Best Shampoo For Dogs With Dry Skin – Top 10 Dog Shampoo

Nothing can trouble dog parents more than skin condition, especially the one that dries up your baby’s skin and leaves them itching. Get the best dog shampoo for dry skin to end this once and for all! What the market has to offer to get your dogs’ coats smoother and their skin well moisturized is right here, so don’t go anywhere.

What Are The Best Shampoos For Dogs With Dry Skin

Browsing the stores for the most effective shampoo can be like pulling teeth when there are many options. Refer to our brief yet informative buying guide to know which bottle to come home with.


  • Organic shampoo: Dry, itchy, and flaky are some hard-to-miss signs that your dogs are born with sensitive skin. Lathering any chemical-based products on them and the condition may never improve. 

Go for nature-based shampoo instead. The cleansing solution in each bottle comes from green ingredients, aloe vera, oatmeal, and more, which moisturize and soothe their irritating sensation.

  • Hypoallergenic shampoo: On the off chance that the pet shop in your neighborhood has run out of organic options, you can use hypoallergenic products as replacements. Some artificial substances might be there in the formula, but none will damage your pet.


Never forget that it is always worth an extra minute inspecting the formula. While natural ingredients are always a huge plus, the shampoo of your choice must be able to restore the balance to the pH level on your dog’s skin, stimulate natural oil production for more moisture, cease the itch and dryness and have nothing to do with alcohol.

On top of that, whether it is soap-free should be on the checklist, for the content of soap can dry up the skin epidermis even faster.


The scent lingering in your hair after getting it properly washed may be something you never get enough of. But for your dog, it can be a different story. Their sense of smell is much sharper than a human’s, and they might find strange fragrances on their body a bother.

If you have tried aroma-infused before and your dogs began showing attitude right afterward (rubbing their body everywhere to get the scent off, sniffing their coat with total disdain), perhaps it is time to go back to ordinary odor-neutralization options with a light scent only.

Best Shampoo For Dogs With Dry Skin – Top 10

  • HONEYDEW Dry Skin Shampoo For Dog 
  • TropiClean Dry Itchy Skin Dog Shampoo
  • Pro Pet Works Natural Dog Shampoo
  • Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo
  • John Paul Dry Skin Dog Shampoo
  • Oliver’s Choice Dry Skin Dog Shampoo
  • Mighty Petz Store Oatmeal Dry Skin Dog Shampoo
  • Critter Concepts Store Natural Dry Skin Puppy Shampoo
  • Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dry Skin Pet Shampoo
  • Mika Pet’s Dry Skin Dog Shampoo

HONEYDEW Dry Skin Shampoo For Dog 

There is nothing not to love about this all-time favorite dryness-anti-cleaning dog skin shampoo. In skin care, oatmeal has long been regarded as one of the top treatments thanks to its outstanding moisturizing ability that removes all irritation and how it shields fragile skin from attacks of outside bacteria and UV rays. And this bottle contains a hefty dose of it!

We can tell without a second thought that after one or two weeks of bathing your dogs with the shampoo, you can see a big difference in their skin condition.

Protection from skin problems is one thing, this HONEYDEW dog dry skin shampoo also does an excellent job deodorizing them, hence the name. The lavender extract infused with the solution leaves a light and relaxing smell that never causes your dogs any distress, even if they have the most sensitive noses.

Still, while the shampoo softens your furry buddies’ fur and hocus pocus the unwanted irritation away, you might have to struggle with getting it out at first. The consistency level is quite unimaginable here.


  • For both mature dogs and puppies
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Condition both the skin and the coat


  • A highly consistent solution

TropiClean Dry Itchy Skin Dog Shampoo

No dog parent can bear to look at our babies twisting and turning on the carpet with their belly up to relieve their back irritation. Have a bottle of TropiClean Dry Itchy Skin Dog Shampoo right home if you want your pet to escape the itchy torment ASAP.

The solution draws its cleansing power from natural plant-based ingredients only. First comes the famous oatmeal we all know and love when it comes to pampering the epidermis, and then there is the extract from green tea oil. 

The combination will sink through your dogs’ soft, dry skin and strengthen it into a healthier, smoother version after two or three baths since green tea is often praised for its anti-inflammation and calming properties.  

All of these are packed with rich substances that promise to enhance their effects. The addition of sodium chlorine can improve the solution’s stability, while beta hydroxy works to prolong the soothing fresh scent on your baby’s fur. 

The producer has also taken care to only fill each bottle with skin-enhancement properties, no additives or ingredients that might act as allergens. You never have to worry about soap (which causes dryness), paraben, or dye damaging your pet’s appearance further!

While this works on all dogs and all sizes, from miniature dachshunds to golden retrievers, you might have to watch out for leakages if you plan to take it elsewhere. The cap does not hold well to the whole body.


