Can A Pug Stay Alone For 8 Hours?

Can your Pugs stay home alone during the day without destroying furniture or getting bored? Can a Pug stay alone for 8 hours every day? Most Pug parents aspire to know the answer. Get the ball rolling, and you could gain a lot after reading our article. 

Our Pugs could be fine to be left alone up to 10 hours a day as long as they are trained and get accustomed to this habit. We have already provided you with some valuable tips to prevent some unexpected accidents that may occur with your beloved Pugs. 

Can A Pug Stay Alone For 8 Hours Per Day?

Cute funny fawn pug on floor at home
Cute funny fawn pug on floor at home

Leaving Your Puppy Pug Alone For Eight Hours

A puppy Pug can control its bowel movements well until it is five to six months old. Hence, you have to buy them the best Pugs’ litter box or teach them how to go on pee pads. 

It’s possible to leave your beloved puppy in a kennel alone at home. Thus, you do not need to worry as hardly any incidents could occur when you are out. Another way is by giving them puppy toys to keep them entertained during the daytime. Besides, make sure that it can safely reach its water and food bowl whenever it feels hungry or thirsty.

Leaving Your Adult Pug Alone For Eight Hours

Occasionally, a Pug adores staying alone without your companionship
Occasionally, a Pug adores staying alone without your companionship

At a certain age, your Pug is likely to love being alone. It may not require much energy or find it entirely comfortable laying all day on the couch or bed.  

Nonetheless, regardless of whether your dogs achieve this period or not, you had better confine them to a specific area in the house before leaving them alone within 8 hours. 

Moreover, you’d better check the baby gate before being outside for work. Your pets need access to the toilet when they want via this gate. Also, draw attention to their water bowl and food to make sure they could eat and drink while you’re absent. 

How Long Is Too Long?

Do you prefer having baby Pugs or baby bulldogs?
Do you prefer having baby Pugs or baby bulldogs?

In reality, it’s OK for most dogs to leave them alone 8 to 10 hours per day, even 12 hours or more (as long as they have their toys, freshwater, or any form of entertainment). But every day, you should be by them, play, and hang out with them after your daytime working. 

However, many experts affirm that 10-12 hours being alone is too long for your dogs, regardless of breed. You ought to spend more time with your pets more and do not leave them alone too much.

They are considered the best companions of humans. They will always be by your side all day. However, experiencing lonely days too often will get them behavioral issues like separation anxiety. 

Accordingly, as Pugs’ parents, you have specific responsibilities with your pets. Leaving them alone too much without any human companionship may drive them depressed.  

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What If Your Pugs Are Left Alone Too Often?

Be mindful that your Pug is prone to separation anxiety if you leave it home alone for too long as it always loves interaction and human caring. 

The age of Pugs could make a difference, as the explanation as mentioned earlier. Relying on how old they are, you can consider the appropriate time to leave them alone to ensure that they do not get anxious. 

What’s more, no one wants to come back home to a mess. Your dull dog may feel like chewing your property while you’re out, apart from being trained in advance. Accordingly, training your Pug is necessary to limit incidents and potential damage caused by your furbaby.

How to Minimize Your Dog’s Time Alone?

Can A Pug Stay Alone For 8 Hours?
Can A Pug Stay Alone For 8 Hours?

No owner likes leaving their pets alone for too long. Your Pugs also get sick or hurt due to missing you, too. Nevertheless, if you are in a reluctant situation and have to leave your pets alone for a protracted period, follow some tips below to minimize their time alone.

Have Lunch At Home

It’s great that your workplace is near home. Try to go back home for lunch with your Pug. They are always excited to see you home and enjoy your company. 

Have Dog Walking Service Take Care Of Your Dog

There are many dog working services available like Rover. Hiring such a service could meet your demand of caring for your Pug thoroughly. Contact these sites to find out the best dog’s nanny.  

Ensuring choosing the right site needs giving a top priority, which can help you avoid ending up with horrible services. Also, once your dog walkers are professional, they could range in services from a quick walk or spending whole days with the pup. 

You Can Take Work-From-Home Duty

Not all jobs enable you to work from home. Yet you’re an enthusiast of working at home and like to be by your furbaby, let’s do some jobs such as telecommuting. Also, you may get more freedom doing such kinds of remote jobs.

Have Your Neighbors or Friends Check In On The Pugs

If you have faith in a friend or neighbor, have them look after your dogs in their leisure time. That sounds great if they indulge in playing with dogs. So, your pets are still happy while being away from you. 

Our Final Thoughts

Can a Pug stay alone for 8 hours? Yes. Nevertheless, no matter how busy you are with work, your pets always wait for you to come back home. Hence, avoid leaving them alone for more than 8 to 10 hours without caring or having someone look after them. 

It may be pretty hard for newbies or puppies to be left at home without caring or communicating with owners for quite some time. Perhaps, it takes a little bit for your Pug to get into a routine of staying alone at home without you. Thanks for reading!

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