Have You Ever Wondered “Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food”?

Have You Ever Wondered “Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food”

Dogs are humans’ loyal companions, and we tend to share everything with them: our food, our house, our feelings, everything. Yet, have you ever seriously thought if dogs can eat our food? Like, can dogs eat tomatoes, lemons, or nectarines? Or can dogs eat spicy food that we love? 

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food?

Yes, they can. However, I must say that it isn’t worth feeding him because they cannot taste the spice.

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food?

Can Dogs Eat Spicy Food?

Dogs Cannot Taste The Spice

They can hardly recognize that spicy taste of the food. While humans own over 9000 taste-buds in the tongue, a dog only has about 1800 taste-buds. 

Therefore, our tongues are far more sensitive than our pets and can sense many different tastes in different layers. On the other hand, dogs can only taste some of the food and don’t recognize the spice in the food if he eats it. 

So, a dog can eat a spicy hot dog without knowing that its food is incredibly spicy. However, even if he cannot taste the spice, it would still affect his stomach and create health problems.

Spice Can Create Problems for Your Pets’ Digestion

Pets are not like humans, being able to eat all things in the world. Their tongues cannot figure out as many flavors as our tongues, and their stomach cannot endure as much heat as ours. 

When having a dog, it is a must for you to realize that your pet cannot eat everything you eat. Several things are off-limit for them, like chocolate, for example.

Therefore, having your dog eat spicy food could cause them a short-term symptom or two, along with stomachache or nausea. And if you feed your dogs these heat on a daily basis, they could have more problems and cannot live too long.

Moreover, the spice doesn’t just come from chili or pepper (things that you normally think of when talking about heat). It also comes from onion or garlic, etc. And all of them can cause anemia for your dog.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Accidentally Eats Spicy Food?

Dog Tired

Dog Tired

If your dog happens to eat spicy food, it might experience a stomachache, but nothing serious, though. Eating spice once would not cause any deadly symptoms, so you just need to wait for his pain to disappear. 

You don’t need to give them pills or take any action. Yet, if your dog keeps on feeling unwell, I recommend seeing a vet to have a thorough check. And do remember to make sure that your dog would not have any more spices in the future.

Given These Points

So, can dogs eat spicy food? Yes, but they shouldn’t.

Knowing all these things, I think you should just let your dog enjoy his dog food. I mean, he cannot distinguish the heat from the spice and would not feel it delicious or something. 

If you want to change your pet’s food, try different brands of dog food. That way, you can make sure that his digestion would not have any problem, and he can still try something new in the meal.

Also, we can cry when eating spicy food, or just by smelling the spice. Dogs can smell better than us. Can you imagine how it would feel when sniffing at the spices? 

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