Can Beagles Swim – Fun Facts

Can Beagles swim? The answer is yes because these scent hounds are excellent swimmers but are surprisingly talented in the water. Beagles were originally bred to hunt prey such as rabbits or mice and many animals that live near water. Although, some particular breeding was possible so that the dogs had webbed paws and thick skin, allowing them to swim more efficiently. Besides, some people say Beagles are not natural swimmers, while others say that Beagles were bred to hunt. Hence, they should be comfortable in the water.

A Brief On The Beagle Dog Breed

A Beagle introduced to water securely and calmly will naturally take to swimming. Whether a scent hound wants to be in the water comes down to the unique dog. There are some brief scent hounds that you should consider before getting your puppy into the water. Beagles have a couple of short-haired dogs with an ideal weight of around 22-35 pounds (9-16kg). They also thrive in an active home where they can get plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Beagles are original scent hounds and always want to explore the scents and smell they are going around them. They have the instinct to follow scents that can make them pull on a leash and get them into danger when off the leash. It would correspondingly be best if you did not underestimate a beagle’s hunting instinct around livestock or wild animals because they are particular dogs. 

Do They Like Water?

Beagles are also not keen on showers like most dog breeds and the rain but may want to play in the water on the beach or the pool, whereas occasional baths!

At first, some are hesitant to water; but once they see another dog jump in, they may try to mimic and learn to swim like others. Generally, Beagles don’t like water too much. Hence, a beagle will find their instinct to swim kicks in when they are in the water, while not natural water dogs. They are more than happy swimming as security.

Do They Like Swimming?

Beagles were bred to hunt small animals such as rabbits, hares, and mice for hundreds of years. Beagles would be used in their big packs to hunt their prey for a long time without environmental distraction. In specialty, they often spent all day outside in various weather and variable terrain. They would have encountered brooks, streams, ponds, creeks, and other water obstacles while on the hunt.

Moreover, Beagle would have had to negotiate these water obstacles efficiently and fast. I can’t guess the pack stopped at the first water sign and lost the scent of whatever they were tracking!

As a result, they might not be the first dog to jump in the water, while my own opinion establishes that a beagle is comfortable in the water and takes to swimming quite intrinsically.

Can Beagles Become Good Swimmers?

Can They Swim?

Almost all dogs can swim, and to most, it comes inherently. However, training a Beagle in the water is a good idea.

Liking most things and introducing them to new experiences is best done when they are still immature, keen, and brave enough to try new things.

Beagles are keen on vigorous exercise and enjoy the outdoors. If their owners want them to swim, they are already trained and jump in the water to please their owners. 

They can be trained to be water-ready to swim, and there are many ways to teach them. It’s also based on the owners.

Some puppies will dive straight in; there is no need even to tempt them.

The instinct of dogs is taking over so that before you know it, their signature white-tipped tail is bobbing away like they merrily swim around doggie paddle style. Besides, if your dog is nervous about the water, you can use a doggy life jacket to help build their confidence.

They Have Adventurous Personalities

If you have a curable Beagle at home, you will realize that he is not a timid dog. They could have a somewhat adventurous and bold personality insight. They are often described as inquisitive dogs thanks to their excellent noses because they can immediately smell something special.

It is supposed that the mindset of Beagles is naturally curious, which makes them ideal candidates for trying new activities, such as swimming and hunting. Even though many other small dog breeds may shy away from the water, Beagles are always ready for new adventurous experiences.

So, what better way to meet their adventurous desire than to swim at the nearest lake? You can equip them with the proper training and suitable equipment. These scent hounds will have no dangers learning to swim. Also, there won’t be any mental barriers in the humid environment. Because of their adventurous personalities, you should train them to swim to make them calm down.

They Are Good At Studying From Others.

Beagles are good at learning from one another because they’re smart enough to model each other’s behaviors, including activities, habits, and tendencies.

This behavior also bases on the dog’s natural tendency to want to be with other dogs and follow their lead. That is why puppies want to play with all dogs. From an early age, puppies try to imitate their “seniors.”

It is especially true with Beagles, while this behavior is seen in all dog breeds. Because these dogs were bred for hunting in packs, they’re typical pack dogs that prefer extra canine companionship to others.

Scent hounds are historically more inclined to learn from one another because of their pack dog mentality. In other cases, they can have an advantage while learning to swim if they want to go with an adventurous dog that already knows how to swim.

