get outside quickly. As its name suggests, you can use it in three different ways: as a regular back clip leash, as a front clip lead with no pull, and to securely restrain your dog in the car. Lot of Belgian Malinois harness select options for you now!

Moreover, the straps are lined with neoprene to increase comfort; even the harness dog collars don’t have as much padding as other models. Especially five adjustment points and neoprene padding help guarantee your pet’s happiness and comfort. Besides, the included car control strap secures your pet. At the same time, reflective stitching keeps them visible so you and their people can coexist happily! When choosing between two sizes, the smaller the two are usually, the better option. The PetSafe 2-Point Control Leash (sold separately) is ideal for training and walking your dog in congested areas such as busy streets. Dog harness select now!


  • The no-pull vertical martingale loop and front D-ring clip aid in reducing/stopping pulling
  • It is made of a soft padded material that is comfortable to wear without digging into the skin
  • It has an adjustable mechanism to provide a customized and snug fit


  • The buckle might not be strong enough

Kurgo TruFit Belgian Malinois Dog Harness


  • Material: Steel
  • Colour: Black, Red
  • Size: X-Small to X-Large
  • Pattern: Striped
  • Brand: Kurgo

Description of the product:

Do you want to find the right gear to keep your dog safe in your car? The Kurgo TruFit Smart Harness can help you with this problem. The collars include a seatbelt attachment that attaches to your vehicle, but you can also buy two other types if you prefer. 

Especially the all-steel buckle system is inspired by the engineering used in rock climbers’ harnesses, and the Belgian Malinois harness has five adjustment points, one more than most. Aside from having all the necessary car safety equipment, these colllars have extra padding in the chest plate to make it more comfortable for your dog.

As a pet grows, owners frequently need to buy additional Belgian Malinois collars, especially if they are just starting with leash walking. However, this model, which can be easily adjusted, will expand with your pet. In addition, based on a dog’s age and experience using a leash, pet owners can select between two different leash attachment positions. With these collars, you can walk even the most hyperactive dog calmly and efficiently without using painful spray collars, choke chains, shock collars, or prong collars.


  • The harness provided a good fit and a high degree of adjustability
  • It includes a second clip that can be used in a vehicle’s seatbelt to secure pets
  • The harness’s top loop can pull the animal up to correct misbehavior without inflicting pain


  • Sometimes, the Belgian Malinois harness can be moved and shifted easily, requiring the user to adjust it constantly

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness – K9 Nylon Dog Harness For Malinois


  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Ranger Green, Black, Coyote Brown, Reflective Black, Safety Orange, Wolf Gray, Red
  • Size: X-Small to X-Large
  • Pattern: Ranger green, Wolf gray
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Brand: ICEFANG

Description of the product:

Your dog will appreciate the ICEFANG Tactical K9 harness because it can be used for training, working, and other purposes. This nylon harness has solid and long-lasting metallic buckles that will hold even when the dog is carrying a load on its back. The ICEFANG Tactical, in particular, comes in various sizes, but it is primarily designed for large and powerful dogs. Your dog’s size can be changed, whether he weighs 100 or 80 pounds.

Furthermore, during the winter, dog sledding companies and law enforcement K9 units use this type of nylon harness. It’s safe to say that it can easily handle your bike rides, strenuous hikes, and walks. Additionally, the saddle has a ventilated mesh for good airflow because dogs need to be able to release heat produced during strenuous exercise to remain comfortable. The benefit of ventilation is that it enables air to circulate within the dog’s coat, keeping him more relaxed. As a result, the dog does not need to rest frequently to cool off. Ready to go shipping for you!


