Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Dalmatian Puppies

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmatian is a special dog breed with black dots covering all over its white body. Therefore, Dalmatian puppies can stand out among many others and gain the affection of dog-lovers. 

Before adopting a dalmatian, you will need to comprehend a lot of information about this dog breed so that you don’t have to face any difficulty. This post can be a useful guide for you.

What Do You Know About Dalmatian Puppies?


Honestly, when we first look at the Dalmatian, we will think of the famous “101 dalmatians” from Disney. It’s not boastful to say that from this movie, many people get to know the dalmatians. Yet, do you know the origin of this breed? We can just answer you that the dalmatians’ history has been more varying than anyone’s expectations.

No one can affirm the origin of this dog breed, but we can be sure that the name “Dalmatian” is from “Dalmatia”. Dalmatia is a region located along the coasts of Austria. For this reason, animal experts around the world believe that Dalmatian has its root from the local pointer there.

Dalmatian seats near logs

Dalmatian seats near logs

Furthermore, there is no evidence for the time when the first Dalmatian was born. 

In the 1800s, Dalmatians marked their first reputation because people took advantage of this breed for security. During the carriage-transporting, Dalmatians played a crucial role in keeping safe for their owners and goods from potential threats. 

Plus, the military forces used Dalmatian for guarding at wars. For civilian purposes, Dalmatian could serve as a hunter or professional performer in a circus. 

Until now, almost everyone adopted Dalmatian puppies and regarded them as cute four-legged friends in the family.


Because of its pointer origin, Dalmatians are energetic dogs and always want to join in physical activities. Yet, these four-legged friends are sensitive, and they can read your emotions as well as expressing their feelings.

Furthermore, dog-lovers want to have Dalmatian puppies in their families because they are loyal and friendly towards children. Despite having these outstanding characteristics, mature Dalmatians can sometimes cause irritation and fear for small children due to their over-energetic.

Dalmatians have all the necessary features to become a perfect watchdog. In specific, they are always aware of any strange creatures by behaving aggressively towards them. Therefore, you should take notice of your Dalmatians while taking them out for a walk because they may harm passer-by and other dogs.

There is another special but “childish” of a Dalmatian. He has an extraordinarily brilliant “memory” for every mistreatment that has been done to him.

A Good Family Dog Or Not?

Dalmatians have lived along with humans for a long period of time, so they can get on well with your whole family. As a dog breed that is used to living under the affection and caring of owners, Dalmatians will perform some awful actions if being left alone for too long.

For instance, they may become destructive and start damaging stuff in your house. Also, the lonely Dalmatian will express his depression by pouting. Thus, if you decide to adopt a Dalmatian, you need to make sure that you will have time to spend with him.

Dalmatian puppy in autumn

Dalmatian puppy in autumn

What’s more, you should get your Dalmatians involved in daily physical activities. As mentioned before, this dog breed is so energetic that they need opportunities to consume their energy. For this reason, a family that has a house with a backyard can be a more suitable choice than one living in an apartment.

Due to the exceptional success of “101 Dalmatians”, many people desired Dalmatian puppies in their family. This situation had resulted in a problem that Dalmatians were overbred and cross-bred with other kinds to meet the demand of customers. 

Consequently, the quality of specimens dropped drastically. Many Dalmatians must spend their life living and suffering the rescue instead of enjoying the great family life.

What Need To Know When Buying Dalmatian Puppies?

Price Range Of Dalmatian Puppies

Normally, a Dalmatian will cost you from $300 to $3000. The most common price range to buy a Dalmatian from a legit breeder is about $900. Yet, the price will depend on the originating location of the dog and the place that is raising him.

The certificated and reputable breeder will sell their Dalmatian puppies at a higher price than animal shelters in your area.

Besides the fixed fees from the place you get your dog, you have to deal with extra fees set by different states. Hence, we have summarised a chart with the most general prices of adopting a Dalmatian for you to opt for:

Price Range Of Dalmatian Puppies

What Factors Affecting Dalmatian Puppies’ Price?

The amount of money you have to spend on adopting a Dalmatian will vary due to many aspects. However, the most significant factor is who sells you the puppies.

If you adopt a Dalmatian from your local shelter, the price is more reasonable than anywhere else. In contrast, if you plan to buy Dalmatian puppies from legitimate sources like pet stores, you should prepare a larger budget.

The most expensive source for buying a Dalmatian is a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder is a person who has outstanding experience in breeding, raising, and training Dalmatians. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality and root of your puppies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dalmatian Puppies

#1 Are Long-haired Dalmatian Puppies As Fluffy As Samoyed?

No one can deny that fluffy puppies are so cute. Many dog-lovers are interested in the active and strong Dalmatian puppies, and they are also like the fluffiness of Samoyed puppies. The solution for these people is a long-haired Dalmatian puppy.

In fact, a long-haired dalmatian is not as fluffy as a Samoyed. Yet, this cuteness is still overloaded and won’t be beaten by the giant white “cotton candy” Samoyed.

A long-haired Dalmatian

A long-haired Dalmatian

#2 Can A First-time Dog Owner Raise A Dalmatian?

Many first-time owners are afraid that they will face difficulty in training a big dog like Dalmatian. Don’t worry; Dalmatian is well-behaved and intelligent. He is not as fierce and aggressive as a Sable German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois. Therefore, a Dalmatian is a good choice for people who adopt a dog for the first time.

#3 Do Dalmatians Bark Frequently?

Dalmatians are energetic, and they are fond of doing physical activities. Besides, this dog breed barely barks unless you don’t treat them well and leave them alone for a long time.

#4 Do Dalmatians Stink?

Bad odor is the problem of any dog, let alone Dalmatians. To prevent Dalmatians’ awful smell, you need to shower them regularly with shampoos specially made for dogs. Plus, you need to clean the spot where your Dalmatians always lie and play on.

Bottom Lines

Dalmatians puppies are adorable and wonderful four-legged friends to everyone. Before deciding to adopt a Dalmatian, you should focus on the information we give you so that you can prepare the best for your puppy.

You need to make sure that the Dalmatians puppies are suitable to live with your family till the last day of their life. Don’t rush to buy a Dalmatian just because of a prompt hobby and leave him in a rescue.

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