Can Pugs Eat Broccoli? Puzzle It Out With The Best Answer


Can pugs eat broccoli? Yes, it can. However, you need to know the benefits it brings and the suitable daily portion for your dog. By understanding this vegetable type, you can add more nutrients to the dog’s diet and improve its health easily. 

Can Pugs Eat Broccoli?

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Pugs can eat broccoli

Yes, it is one kind of cruciferous vegetable and is safe to eat. Based on your dog’s diet, you can absolutely let your dogs eat broccoli.

The reason is that dogs are considered carnivores. However, in the long run, dogs are omnivores because humans change their diet. Therefore, in addition to absorbing animal protein, they can also absorb protein from plants.

Dogs can eat broccoli well, but you should remember that vegetable protein cannot provide a complete diet for them.

On the other hand, you don’t want your dogs to eat this type for only the vegetable protein from this veg but also for other nutrients it contains such as vitamin K, vitamin A, Calcium, Fiber, etc. 

To cook broccoli that is safe for dogs, you need to cut it into small pieces and mix it with other dog foods.

Do Pugs Need It In Their Diet? 

Dog food needs to ensure enough nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc., for improved health.

When feeding your dog enough nutrients, you can improve their immune system. As a result, they are healthy and resistant to sickness, the effects of the weather, and other factors. A nutritious diet can also help your pug live a long life.

It is good for dogs, although it is not the compulsory way. However, it is safe and is the quickest way to add additional nutrients to the dog diet. 

Cooked or raw broccoli, in particular, is suitable for both your meal and your dog. It is the perfect option to improve both your and your pet’s health at the same time.

You also use cauliflower, celery, or other fruits and vegetables as an alternative because they provide the same benefits.

If your pugs reject eating broccoli, you can refer to this article to train them: Are pugs easy to train?

Benefits Of Eating Broccoli For Pugs

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Broccoli for pugs

Vitamin C

It contains vitamin C, which can boost your pug’s immune system, and reduces inflammation. All dogs’ systems manufacture vitamin C on their own, although it decreases as they become older. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the dog getting too much vitamin C because it will be expelled in the urine if it isn’t absorbed.

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Vitamin K

Vitamin Kaids in making your pug’s strong bones, so if your pugs have enough of this vitamin, they can have great power for always being active. 

The fact that a dog’s power typically deteriorates with age. It is due to a loss in bone density, which renders it unable to function for an extended period.

Add broccoli to your dogs’ meals to provide them this vitamin because it contains more vitamin K than other vegetables.


Magnesium, sodium, potassium, chromium, and various other minerals help dogs’ neurological and immunological systems to function properly.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is a nutrient that helps pugs cells remain healthy. It is especially beneficial for female dogs when they are pregnant.


Dogs’ digestive system is frequently affected by a lack of fiber. As a result, dietary fiber supplementation is required. Broccoli is high in fiber, which improves the dog’s digestion.

Negative Sides

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How much is bad?

Aside from that, you should be aware that different parts of this veg have varied effects on your pugs. Broccoli florets contain isothiocyanate irritating the digestive system of dogs.

Nausea, bloating, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal distress, and diarrhea are some of the symptoms that you might notice. Also, too many broccoli florets in one’s diet might cause serious intestinal issues or even death.

Meanwhile, the broccoli stalks have a physical effect on your dogs. Dogs tend to swallow more than they bite or chew. As a result, if the size of the stalks is large, your dogs get a choking hazard or suffocating.

How Much Is Good For Your Pugs?

Many benefits of broccoli you can have when feeding dogs. However, much broccoli is not safe for dogs. Consequently, portion control is what you need to give your dog nutritional needs.

Can Pugs Eat Broccoli
Much Is Good For Your Pug

Portion control that equals 10% of its calories is safe for your dog. The fact is that people often treat their pugs with broccoli because they want only small quantities for their dogs. As a result, dogs can absorb a suitable amount of vitamins and minerals to improve their health.

So what is the margin that can harm your pugs? You will not want your dog to eat broccoli with 25% of a dog’s calories. If your pug eats the same amount or exceeds, the isothiocyanate will reach a toxic level and harm your pugs.

That being said, small quantities under 10% are not enough nutrition for your dog’s health. Thus, we recommend you follow the exact portion that we provided above to ensure your four-legged friend can get the best diet.

Besides, you should not feed broccoli to your dogs if they are too young or immature. The fact that a puppy’s diet differs significantly from mature dogs. For their growing bodies, they require their own diet.

The isothiocyanate that florets contain makes puppies often prone to digestive disorders, which can also affect their development in the long run.

Final Thoughts 

Can pugs eat broccoli? The short answer is yes, but only for mature ones. It provides many health benefits, and it serves the dog’s nutritional needs well. However, you should keep an eye on the portion when you let your dog eat.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful in feeding your dogs this vegetable more effectively.

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