  • There are two Molle system strips on either side
  • A metal clip on the leash attachment prevents front pull
  • It fits as expected
  • Military-grade tactical materials


  • It seems a little heavy for little dogs

FIVEWOODY Tactical Harness For Malinois – A So-called Leather Dog Harness


  • Material: Sturdy Plastic Buckle, Durable Metal Ring, Breathable Air Mesh with Soft Padded Cotton Cushion, etc
  • Colour: Army yellow, Black, Blue Camo, Very Peri, etc
  • Size: S, M, L, XL
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Brand: AUROTH

Description of the product:

Your wallet won’t burn a hole in the Fivewoody no-pull dog tactical harness. It’s a good harness for any outdoor activity, including walking or training your dog, hunting, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits. Two quick-release buckles on the FIVEWOODY Tactical Service Harness make it simple to take the item off. Additionally, it has a MOLLE system for carrying gear, one on each side.

Especially the metal D-ring on the harness’s top is a reliable leash attachment point. Easy attachment of your pet’s gear for play, work, or training is made possible by the two 1-inch strips of tough Molle stitched on both sides. This dog tactical harness by Fivewoody can withstand the worst weather conditions and the strongest pull, rain, or shine. It is perfect for all kinds of field use because it is solid and secure. This is an excellent training and hiking necessity to keep your pet’s needs within reach.

However, your dog may experience chafing and discomfort because the material lacks padding. In addition, the harness has a short back, which can put additional pressure on your dog’s chest and abdomen. Ready to go shipping for you!


  • Design that is minimalist and functional
  • The Molle system organizes everything
  • Zero-pull and extremely comfortable


  • Handle is small

Emotional Support Dog Vest Harness For Malinois


  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Bright Red, Black, Hot Pink
  • Size: X-small to X-large
  • Pattern: Red, Pink, Black, Emotional support
  • Brand: Industrial Puppy

Description of the product:

The Industrial Puppy is famous for service dog collars because it is incredibly versatile. When your dog is not working, you can easily remove the patches, so it can also be used as a harness for grocery shopping or veterinarian visits. It can also accommodate detachable pouches for easy access to items such as medicine, poop bags, and keys.

Long walks with plenty of room to run and exercise for your dog are best for this kind of nylon harness. Additionally, it’s an intelligent choice for dogs that have to help a disabled person. Significantly, most of them have a handle on top to keep the dog stationary or assist it in getting around an obstacle.

Moreover, this harness is rigid and has weatherproof materials to withstand regular use. This harness also has a nylon handle for better control and a welded D-ring on the back for attaching the leash. Remarkably, the straps are adjustable for your dog’s comfort. At the same time, they work, and reflective bands are included for better visibility in low light. Ready to go shipping for you!


  • It consists of washable ESA patches
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • It has a visibility-enhancing reflective strip
  • D-ring for attaching a dog leash
  • Allows for dog backpacks


  • For small dogs, the padding might be a little bulky

Rabbitgoo Belgian Malinois Dog Harness


  • Material: Polyester, Nylon
  • Colour: Classic Black, Baby Blue, Mint Green, Passion Red, etc
  • Size: Small to X-large
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Brand: Rabbitgoo

Description of the product:

Given that it performs better than the other models we compared, the Rabitgoo is one of the best recommendations on our top pick. This nylon harness has a no-pull, no-choke construction that stops dogs from pulling on the leash without endangering their necks. This harness is also cost-effective, given its functionality, robustness, and design.

Especially two sturdy metal rings on the harness are provided for attaching a leash; one ring is on the check area to prevent pulling, and the other is on the back. Since you can use both rings for training or only use the back ring when your dog doesn’t need the no-pull feature, the two rings give you flexibility.

In addition, the chest circumference of a dog should be between 15.7 and 38.2 inches for this harness, which is available in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large). Each size has four adjustable straps to guarantee a tight and secure fit. Soft padding is added to the strong and breathable nylon oxford material to keep them comfortable and relaxed while walking. Further enhancing the fabric’s safety, reflective strips were also added.


