Can Dogs Eat Butter? Here Is The Secret Revealed!

Can Dogs Eat Butter? - Here Is The Secret Revealed

Paying attention to the meals of your pets has a significant impact on their health and longevity. For this matter, many dog owners may ask: Can dogs eat nectarines?Can dogs eat hot dogs?Can dogs eat potato chips? Or the most concerning question is: Can dogs eat butter? Don’t worry, we will respond to this doubt most realistically. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s read the following answer to learn more.

Can Dogs Eat Butter? 

In reality, most dogs could have butter in their diets, providing that you serve them with small quantities. What is more, whether your dog can eat butter or not also depends on his health status. For example, because the fat content in a butter is relatively high, you should not feed him with this food if he is suffering from obesity. 

Butter. Slice of butter. Fresh sliced butter on the wooden plate.

Butter. Slice of butter. Fresh sliced butter on the wooden plate.

In general, as long as your dog is healthy and at a moderate weight, butter is, of course, does no harm to him. However, if you give your dog butter too frequently, the story will be different since butter is definitely not a nutritious food for his health. 

And now, we will discover below what disadvantages butter can cause for dogs and how much butter they can intake. Follow us to dig deeper!

What Drawbacks Can Butter Bring For Dogs? 

Stomach Upset

As we mentioned earlier, butter may cause many dogs to suffer from gastrointestinal disorders as canines are known to be lactose intolerant. Although a little butter won’t affect their health seriously, an excessive amount could lead to vomiting, stomachaches, diarrhea, and so on. 

Butter is extremely rich in fat, which can lead to obesity in dogs. Even worse, butter can cause many dogs to suffer from a dangerous disease, called pancreatitis, that can lead to their death if it’s not identified soon. 

You may not know that the fat content in a tablespoon of butter is 12g. And an adult dog who weighs up about 30 lbs just requires 14g fat/day. So, this spoon will be equivalent to most of your pup’s daily meals. 

Bear in mind that the fat content in a diet should have healthy origins. Instead of food from trans fats, which are harmful to canines and humans, you can choose products from monounsaturated fats.

High Cholesterol

Undoubtedly, butter is a great source of cholesterol (31 mg/tbsp). If your dog is suffering from a particular disease, like diabetes or hyperthyroidism, we bet that his body is possessing much cholesterol. In such a case, you should avoid serving butter in his meals. 

Moreover, you may misunderstand that margarine is better than butter. Actually, margarine consists of chemical preservatives and additives, which are harmful to dogs. Thus, it’s more detrimental than butter, though many kinds of margarine have low-fat content.

How Much Butter Can Dogs Eat? 

As said, butter is claimed to have high fat content. An adult dog tends to need roughly 12-14 grams of fat each day in order to maintain a good physical diet. 

Can Dogs Eat Butter? - Here Is The Secret Revealed

Butter on plate and on a table

It means that serving your dog with a tiny piece of butter will easily make him overweight when it comes to fat content. For this reason, you should give your pup butter occasionally with a small portion.

Besides, many canines are usually seduced by the attractive scent of butter. Thus, remember to tightly cover the butter with an inox/iron box and keep it away from your dog so that he can’t eat it.


Now, the question: “Can dogs eat butter?” has already been answered straightforwardly. In a nutshell, canines can intake butter, but they shouldn’t consume too much owing to many disadvantages butter can bring for their health. 

Finally, we hope you will feed your puppy carefully so that he can grow up well. And stay tuned to our next informative posts on “Can dogs eat nectarines; Can dogs eat hot dogs; and Can dogs eat potato chips.”

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