Can Dogs Eat Lemon – A Super Sour Citrus Fruit?

Can Dogs Eat Lemon?

Recently, there are many videos about dogs being fed lemons by owners. These videos quickly went viral because the reactions of those dogs were very funny. While this may seem humorous, feeding your dog lemons can cause dangerous digestive symptoms in your pet. So,can dogs eat lemon? Please continue reading the article to find out the answer.

Can Dogs Eat Lemon? – Lemon Will Do More Harm Than Good To Pet’s Health

Can dogs eat tofu?”, “Can dogs eat applesauce?”, or “Can dogs eat sausage?” are frequently asked questions of responsible dog owners. Dogs are very good at eating excessively things they should not, including the foods mentioned above and the topic of us here – lemons.

They may mistakenly eat lemons or try to eat this kind of fruit if you feed them.

In fact, dogs can eat lemons, but only in very small amounts. When they eat too many lemons, their digestive system goes into trouble. Since lemons do not have many positive effects on dogs, it is better to keep your pet away from lemons.

Drink with fresh lemons

Drink with fresh lemons

Unlike fruit such as blueberries, apples, and bananas, lemons bring nearly no benefit to your pet’s health. Lemons may contain some phytonutrients which have not been well understood.

However, just like when used for humans, there will not be any positive advantage to consuming them without adding some sugar or diluting, therefore, potential benefit is still probably not worth it.

What Will Happen If Dogs Eat Too Much Lemon?

Lemons contain high amounts of citric acid, which causes digestive problems in dogs. Each dog will react differently to lemons depending on how much lemons they eat, its body mass, and their digestive system’s sensitivity.

If your dog consumes a large amount of acid from lemon, you will start to see signs such as its sensitivity to light, tremors, drooling, dizziness, and the inability to walk. Worse, there can be more serious symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.

French bulldog puppy with lemons

French bulldog puppy with lemons

If your dog ingests too much lemon and is not treated by immediate veterinary intervention, you might lose him. The larger amount a dog consumes, the more serious the symptoms will be.

If you see signs showing your furry friend has ingested a large quantity of lemon, observe him closely to see if he is suffering vomiting or nausea.

Most of the time,  dogs with nausea tend to lick their lips frequently as well as show signs of discomfort, unusual swallowing motions, or other exaggerated behaviors. If you spot any of those signs, you should take him to the local veterinarian for further observation.

The other problem that you need to pay attention to is choking or an intestinal blockage. In some cases, lemon seeds can become a choking hazard, and besides, swallowing too much of the peel could cause an intestinal blockage in your pet.

What Can You Do If Your Dog Eats Too Much Lemon?

Little Three Husky With Lemons

Little Three Husky With Lemons

If your dog has eaten a lot of lemons, you had better contact your veterinarian. They will give you some advice and decide if your pet should be checked.

For most dogs, just a small amount of citric acid consumed will not need a trip to the vet. Some will show negative reactions, while others may not show any signs at all.


Can dogs eat lemon? Yes but No. You should prevent them if they intend to eat lemon. Some people force them to eat the fruit as a punishment or make a funny video that attracts millions of social media views.

As a responsible pet owner, you should take the risk of consuming lemons seriously. Thank you for reading, and I hope you find this information helpful!

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