  • Fully Modifiable
  • Simple to Use
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Two Attachment Points
  • Top handle with a comfortable grip for quick control
  • Nothing to pull or choke with


  • It was a little more expensive

OneTigris Belgian Malinois Dog Harness


  • Material: Nylon
  • Colour: Black, Green, Brown, etc
  • Size: XS to XL
  • Pattern: Service dog, Camouflage
  • Brand: OneTigris

Description of the product:

The OneTigris may be the right option for dog owners looking for a comfortable and attractive military-style dog nylon harness. This vest is available in five stylish, neutral colors appropriate for fashion-conscious pets and owners. Finding the ideal fit is simple, thanks to its various sizes and four easy-to-use quick-release buckles. Two places, including a V-shaped ring in the front, are provided for leash control on this adjustable nylon harness. With two strips of Molle on each side, your dog will be equipped to carry equipment.

So long as you have accurately measured your dog using their size chart, OneTigris has a reasonably intuitive fitting. You can put it on, adjust the straps, and get going. This harness’s hook and loop design allows for the attachment of ID badges, reflective strips for nighttime walking, and carrying pouches. Additionally, it has X-bungee cords, which are ideal for holding a water bottle or other items. A soft and breathable mesh lining is also included for added comfort and to keep your dog cool while walking or training.


  • Made of rugged 1000D nylon
  • The distinctive X bungee design
  • The four-buckle fitting system is quick and simple
  • Two D-rings in stainless steel for leash points


  • The handle is not as sturdy as anticipated

HDP No Pull Big Dog Harness For Malinois Dog


  • Size: Medium to XX-Large
  • Color: Electra, Black, Camo, etc
  • Brand: HDP
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Target Species: Dog

Description of the product:

The HDP Big Dog No Pull Dog leash has a wide, padded design that aids in the even distribution of pressure. The large, center D-ring allows for more control and freedom of movement, while the harness’s coated grip handle is more than strong enough to hold your dog in place. The polyester harness is also recommended for older dogs, as the extra padding relieves strain on their bodies.

For elderly dogs or pullers, the HDP Big Dog No Pull dog leash is an excellent no-choke option. It has a simple design with snap-in buckles and adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit for your dog. The broad chest strap evenly distributes weight across your pet’s chest and back, eliminating the risk of choking or injury.

Additionally, this harness features a reflective strip for increased visibility while walking your dog and a top handle for added control. This product provides excellent value for money and is available in various attractive color combinations.


  • Ideal for hard-pulling dogs and the elderly
  • Will not choke strong pulling dogs
  • Buckles with simple clicks
  • Extra padding and a handle are included
  • D-Ring


  • High price

Julius-K9 IDC Power Dog Harness For Malinois Dog


  • Size: S/Mini
  • Color: Black
  • Pattern: IDC Powerharness
  • Brand: Julius-K9
  • Closure Type: Buckle

Description of the product:

Julius-K9 is the gold standard in service harnesses and one of the most popular products. This brand is well-known for its adamant design, which can withstand even the most robust dogs while allowing free movement. The chest and belly straps are adjustable, and the harness is lined to prevent irritation or sores on your dog’s skin.

This high-quality harness is made with tested materials and meticulous attention to detail. The saddle comes in various colors and patterns; it’s difficult to choose just one! Durable velcro holds the front strap together. This does not appear to be a safe solution at first glance, but it works well. Although it might be more challenging to set than the slider on the TLH5753 harness, it won’t move once set. The chest strap’s large buckle is also solid and straightforward to use.

Users have especially grown accustomed to the security provided by the durable steel D-rings, and pet owners in cold climates prefer them because the buckles are freeze-proof. In addition, the harness has reflective stitching to keep you visible at night, a water-resistant outer layer, and a breathable, comfortable inner layer.


  • The harness’s color can be changed by pressing a selectable button
  • The use of a multi-colour lighting system makes it simple to see your dog, even from a distance
  • More substantial than competing dog leashes on the market
  • A reflective strap offers protection at night


  • Not all people can afford the price

Belgian Malinois Dog Harness Buying Guide

Wearing the right harness will make a big difference when taking a relaxing walk or hiking with the dog. For these high-energy dogs, you’ll want to ensure the harness you choose is controllable for your pet. Here are some basic guidelines.

