Can Yorkies Swim? – How To Know

As you may know, most dog breeds can swim, and swimming is their favourite activity. During dog days of the year, it is ideal for taking your pet to the beach or the swimming pool to cool off, and you will see how adorable your dog will be when he is swimming. However, not every dog breed is keen on body water, and today we will talk about Yorkies. Can Yorkies swim? Do Yorkies like swimming? Yes, Yorkies can swim, but not all Yorkies love the sight of water. This article will give a more specific answer to this problem.

Are Yorkies Suitable For Swimming?

First of all, let’s see if Yorkies are designed for swimming. Not only Yorkies, but when you want to teach your dog to swim or to do something else, it is imperative to identify how they fit in with these activities. 

One outstanding point is that Yorkies are a terrier breed, so they can learn to swim without any effort. Unlike other thick-furred dogs, Yorkies own a silky and light coat, which makes them float in the water easily without any difficulty. Most Yorkies have small sizes with light bones, which is a plus to their swimming ability. In addition, Yorkies are sometimes regarded as pretty good swimmers thanks to their energetic personalities. In short, Yorkies are suitable for swimming, and I am sure this is a big plus for them to be chosen as a family member among dog lovers.

However, not all Yorkies like swimming. Some Yorkies are excited about swimming, but some fear body water, despite the fact that they can swim very well. What you need to do is to identify your own dog’s ability. Which categories does he fit in, like or hate swimming? It’s your responsibility because the level of enjoyment varies depending on individual characteristics. 

Can Yorkies Swim?

If you have followed the information provided in the last item, you can give an exact answer to this question. Thanks to their inherent personality, Yorkies are good swimmers. They love to explore the water body, but it is only the case when they follow appropriate swimming sessions with their owners.

Do remember that Yorkies are not very excited about water. Although the small size accounts for the fact that Yorkies are suitable for swimming, it could be a downside. Some Yorkies may feel they are too small and they feel overwhelmed by a large body of water. That’s why some Yorkies are entirely terrified of water.

Yorkies expect to be accompanied by their owner, no matter how shallow the water is when they are in swimming pools. Most Yorkies swim with inhibitions, and it is your duty to help them remove these limits so that they can enjoy all the moments with you.

Why Is It Important To Teach Your Yorkies To Swim?

Swimming is a natural behaviour that most Yorkies own; nevertheless, it is essential to teach them how to swim properly step by step. Even though your dog has a grudge against water or even he is aquaphobic (has severe fear when seeing or thinking about water), you can absolutely train them, but it will take longer than usual. So, why should you teach your Yorkies to swim? The answer is that swimming undoubtedly brings about lots of advantages. Let’s see what they are!

  • Strengthening your pet’s well-being: Just like human beings, we spend our free time swimming with a view to being healthier. Yorkies can also increase their physical performance thanks to swimming regularly. This item includes not only physical but also mental health. For days being indoors, it is fascinating for your dog to go for a weekend swim to remove all the negative moments lately.
  • Burning more calories: as you may not know, Yorkies can gain weight quickly, and swimming is an ideal solution to this matter. When you feel walking and running are not enough for your dog, go on with swimming and wait for the best result with no impact on their joints. 
  • Treating specific health problems: this may seem impossible to some people, but it really works when combined with many other therapies on particular issues. According to some studies, swimming can help prevent and treat some health issues, for example, diabetes, obesity, or ACL.
  • One more thing: to have more fun. Most dog owners are keen on taking their pets with them when they swim on beaches with friends. Everything will become more and more fascinating if their pet can swim and play with them in the water body, absolutely. Therefore, consider teaching your Yorkie to swim as soon as possible! Moreover, if you need to learn some tips that keep them healthy every day.

How To Minimize Swimming Inhibitions For Your Yorkies?

All Yorkies suffer from some inhibitions when learning to swim, which may derive from exterior or interior factors. No matter where they come from, either needs to be researched carefully to come up with solutions. Here are some ways to help Yorkies enjoy their time in the water as much as possible:

  • Making Your Yorkies Feel Safe: 

No matter how near the swimming pool is compared to your house, always be by his side to give your dog a feeling of being always accompanied.

