Can Dogs Eat Sausage? How to Maintain a Balanced Diet for Your Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Sausage? You Might Not Know

Can Dogs Eat Sausage

Taking care of your pets’ diet is not an easy task, and sometimes you will find yourself wondering if dogs can eat sausage or other certain types of food. While some food is suitable and healthy for humans to digest, it could pose potential risks to your dogs. Even though sausage is indeed a delicious food, the effects on your dog’s health might not be favorable. Besides, you should make them more energetic through activities such as running or swimming and know some items that are suitable for them such as a collar.

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Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Veterinarians suggest that sausage is not healthy for your dogs at all. Though sausage and processed meat have a delicious taste and are convenient to prepare, they don’t have any nutritional value for your dogs.

Sausage is not a healthy source of protein for dogs because it contains a high level of fat. For some types of sausages, the percentage of fat can take up to 50. Such a high level of fat is harmful to the health of your pet’s heart and even contributes to hyperlipidemia and obesity problems. Moreover, potato chips are also one of the unhealthy foods for your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Can Dogs Eat Sausage?

Furthermore, the amount of salt in sausages is much higher than the standard requirement: 0.3 per cent sodium for dogs. Too much salt worsens heart health and damages the kidney. Consumption of other processed seasonings in sausages over a long time will hurt their stomach and even cause anaemia issues.

Similarly, dogs can’t eat butter, crackers, and other foods that have a high level of salt and saturated fat because they pose potential harm to their health.

In fact, just a few bites of sausages every once in a while is not too damaging. However, if you do feed your dogs sausages, make sure it is cooked sausage because the raw ones might contain dangerous bacteria like E. coli. Before having a dog at home, you should know more about them, such as how you can tell the breed of your dog or the costs when you buy them if your budget is not high.  

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What are the Signs that Your Dogs Have Food Poisoning from Sausage?

Since sausages are not immediately life-threatening, the symptoms that your dogs are suffering from an unhealthy diet can go unnoticed. If you feed your dogs even a small portion of sausages frequently for a long time, their digestive systems won’t be able to break the food down.

Light symptoms include nausea or loss of appetite. If you notice your dogs have vomited or refused to eat, make sure you let them drink a lot of water and stay away from food for a day.

If the dogs show worse symptoms, such as diarrhea, their organs, and digestive system are probably affected for a long time or have been sick from bacteria in raw sausage. Please take your dogs to the veterinary hospital for treatment, and balance their diet with healthy food. Therefore, you can feed them some fruits that have many nutrients, such as pineapple or strawberry yoghurt.

How to Prepare Healthier Treats than Sausage for Your Dogs?

A well-balanced diet of nutrients and vitamins is important for the health of your furry friends. Keep in mind that not only toxic and poisonous food is harmful to your pets, even a diet of excessive nutrients causes health problems as well.

Boiled juicy sausages with spaghetti

Boiled juicy sausages with spaghetti

Other than that, you can refer to the guide for commercial dog foods that meet the standards of nutritional requirements. Apart from commercial foods, it’s okay to add natural foods to the diet for more vitamins. 

For example, feeding raw meaty bones can provide protein for your dogs and keep their teeth healthy. Dogs can eat coconut as well to improve their immune system.


Even though sharing your food with your pets is a way to show affection, remember that not every food for humans is also healthy for dogs. If you’ve wondered, “Can dogs eat sausage?” the answer is you shouldn’t feed them processed meat. Instead, let’s maintain a balanced diet for your furry friends.

For more useful info on other commonly asked issues, such as “Can dogs eat crackers? Can dogs eat butter? or Can dogs eat coconut?” stay tuned to our next sharing. For now, thanks for reading!