Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone? What Should The Owners Do When Letting Them Alone?

Labradoodles are very active and energetic dogs; they feel very comfortable around people. So can Labradoodles be left alone if you have to go out and have no one to play with them? What should you do to leave them home alone? Keep scrolling down to discover!

Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone?

Beautiful Labradoodle Standing by River
Beautiful Labradoodle Standing by River

Labradoodles can stay home alone, but only for a while before becoming bored, afraid, or anxious.

Not only that, when you have to leave your dogs at home alone, you will also have to worry about the mess they leave behind, such as destroyed furniture, torn clothes, etc. 

Sounds scary, right? With that said, just like Golden Retriever puppies, baby Bulldogs, or white Dobermans, Labradoodles are a very dynamic breed, so they will easily become out of control if you leave them alone at home for too long without noticing, supervision, training, or prior preparation.

So what should you do? With newly adopted dogs, be patient and spend a lot of time around, making them feel safe at your home first.

After that, teach them to act obediently and calmly with your absence (start leaving them alone for a short period first, then gradually increase the amount of time).

In addition, try to spend time and take them for a walk, or exercise to make them feel happier on weekdays.

How Long Can You Leave Your Labradoodles Alone?

Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone
Can Labradoodles Be Left Alone

According to trainers and veterinarians, dogs will become uncomfortable if you leave them alone for longer than 4 hours.

For adult Labradoodles, the time they can be alone is about 5 hours. Not only do they need to be fed, but they will get upset if they cannot see their owner’s presence. Specifically, the bladder of a Labradoodle is smaller than humans, which requires you to feed them after each four to five hours.

Labradoodles owners consider their dog a “Velcro” as they like to stick to them. It’s normal to see your dog follow you in every nook and cranny of the house, and they are really happy to do it, so being left alone at home isn’t pleasurable for them. 

What To Do To Leave Your Labradoodles Alone Successfully?

What To Do To Leave Your Labradoodles Alone?
What To Do To Leave Your Labradoodles Alone?

But what if you go to work all day and have to leave your dog alone for more than 5 hours? 

Don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to make your labradoodles’ day at home more interesting:

Pay Attention To Their Physical And Mental Health

Before leaving the house, you should give your dog some exercise. Walking around the neighborhood or playing catch will make your dog mentally stimulated and get them tired, so they will easily fall asleep when you have been away from work for a long time.

Turn TV Into DOGTV

Puppies are like babies, they are attracted to cartoon channels or programs specifically made for them, and it makes sense for your TV to be the labradoodle’s companion when you are away!

If you must leave your pet dog at home, try to look for shows and entertainment programs that they find interesting. 

Particularly, these specially designed channels will help them feel more relaxed and calm as they feel their interactions.

Back Home For Lunch

If possible, try to spend time going home for lunch.

Your pet will need to go outside every 5 hours, so it will be better in case you can return to let him out and get some light exercise and excretion.

Ask Someone Else To Take Your Dog Out

If you can’t get home by lunch, ask someone close, like family, friends, or neighbors, to let them out about once or twice a day.

Or else, you can find pet care services. They can help to look after your labradoodle while you are away.

Create Comfort And Relaxation

Labradoodles always need enjoyment. If you have to leave them alone at home, find them some toys like balls, rodent bones, favorite teddy bears, so they have something to play with all day.

Alternatively, you can provide them with a contented place to sleep. This place will “invite” them to take a nap every time you go. 

Make your pet relax with toys.
Make your pet relax with toys.

Please ensure that you prepare them with enough food, water, and check the room temperature so that they can always feel comfortable before leaving the house.


Can Labradoodles be left alone? Yes, they can, but not for too long, about five hours. Please also be mindful that you must prepare for the dog before leaving the house, such as food, water, room temperature, TV program, or contact with a dog carer in need.

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