Best fit

You should measure your dog’s rib cage before buying a harness. You adjust to put the middle finger and the dog’s body just right. Regularly check the fit of the harness to ensure the correct size. Depending on adjustability, you may need to change the harness a few times over the course of your dog’s life.


One with plenty of padding, especially near the reinforced and stitched joints, will help protect your dog’s skin and coat, as the dog is a short-haired breed. Some harnesses are made of softer materials like leather (leather harness dog), but you may want to choose one that is washable.


Since the dog is considered a large and active breed, this dog will need a sturdy harness that can withstand some force when it pulls. Some harness models have a simple clasp on the dog’s back, while others wrap around the entire chest. The bigger the dog, the more you need a harness wrapped around the chest for better control.

Previous clip VS Back-clip
The rear clip-on harness allows for easier walking since the leash stays on the dog’s head; it’s also easy to attach the leash. Unfortunately, the rear clip-on harness makes it impossible for the owner to control the direction of the pet.

Regardless of your harness, it is much better for training and walking your dog than relying solely on a leash. A leash can be painful and harmful to your dog’s neck in many situations.

FAQs About The Best Harness For Belgian Malinois

Why Should I Pick The Best Harness For Belgian Malinois?

Wearing collars can be uncomfortable, if not dangerous, for the dog. Firstly, you should get to know this dog breed. Indeed, if your dog pulls, the collars will quickly strangle him, prevent him from breathing, and cause throat pain, especially if the walk is long… That is why dog and veterinary educators recommend harnesses for this dog.

Furthermore, a harness gives you more control over your dog than a leash. You will have more control over the direction your dog wants to go, allowing you to manage it better. It is, therefore, necessary to favor the use of a harness that is completely safe and much more comfortable for these dogs who pull excessively. Then, as your Belgian Malinois becomes calmer with age or training, you may be able to replace the harness with lovely collars!

What Is Kind Of Dog Harness Great For The Temperament And Activity Level Of A Belgian Malinois Dog?

Being an active breed, the dog needs a harness with strong fittings and many adjustment points to help prevent elopement. They also like to run and be active, so look for something that won’t restrict their movement.

What Are The Advantages Of A How Can I Find The Best Harness Match For My Belgian Malinois Dog? Over A Collar?

First and foremost, a dog who pulls on collars risks injuring his throat or other organs. A collar also fails to reduce pulling behaviour. In contrast, an excellent no-pull harness can significantly reduce pulling and make walking on a lead much more pleasurable.

How Can I Find The Best Harness Match For My Belgian Malinois Dog?

The intelligence and drive of the dog have earned it a prestigious place among security and law enforcement officers. This breed’s defensive solid and territorial instincts make it an excellent family pet to adopt. However, his temperament may not be suitable for a first-time dog owner and Belgian Malinois can be the most unexpected friend. The Belgian Malinois is a hardworking breed with moderate to high exercise requirements.

How do you get a harness that fits properly and allows you to give your dog the exercise he needs? As there are no standard harness sizes, it is essential to remember that a large can vary significantly between brands. The best way to get the right fit is to carefully measure your dog and follow the sizing guidelines for each brand. 

Begin by taking chest and neck measurements. Firstly, remember that there are no universal harness sizes, so what constitutes a large can vary widely between brands. For the best fit, add an inch or two. Measure the widest part of their neck for the neck measurement. Finally, while knowing your dog’s weight can be helpful, it is not always the best indicator of fitness.


There are numerous advantages if you choose the proper harness. It will protect your Belgian Malinois neck and spine while reducing pulling and keeping this energetic breed secure and under control. The best harness for Belgian Malinois listed above can help you. Your Belgian Malinois have amazing adventures together if you measure your dog carefully and follow brand-fit guidelines.

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