Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? – All Dog Lovers Need To Know About

If you are raising a dog, have you ever asked yourself this question: “can dogs eat kiwi?”? We bet that you have done this at least one time. Don’t worry too much about that! This question will be solved in today’s article.

So, let’s scroll down to discover more about this topic!

Can Dogs Eat Kiwi? 

Here is the secret! In reality, your dog is totally able to taste this fruit. Nevertheless, you should only feed your dogs with a small portion of kiwi because a whole kiwi is not good for their health, especially that of white German Shepherd puppies.

Besides, please remember that dogs’ daily nutrition should consist of just about 10%  vegetables and fresh fruits. What is more, you should only give your dog the kiwi’s flesh. Although the dogs may eat the skin of the kiwi, you had better consult your vet to see whether your canine can eat it or not. Overall, you should avoid feeding your dog with the outer layer, seeds, and even a whole kiwi.

What Benefits Does Kiwi Bring For Dogs? 

In general, when dogs have kiwi in their diets, they can absorb a certain number of useful nutrients from this fresh fruit as follows. 

Vitamin C

You may not know that the amount of vitamin C in kiwi is larger than in orange. By nature, canines can generate vitamin C by themselves to not need to intake too much of this nutrient. But, giving your dog a little of kiwi, which contains lots of vitamin C, won’t do him any harm.

Moreover, an additional amount of this vitamin could support the development of your dog’s teeth and gums. That’s the first benefit you should consider!

Vitamin K

Secondly, kiwi is a great source of vitamin K, which helps prevent your dog from blood coagulation. On average, 100g of kiwi has about 50% vitamin K; therefore, it could strengthen your dog’s skeletal system.


Kiwi is rich in potassium, as well. As far as we are concerned, a dog’s diet should contain 0.6% potassium at the very least because potassium is essential for adequate body functioning in active animals like dogs. 

In order to ensure your dog’s health, the amount of potassium in his body should be well-balanced. To get this balance, you have to feed your dog with vegetables or fruits with high potassium, like oranges, kiwis, bananas, or broccoli.


Fiber, a necessary nutrient for dogs, can be found much in a kiwi. We advise you to supply your pet with the right proportion of fiber, and other vital nutrients so that they can be in the pink.

In case your canine is suffering from obesity, we suggest a high-fiber diet for him. Specifically, serve kiwi to your pet more often if he undergoes constipation or diarrhea.


Kiwi brings a significant quantity of antioxidants for canines. This nutrient facilitates the power of the dog’s immunity system. You must already know, when your puppy’s immune system becomes weaker, he could be more vulnerable to diseases than ever. Hence, enhancing your dog’s immunity is crucial.


Like human beings, dogs can suffer from cancer due to their genes or environmental factors. Though adult dogs have a higher rate to be affected with cancer, this dangerous disease is still popular in canines. Nonetheless, you can avoid this risk by serving nutritious diets to your pups, and kiwi is good anti-cancer fruit to fight back this disease.

How Do You Know If Kiwi Is Good For Your Dogs?

When serving new food to your dog, the gastrointestinal disorder may occur to him. Thus, you should always feed him with a little of everything for the first time to test his reactions. If no problems occur, you can gradually increase the quantity over time.  

In fact, many dogs have encountered diarrhea or vomiting after trying new diets or new food. To minimize the risk, a mild diet supplementing more water will be a useful treatment. Although this method is applicable in most dogs, you need to consult your vet first to ensure you four-legged friends encounter no food allergy.

Finally, dogs may be allergic to some specific foods. It means serving too many new foods at once could do harm to their health. Therefore, after one or two times testing, if your dog can’t stand the food, remember not to feed him the food again!


At last, the question: “can dogs eat kiwi?” has been answered. In short, dogs can have kiwi in their meal, but it should not be too much since an excessive amount of kiwi can harm their health. If your dog has some problems with eating and diets, take him to visit the vets as soon as possible.

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