Can Dogs Eat Pineapple? – Some Surprising Facts!

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple - Some Surprising Facts

As someone who has two dogs, I know what’s it like to have them staring at you with those marbled eyes, patiently waiting for some food to be “accidentally dropped” on the floor while you’re cutting up some slices of pineapples and kiwis for your summer fruit salad.

But the question is, “Can dogs eat pineapple?”.

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Yes, they can. You can cut this yellowish fruit into juicy chunks and feed them to your little pup.

Pineapples would make a delicious, nutritious treat for your dog on hot summer days, better yet, frozen pineapples! Unless your furry friend happens to have a rare pineapple allergy, it is completely safe for him to consume pineapple. A yummy, healthy treat!

pineapple on wooden table in a tropical landscape

Pineapple on wooden table in a tropical landscape

When you first give your dog pineapples, give him a nice small chunk. Let him smell it first, then feed it to him if he doesn’t walk away. Then, wait an hour to see how his body responds.

If nothing happens, you know your dog is not allergic to pineapples, and you can keep giving him some more. But if he starts vomiting or has signs of diarrhea, you might want to take him to the nearest vet, depending on the severity of the problem.

While fresh pineapples are recommended, you should avoid canned pineapples as it contains too much sugar for your pup’s digestive tracts to handle, which answers the question, “Can dogs eat applesauce?”. The sugar content in the syrup is too much for your doggy to take in, so no.

Dried pineapples are okay, but we’re not sure if your dog is going to enjoy it that much.

Speaking of the digestive tracts, there’s another thing that requires attention when feeding your dog these sweet, tangy fruits – the amount of pineapples. When are pineapples bad for dogs? When you give them too much!

Pineapples contain a great amount of fiber and fructose (natural sugar); too much of these properties at a time can result in digestive issues like constipation, obesity, or diabetes, especially for smaller-sized dogs.

There are dog breeds that have a higher chance of getting diabetes (Diabetologia). If you own a dog from any breeds below, or your dog is a mixed breed from one of those mentioned, you ought to be more careful when giving him pineapples or other sweet treats in general.

  • Golden Retrievers
  • German Shepherds
  • Pugs
  • Pugs
  • Poodles
  • Schnauzers
  • Australian Terriers
  • ​Bichon Frise
  • ​Cairn Terriers

That being said, pineapples should only be considered as an occasional treat of your pooch’s normal, balanced diet; only give certain amounts at a time!

Now that you know you can feed pineapples to your dog, what about other food? Can dogs eat sausage? Can dogs eat spicy food? The answers will be revealed in our upcoming articles! Now, let’s head back to today’s topic.

Putting the matter of whether dogs can consume pineapple or not, we will now address another vital question: Which pineapple parts are safe for dogs? Like humans, dogs can eat most parts, except for the pineapple skin, leaves, and core. It’s common sense! The skin is too spiky whereas the core is a hassle to chew on. They can cause your dog to have a choking hazard, which we wouldn’t want to happen.

Now, you might be wondering, if the core is chew-able, so why not let him have it? Well, dogs don’t chew their food very thoroughly. Their throat is meant to be stretched to a certain extent for large pieces of food to come through. The pointy teeth allow dogs to grab the food and eat larger food pieces at once without choking.

Moreover, some dogs often sniff the food and swallow it right after it has come into their mouth. Pineapple cores are way too tough to digest if not chewed, resulting in potential blockage in the digestive tracts. So the core is a no-no, either.

Is Pineapple Healthy for Dogs?

Besides the sweet and tangy taste, pineapples are packed with a bunch of nutritious properties with many health benefits.

Cute red and white welsh corgi pembroke dog laying

Cute red and white welsh corgi pembroke dog laying

As you know, pineapples are full of fiber, which helps to promote stools and reduce flatulence. They are also a powerhouse of different vitamins and minerals like C, B1, B3, B9, etc. High doses of vitamin C from pineapples help to strengthen the immune system and engage in the process of creating vitamin C in the body. In this case, your little pooch!

B vitamins, especially vitamin B6 – one of the most important vitamins that can be found in high-quality dog food, aid in the growing stage, and boost your pooch’s general mood.

Another health benefit of pineapples is excellent hydration. Pineapples have over 87% water content, so your little furry friend is sure to be hydrated after hours of playing outside from just a few slices of pineapples!

Additionally, this tropical fruit also consists of manganese – a needed element in forming a more sound skeletal structure for your dog. Since manganese is a type of antioxidant, it makes an effective mood booster when your pooch feels a little down because you haven’t been spending enough time with him.

Two-Ingredient Homemade Pineapple Treats

If you’re going to feed pineapples to your dog, make sure you do it correctly. Not only will that ensure he gets all the essential nutrients from pineapples, but it also prevents him from choking on the cannot-be-eaten parts.

Funny dog with mirrored sunglasses holds tropic cocktail and pineapple

Funny dog with mirrored sunglasses holds tropic cocktail and pineapple

Pineapples Popsicles

You can be creative with how you serve pineapples to your dog next time, like trying to make pineapple popsicles! It’s a great way to ease the summer heat and enjoy the chock full of nutrients in this fruit.

You only need two ingredients to make this lovely summer treat – plain yogurt and pineapples! The yogurt can be replaced with goat milk for a higher nutritional value.

The recipe is simple: put 2 cups of chunks of pineapples and ¼ cup of yogurt into the blender, and blend them finely. Pour the mixture into a mold, then leave it in the freezer for 4-5 hours.

Voilà! A nice little dessert for you and your canine to enjoy together! Make sure the mold you use is airtight to retain the flavors of yogurt and pineapples, or else they’ll end up tasting exactly like ice!

Other Recipes

If your little buddy is not a big fan of popsicles, why don’t you try adding ice to the above recipe, and we’ll have some smoothies to blow away the summer heat of one hot summer day. Likewise, pureed pineapples, or pineapple ice cream, can be done with similar ingredients, but rather put in small ice-cube trays than big molds like popsicles.

Note: These recipes should only be considered as an occasional treat for your dog. Remember how we talked about the sugar content? Too much sugar and fiber can make your bud’s tummy feel a little funny. Funny tummy!

Will Feeding My Dog with Pineapples Stop Him from Eating Their Own Poo?

Funny enough, this old wives’ tale about how pineapples will stop your dog from eating poop is still something people talk about up till now!

Dogs can look cute doing a lot of things, but eating poo is certainly not one of them. This not so appealing behavior actually has a name – coprophagia. It’s a commonly seen behavior in dogs, resulting from dietary or other behavioral issues. A lot of people thought that eating pineapples will make one dog’s feces smell more nasty than usual, which eventually stops him from eating it.

Up until now, there is no firm evidence to support this claim. For that reason, feeding your dog pineapples will not stop him from eating his poo.

The best way to stop your dog from eating his own poop is to clean up as soon as he finishes and dispose of it somewhere he cannot smell or get to.

Final Thoughts – Can Dogs Eat Pineapples?

Can dogs eat pineapples? We assume that you already had an answer to this question.

A few slices of fresh, raw pineapples are just what your little pooch needs on a sunny summer day. A pineapple popsicle would do too! Pineapples are beneficial for dogs, given that you provide them with a moderate amount.

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