  • Relieve itchy issues on sensitive skin
  • It comes with only natural ingredients
  • Shiny fur afterward


  • Problems with the design

Pro Pet Works Natural Dog Shampoo

We are always advised to bathe our pet less than once a week since it is possible for the components in the shampoo to get the itching in high gear if frequently used. But that is not the case with Pro Pet Work. The dog skin shampoo is gentle enough for daily use, thus speeding up the treatment of your dog’s dry skin.

Inside the appealing design of the bottle are some just as appealing properties – oatmeal, aloe vera, and almond oil. The reputation of oatmeal alone is enough to relieve your pet’s condition. With the hydrating and moisture balance ability of both of the latter, the existing flaky skin of your pet will soon be in the past.

That makes the first and most important effect of the dog skin shampoo. The rest are extra anti-dryness (no soap included), entanglements of the fur, skin healing and UV protection (thanks to the vitamin E in almond oil), and pain relieving (the ability of complex carbohydrates from aloe vera).

But we would be more pleased with the shampoo if the fragrance remained longer. It is light enough to give you a satisfying result after every bath and never disturbs your dogs, but it stays for less than half a day.


  • Suitable for all pets (including ferrets and guinea pigs)
  • No alcohol content or chemical additives
  • Safe for frequent usage


  • The aroma should last longer

Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

This Wahl pet shampoo comes in a highly concentrated formula to last you all year long, even with frequent use. We believe this is quite a steal, considering you receive a massive amount of 24 ounces in one bottle at a very affordable price. 

The shampoo achieves this with a coconut-derived sodding agent, which thickens its texture and infuses the entire solution with a great smell. It will do well as a bath dog skin shampoo for big dogs, like a yellow lab or a Doberman, since you only have to squeeze out a smidgen to have its coat and skin immaculate.  

Since this belongs to the dry skin healing category, trust that the properties included are effective enough to offset your dog’s condition. The shampoo is hypoallergenic with oatmeal extractions and no soap or alcohol. It can wash away the impurities that get your dogs scratching nonstop, all the while healing their skin and supplying it with the needed moisture to develop healthily. 

Be it as it may, the shampoo is far from perfect. The dry flakes and itchiness go away as quickly as we expect, but the same goes for the scent. It barely remains longer than two days, and we think the producer should consider modifying their formula so that it prolongs the stay.


  • Leave your dogs’ fur nice and soft
  • Moisturize the skin and soothe the itchiness
  • For all breeds


  • The aroma fades away too quickly

John Paul Dry Skin Dog Shampoo

You live with cats and dogs, and all of them have been running around the house scratching like crazy? Talk about bad luck…  But that will all change once you put John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo into good use!

The dog skin shampoo takes its cleansing ability from plant-based ingredients only. Oatmeal for the long farewell with itch and irritation while soothing your pet’s uncomfortable dry skin. Aloe vera to resupply them with the moisture their condition has drained. And sweet almond for the nice-smelling factor. The best thing? You can use it on both cats and dogs!

What we find interesting about the shampoo is that you do not need any water to activate the component. All you have to do is to pump it out and lather it evenly on your pets’ dry spot. How much to use depends on the pets’ size. Try one pump for little ones like cat and poodle mixes and three for the giants like American Bulldog.

The bad news is that while the dog skin shampoo helps keep the irritation at bay, it does not do an excellent job of keeping your pet fresh for long.


  • Work for cats and dogs (all breeds and all sizes)
  • Highly concentrated
  • Balance the pH level


  • Does not leave your pets fresh for days

Oliver’s Choice Dry Skin Dog Shampoo

Sometimes, dry skin comes from infections caused by bacteria and fungus. The situation can be difficult since these conditions are not something you can get rid of with ordinary shampoo and conditioner for irritation. You need a dog skin shampoo with extra power, like Oliver’s Choice Dog Shampoo.

Made with a veterinarian-approved biodegradable formula containing zero parabens or alcohol, the solution manages bacterial and fungal infections by featuring plenty of high-quality aloe vera. Its properties eliminate the infective factors that make your pet miserable while limiting the risk of inflammation.

The shampoo also uses oatmeal, so there is no more concern about irritation or itchiness. Combined with other ingredients inside the formula, it can even aid the recovery of hair cuticles damaged by excessive scratching and kill unwelcome ticks.

However, while the performance is praiseworthy, we have some issues with the design, namely the cap. The flimsy-looking piece of plastic can easily be knocked out of place with one push.


  • Reduce irritation caused by infection
  • Enhance the look of the coat
  • Supply moisture and strengthen the skin


  • Beware of the cap’s flimsy design

Mighty Petz Store Oatmeal Dry Skin Dog Shampoo

We know how difficult it can be to keep a dog with dry yet sensitive skin healthy and happy. If none of the products you have tried earlier alleviates the situation, consider giving Mighty Petz Store Oatmeal Dog Shampoo a go!

As its name suggests, the solution makes bath time for your dog a pleasant experience with a special formula containing only highly effective skincare ingredients. 

Once the aloe vera extractions, the rich vitamins, and the skin-enhancing minerals mixed with the organic oatmeal infiltrate the cuticles through the pores, their itchy, allergy-prone skin will quickly go back to normal.