  • Get Accustomed To Water: 

When arriving at the destination (the swimming pool or the beach), avoid forcing your dog to jump directly into the water, especially the first time you bring him swimming.

  • Gently Start:

Testing his swimming ability in shallow areas is highly recommended for the first time your dog is exposed to water.

  • Wearing A Life Jacket: 

A life coat in the first place or when there are signals showing that your Yorkie begins to be tired is advisable. A life vest can help save your dog from drowning or unnecessarily fearing.

  • Paying Attention To Your Dog All The Time: 

Your dog will absolutely pay attention to you when they are learning to swim; doing that, they can attract your notice and will not feel anxious at all. 

  • The Temperature Of The Water: 

80-85 F degrees for the first swimming session is recommended. This is because the water temperature is the first thing that impacts their mind. Bad impressions will leave him with a grudge against water for the rest of his life. 

  • Bathing Your Yorkie After Each Swimming Session: 

As a Yorkie owner, you may know that your pet is prone to infectious diseases, and bathing them after each session can alleviate this problem. Don’t forget to dry him after giving your Yorkie a nice bath. Moreover, you can keep them a bath every day to avoid some diseases such as hypoallergenic.

  • Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen: 

You may forget that your dog also needs to be protected from direct sunlight, but the fact is that even your Yorkie can get sunburnt if exposure to sunlight is long. Therefore, consider using sunscreen for dogs regularly to protect them.

  • Always Bring Enough Water For Your Yorkie: 

Swimming can tire your dog, and he will be thirsty. Some people let their pets lift up water from the swimming pool, lake, or beach. However, it is dangerous because these water bodies contain lots of chemicals and contaminants that can poison your dog, not to mention the high level of salt in seawater, which can make your dog more thirsty. In addition, if you have a female Yorky, you should take care of her dog’s heat cycle, which is a reproductive process, and have a good solution before getting them in the water.  

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Common Danger Of Swimming

You need to supervise your dog carefully because swimming can also pose a threat to your Yorkie. What are they? 

  • Heavier And Heavier Coat: 

Despite owning light fur, when getting inside a body of water, Yorkies’ hair will be soaked, which makes them tired. That’s why we have advised you to wear a life jacket, and if they are tired, get them out of the water.

  • Exhausted: 

Yorkies have tiny legs, but they use them as paddles when swimming. Consequently, it is difficult for them to be in the water for a long time; otherwise, they will be exhausted.

  • Unnecessary Fear: 

Yorkies may suffer from “Small dog syndrome”, which refers to a negative feeling when they are in the water. They may think they are too small and that a huge water body is impenetrable. As a result, they are afraid of swimming for the first time. Or else, when they fear, they also lick at you, and when Yorkies lick too much, which means they have various reasons.

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  • Ears Problem: 

Swimming allows water to get into Yorkies’ ears, and it may lead to an ear infection. The solution is drying their ears thoroughly after each time.

  • Fungal Skin: 

If the water quality is low or you do not dry their coat thoroughly, water is still trapped in their silky fur, which leads to fungal skin issues. Therefore, bear in mind to dry them carefully, guys!

How Often Should Your Yorkie Swim? 

Swimming is good for your dog, but it takes lots of time to take care of him whenever there is a swimming session. So, dog owners ultimately raised a question: “How many times a week can their Yorkies swim?”. The answer is up to you. If you have enough free time and your Yorkie feels excited every time he is taken to the beach or swimming pool, consider swimming for your dog every day. However, in the beginning, when your pet is getting accustomed to swimming, once or twice a week is advisable. Moreover, if you want 

What Are Some Activities You Can Combine When Teaching Your Yorkie Swim?

In order to stimulate your Yorkies so that they will not get fed up with swimming, let’s think of some games or activities to prolong the funny moments. You can consider fetching (but at a small distance) and playing with balls while being with your Yorkie every swimming session.

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Can Yorkies Swim? Yorkies can swim, and they are excellent swimmers. However, being able to swim does not mean they all like swimming and want to go swimming every day. It is your responsibility to find out how much your dog loves swimming. You can teach your Yorkie to swim so that he will come and enjoy all the funny moments with you every time you go swimming. Please bear in mind that you and your dog swim together; you should always be vigilant to avoid incidents. It’s time to get started swimming with your Yorkie!