Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores? Everything A Dog Owner Should Know

Can dog eats apple core

Fruit can help the digestive system in animals work better, but there are a few notes that owners need to know when feeding their dogs fruit.

For humans, apples have a lot of benefits. But what about dogs? “Can dogs eat apple cores” is a question that many dog owners wonder. If you are wondering, please read our article below to find the answer.

Can Dogs Eat Apple Cores?

The answer is No because apple cores can cause choking and clog your dog’s digestive tract. Furthermore, since apple core contains apple seeds, which include cyanide – a substance that can cause poisoning in dogs  and threaten their lives – you should refrain yourself from feeding your furry friend apple core.

If your dog eats some apple seeds in the core, there should be no problem to worry about. However, if your dog has eaten a lot of apple seeds over a long time, then you will need to contact your veterinarian or take your dog to the hospital for prompt cure.

Are Apple Cores Safe for Dogs?

The apple core is completely unsafe for your dog, whether it contains apple seeds or not. You can see our brief explanation above for this matter. Cyanide buildup is completely dangerous for your dog.

Are apple cores good for dogs?

Are apple cores good for dogs?

Besides, when your canine accidentally eats the apple core, you need to pay attention to whether the apple core is choking or obstructing the dog’s digestion. Then you should pay attention to the accumulation of cyanide, causing poisoning.

To keep your dog safe and avoid chewing on the apple core, it is best to discard the core furthest away from your dog’s line of sight.

If you want to feed your dog apples, then the safest way is to peel the apple off and completely remove its core, then cut the apple into small pieces and feed them to your dog.

What If Cyanide From Apple Cores Accumulates In Your Dog’s Body Over A Long Time?

If your dog eats one or two apple cores containing apple seeds, it may not do much harm, but the risk of cyanide build up in dogs with poor liver function is a concern. Cyanide is metabolized rapidly within 10 to 30 minutes. Poorly functioning dogs will not be able to get rid of the cyanide in time so that the cyanide can harm them.

Can dog eats apple core?

Can dog eats apple core?

Some of the symptoms we have listed below will help you identify if your dog has liver problems: weight loss, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, yellowing of eyes, and body fatigue. If your dog has one of the symptoms we have listed above, it is best not to feed him apple cores, especially those containing apple seeds.

The buildup of cyanide in the body due to liver disease can cause your dog to seize and lose consciousness, so you need to take it to your doctor for the best advice.

On the other hand, for apple cores without apple seeds, you should not feed your dog because the core will still cause choking and digestive problems, especially in small dogs. You also know that the dog’s digestive system is mainly used to digest meat, while apples contain many vitamins, so it will not be suitable for the dog’s digestive system.


After reading our explanations above, you can easily realize that cyanide poisoning is dangerous, and eating apple cores is not good for the dog’s health and digestive system. Furthermore, it also carries the risk of choking and clogging your dog’s digestive system. So the answer is no to your question of “can dogs eat apple cores?”.

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