As these components moisturize your pets’ sensitive skin while maintaining the natural oil, the lavender fragrance will kick into action, leaving your dogs’ coats with a subtle scent that does not harm their sense of smell.

But note this down. The dog skin shampoo does not come in a concentrated form. It is rather thin and would be used up sooner than you think.


  • Clean and condition your pets’ coats
  • Do away with the smell
  • Balance the pH with the nature-based components


  • Thin solution

Critter Concepts Store Natural Dry Skin Puppy Shampoo

Puppies’ care can differ from keeping a mature dog healthy since they are still in the formative years and can be much more fragile.

You need to invest in Critter Concepts Store Natural Dog Shampoo if your puppies develop dry skin. It works for every breed, from Maltipoo puppies and rottweiler puppies to Siberian husky puppies, so there is nothing to worry about.

Like the dog skin shampoo from Mighty Petz Store, this one utilizes only natural ingredients, including tea-tree oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and B5. These are great cures for infection and inflammation, not to mention their ability to supply moisture and protect the body from UV rays. 

Exactly what puppies need! They are young and energetic, so they will love something that can remedy their dry skin as they explore and play.

Prepare for more surprises. Critter Concepts Store creations are recommended by veterinarians across the country for their chemical-free formula. Your puppies will be pampered all day long by the strong yet gentle effect of the dog skin shampoo.

A warning, though: you will have difficulty diluting the solution. It comes in a concentrated form, but, somehow, the producer seemed to forget that and does not make it easy to get it thinner using water.


  • Treat allergies and other skin conditions
  • Soften and untangle the coat
  • Quick results


  • Hard to dilute

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dry Skin Pet Shampoo

Not only will this wonderful dog shampoo make your dog’s scratching and itching a phase of the past with its oatmeal properties, but it also works on improving the coat. 

The solution consists of only nature-based ingredients (oatmeal and aloe vera are their secret weapons in battling dry skin and irritation), and absolutely no soap or paraben. Combined with the coconut-based cleansers, these ingredients will nurture skin and strengthen the epidermis.

When there is no soap, your dog’s coat will not be subject to any dryness. And since the cuticles and epidermis are given a real treat with the ingredients above, rest assured that their fur will appear even shinier and better after a few baths.

However, there is little scent infused. You had better prepare yourself to bear the wet dog smell afterward.


  • Improve the coat and the skin
  • Perfectly balance the pH
  • No chemicals or additives that can cause allergy


  • Little to no aroma

Mika Pet’s Dry Skin Dog Shampoo

Be it a white Doberman or baby bulldog; it is never a great thing if they remain smelling like a… well…. a dog even when the irritation has gone away. Get this dog skin shampoo from Mika to drive away the unwanted smell.

Its scent comes from natural coconut, leaving a refreshing scent that is pleasant to both the pet and you. This is not the only natural part of the shampoo. All the other ingredients are nature-based, setting the dog skin shampooing into the hypoallergenic and therapeutic category.

For its itch-relieving ability, the shampoo uses colloidal oatmeal (think of it as an upgraded version of what you see in other products) that leverage the anti-itch factor. While they are saved from the itch, the aloe vera helps relieve inflammation without causing allergic reactions.

Remember that the results will not kick in right away, though. Depending on your dogs’ breeds, you will start seeing them scratching lesser and lesser after a few weeks, but never the first few days.


  • Hypoallergenic dog skin shampoo
  • Infused with natural factors
  • Soften the coats


  • Slow results

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you moisturize a dog’s skin?

Many effective methods are used to remedy your dog’s skin dehydration issue. The best and quickest way is still to utilize a highly recommended bath product. 

To boost the treatment’s speed, you can try brushing them daily to entangle their fur and allow maximum air to reach their skin. A massage is also a great idea as that evenly distributes the natural oil across their body and stimulates blood flow. Make sure to apply coconut oil on their coats afterward; it also helps moisturize the skin.

Can you treat your dog’s dry skin naturally?

You can always do this at home with natural ingredients, such as vinegar or coconut oils, and a long massage session every night. However, it will take a long time to get the desired results, so you would want to use some natural-based shampoo if you are short on time.

How often should you bathe a dog with dry skin?

Since you cannot use chemical content on your pets, the old ‘bathing too much leads to irritation’ rule does not apply. Giving them one bath every week seems ideal since it helps channel the nutrients inside their skin and allows quick recovery.

But if you are using a special line of products like that of Pro Pet Works, then daily use is no problem at all. Just make sure the product can be used daily at first. Otherwise, your attempts will amount to nothing as the baths might be overwhelming to your pets and worsen their conditions.


If your pets have difficulty coping with their dry, itchy skin, the best dog shampoo for dry skin will come to their aid! You can get them the all-around option – HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo For Smelly Dog – to see results swing by quickly, or Oliver’s Choice Dog Shampoo if you want to concentrate on remedying their infections. 

The final decision is up to you! But you have to get the product since it is the most effective way for your pet to escape their dry skin nightmare.