“Can Dogs Eat Chips?” Is a Ridiculous Thing We Have Ever Heard!

Can Dogs Eat Chips?

Potato – a tuber is believed to be harmless to everyone and provides many nutrients for people. However, it can cause many problems for our dogs. If you do not pay attention, potatoes can pose some health risks to your pets. So can dogs eat chips? Let’s find an accurate answer in this article. Read on!

Can Dogs Eat Chips?

The digestive system of dogs is designed to digest bone and meat. But when tamed by humans, dogs can also eat vegetables, which can provide them with several essential vitamins. Their bodies do not need carbohydrates. However, it is the ingredient often included in the human food packages.

According to veterinarians, potatoes should not be consumed by dogs. Although many people find it hard to resist the crunchiness and tastiness of potato chips, and can’t wait to share them with their canines, the answer to “Can dogs eat chips?” is a No-No.

Since the large amount of carbohydrates in potatoes supplies too much energy to the dogs, consuming this tuber often can lead to obesity. If we continue to feed the dog potatoes, our pets will likely suffer from other problems such as pancreatitis or diabetes.

Fish and chips with french fries

Fish and chips with french fries

Thus, the amount of protein consumed needs to be calculated carefully in order to meet the dog’s daily diet. If our canines are a big fan of potato chips, don’t act soft but stop giving them these tasty yet unhealthy treats.

There is no doubt that if the potatoes are not well-cooked, the toxic solanine found in the leaf bark of potatoes will pose serious health risks to humans and the dogs. The common symptoms involve the nervous and digestive systems, eyesight, as well as heart rate.

Finally, we have to remember not to give potato chips to the dogs under any circumstances. French fries are one of the dishes that we have to keep away from our dogs due to their large amount of grease and salt included.

Please bear in mind that chips can be a yummy dish for us, but with the dog, it is a nightmare! Because a large amount of grease and salt contained in the chips will affect our dogs’ health.

How to cook a meal for dogs

There are many kinds of food dogs can eat. Meat is one of the popular examples. In addition to nutrition, meats are also the favorite food of dogs. Eating meat will bring a lot of benefits, such as building strong muscles, growing fast, and having good health.

Set of natural food high in protein

Set of natural food high in protein

To vary the meal of our pets, we can include many kinds of animals or poultry organs. The liver of animals contains a lot of Vitamin A. It can help our dogs avoid blurred vision.

The types of animal lungs, spleen, esophagus, and stomach provide essential amino acids to ensure nutritional metabolism occurs without any problems. Additionally, we should also supply blood containing high protein to boost the growth of dogs.

However, we must be so careful when letting our pets eat animal organs. To ensure hygiene and safety, the food has to be cooked carefully. Besides, many types of food such as fish, eggs, and vegetables also play a crucial role in meals for dogs.


Can dogs eat fish?can dogs eat tomatoes? Or, “can dogs eat chips?” is one of the ridiculous questions we have ever heard. Perhaps, French fries are a delicious meal for us, but it is so dangerous to give them to our dogs.

For taking care of our “special members” in our family, we need to pay attention to them usually. We have to be sensitive to abnormal behavior such as vomit or inactivity. They may be the signal of health impaired.

We need to take them to veterinarians to check and once a month is reasonable. If you are advised to use functional food, remember to separate it from the normal meal.

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