Not only can the seasoned canine swimmer boost confidence, but it also shows your Beagle that swimming is fun! With other dogs, your Beagle should be swimming with joy in no time.

When Are Beagles Already Swimming?

If you want to know if your puppy can swim by birth, you would have to put him in a shallow water environment. Almost all dogs will start paddling in the water as soon as they realize their paws don’t touch the surface. However, the chances of the Beagle inheriting the quality to swim are 50 percent. Before you take your dog on a test swim, put a dog’s life jacket on him, ensuring safety.

Ways To Teach Your Beagles To Swim.

Step 1

Most importantly, ensure your puppy has a dog life jacket to keep him safe and boost his confidence.

These jackets have a handle so you can raise them in case your Beagle feels anxious in water. 

Note: It might be great if you could get a transportable kid’s pool for the first activity time.

Step 2

On the first day, you could put your puppy in shallow water, which the level should not higher than his nose, because they could become familiar with the new humid environment.

Your puppy must enjoy the experience of being in water rather than getting scared of it. It would help if you tried to make it as fun as possible. Moreover, you can make your pub swim with other dogs to make them funny.

It’s noted that you should do it for a few days until your puppy feels comfortable and confident in being in the water environment. Besides, if your dog starts panicking or gets overwhelmed for the first time, you should take the pub out and take some rest. 

Step 3

Increase the pool’s water level until his feet don’t reach the bottom. Lifejacket won’t allow him to drown and build up his confidence. When your dog realizes his paws don’t get under the ground, he will become paddling. It’s noticed that you should hold the handle of your puppy’s life jacket in the beginning. If you see that your pup’s rare end initiates to sink, you raise him. When a dog’s rear end drops, its entire body will eventually fall. Therefore, you should notice that when you hold him and raise him.

Step 4

When the puppy beagle gets familiar with the water environment, you can show them a treat and let him try to reach it. They will find it funny and try to please the owner.

Step 5

It is necessary to make your pet feel safe in the water by wearing a Beagle harness, or, worst case, he will end up hating it. You will make sure you are always around your puppy and often call out their name. That’s it, you could be patient with your Beagle, and it will be swimming around within no time. Usually, a puppy beagle will learn to swim within a couple of sessions in the deep water. At other times, your puppy will enjoy this time which you can imagine the situation. 

Advantages Of Swimming For Beagles

Swimming is a great full-body activity for a dog and a super-active breed like Beagle. It will be best if you spend ten minutes swimming in your pub. Also, it is equivalent to 40-50 minutes of walking. Swimming will take a lot of the energy from your Beagle, and the dog’s muscles will strengthen. 

If your Beagle has minor injuries, swimming could do more than worse. You can imagine because swimming in water will help your Beagle stretch his muscles and quicken his recovery.

Swimming for dogs with elbow or hip dysplasia will keep their heart and lungs healthy by giving them needed exercise. Additionally, swimming will help your pup cool down during hot summers.

Disadvantages Of Swimming For Beagles

As I said before, beagles are scent hounds and not great swimmers. Therefore, you don’t expect them to swim for more than 10 minutes. It can be dangerous if you take your Beagle into deep water. After 15-20 minutes in the water, they will give up on swimming and drown if they are without a lifejacket or support. 

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Tip For Making Beagles Enjoy Bath

Do not bathe them outside. First, beagles have short coats; keeping a wet beagle out in the open will give them cold. Second, saving them on a leash while bathing can make them feel restrained. 

The immediate reason why dogs hate bathing is because the floor is slippery. You could put a cloth or a mat on the floor or bathtub.

Keep them distracted. Ask one of your family members to keep your Beagle distracted by offering some treats.

Keep the water lukewarm at a suitable temperature, not too cold, not too hot.

Tearless shampoo should be approved because regular shampoo can hurt your Beagle’s eyes and make it a bad experience. When you use suitable shampoo for Beagles, it will help them to minimize shed from them.


Can Beagles swim? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they like the water. Some beagle dogs will need the time of training to swim and be in or around the water environment. If your dog contains one of those above, it may take a little time for them to adapt.

To conclude, you might give them time to make them patient with their process! You can also teach them by throwing small playthings into the humid environment, so they will find it funny and try to chase after those items and learn how to enjoy themselves while in the grouping too!