Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

From long working hours to business trips, there might be a time when we have to contemporarily abandon our Frenchies, more than we would imagine. You may wonder, “Can French bulldogs be left alone?” these times. This article will provide you a satisfying answer. So, let’s dive in and explore. 

Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone? 

We highly recommend you not leave your blue French Bulldog alone for more than four hours. Because, while a fully mature blue French bulldog, in a suitable environment, can be left alone for up to six hours or even eight, baby bulldogs can’t hold their bladder for very long. 

In both cases, leaving them alone for too long may allow them to make a mess. Consequently, the ideal and the average time of being home alone for bulldogs is four hours, as you can not imagine what would happen if you leave them any longer! 

Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?
Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone?

How Long Can French Bulldogs Be Left Alone? 

We must say that it depends on the situation. Generally, you must be sure that your dog is ready to accommodate any major changes. And in most cases, you can leave your baby bulldogs for no longer than four hours, as mentioned. 

But does this mean the total number of “alone hours” per day? Is it safe to leave dogs alone at night? If you have a night shift or don’t want your pet to disturb your private space, you should wonder whether leaving them alone at night is OK or not. 

Luckily, blue French bulldogs are not nocturnal creatures, they can sleep all night long on their own, as they will avail the night for a sound rest. 

The only exception happens when your blue French bulldog suffers from nocturnal separation anxiety- in which your animal friend stresses every moment you close the door in front of them. 

Taking blue French Bulldogs for a walk 
Taking blue French Bulldogs for a walk 

But even if their primary needs (food, drink, toilet) are adequate, it’s not wise to leave your blue French Bulldog alone for longer than 8 hours a day.

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What Could Happen If French Bulldogs Are Left Home Alone? 

There are so many problems when you start leaving your blue French Bulldog home alone, and here are the most common:

  1. Destructive Behavior

If you allow your French Bulldog to be wild in certain positions of your home without supervision, they may chew and destroy your belongings. 

When they are anxious and lonely, they’re more likely to destroy everything in the room. Even when you keep your Frenchies in a cage, if the metal thingy is weak enough, they may be able to break it and escape to roam free.

  1. Barking And Whining

Another big problem with blue French bulldogs suffering from separation anxiety is the constant barking and whining. You can’t get on well with your neighbors if your baby bulldogs keep making noises when you’re out.

  1. Excrement And Pee

There is one thing that we, dog breeders, don’t like: cleaning up the dog’s mess in our home. When you get home and see something wet and scattered on the floor or carpet, how would you feel? Well, we aren’t mad. We’re just tired and annoyed.

  1. Aggressive Reactions

If you leave your Frenchie alone for too long, your baby bulldogs can become especially unhappy and gradually become aggressive towards other animals, people, or even you, the dog breeder.

Lonely baby bulldogs gradually become aggressive.
Lonely baby bulldogs gradually become aggressive.

Can I train my French bulldogs to be alone? 

When you have to leave your blue French Bulldog home alone, you must prepare to get them accustomed to it. The training is not difficult, though it may take several weeks or months.

The key factor is to gradually extend the training time and keep it consistent. This progression aims at slowly making your Frenchies more comfortable being left alone so that they’re getting used to it.

Here are some suggested steps:

  1. Leave The Dog In A Room Or Cage 

Once your baby bulldogs have enough food, water, and toys in the room, leave them there for at least 15 minutes or up to 30. Repeat a few days in recession, and watch his reactions. Gradually, your Frenchie can get used to some alone time. 

The keys to this are the time to adjust to his new situation and the stuff that makes him feel comfortable.

French Bulldogs at home
French Bulldogs at home
  1. Leave The Door

The next step is to leave the door open and carefully supervise his reactions: whether he rushes out or not. Whenever he does not leave immediately, it shows that he’s ready for short periods of being alone. And, this is great progress you, dog breeders, have made. Congratulations, and keep up with your training. 

  1. Increase His Alone Time

Once your blue French bulldogs are accustomed to being left alone for 30 minutes, duplicate the time for another 30 minutes and keep an eye on his behaviors. Then, keep increasing the time for a few days and continue till you’ve reached a few hours.

  1. Leave The House

Here comes the last step. Now, make it obvious that you’re leaving the house by picking up your keys and putting on your outdoor clothes. Then, leave the door for up to 30 minutes before returning and checking his reaction and behavior.


Now you have the answer for “Can French bulldogs be left alone?”. Being a dog breeder is a great experience when you put in much effort and learn loads of new things. We hope that our training tips satisfy you and your baby bulldogs.

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