Did The Hulk Pitbull Die? – Facts For You

Did the hulk pitbull die? It is widely acknowledged that dogs can vary significantly in terms of height, weight, and even color. However, have you ever seen any dog whose size is even greater than its own master? Suppose you have not met one in real life; you must have once heard about Hulk, one of the world’s biggest Pitbulls. If you search on the Internet, there would exist some rumors around the issue of “Did Hulk the Pitbull die?”. A solid answer to this would be, “No, Hulk is still alive.”.

True Identity Of Hulk The Pitbull

First, why can we talk about the truth behind Hulk the Pitbull’s sudden death if we do not know what it is in the first place? Before discussing the possible assumptions around Hulk’s death, it would be of help if we got to know some basic information about it beforehand. I must admit that his reputation is no joke, given the increasing popularity of online databases. Yet there would not be much information; however, it is still enough to understand him better.

What Breed Does Hulk The Pitbull Belong to?

Barely judging from his abnormal appearance, you could have guessed there must be some breed combination. Usually, born dogs could not possess such striking physiques as such. Numerous online sources had indicated that bulldog and pitbull terriers were two original breeds before Hulk was born. Moreover, a small reminder is that both species must have been pure American, according to the company where Hulk was born and raised.

This adjusted breeding is based on the monetary future, in which Hulk will give out puppies with the same characteristics, bringing wealth to the owners. If you raise a puppy at home, you should know many things that should take care of them, such as how often you should bathe a pitbull or the cost of buying a pitbull without papers, or the diet you should let a one-year-old puppy eat.

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Further Detailed Characteristics

For your information, Hulk is not labeled “The world’s largest Pitbull” for nothing. In particular, its estimated weight comes to around 175 pounds, and its height is approximately 2 meters when standing straight. Those numbers are intimidating to imagine, am I right? Concerning how good he is claimed to be at the bodyguard and caregiver job, Hulk’s net worth is estimated to be nearly 70 million dollars.

In comparison, his salary is around 8 million dollars—the amount of money he would bring about increases homogeneously with his age. The owner also claimed that this male dog from Florida was nine years old. Lastly, if dogs are categorized like clothes, Hulk would only fit in XXL with a 28-inch head. He possesses an impressively large jawline. That enormous head gives a scary vibe, and you will assume you will not want to walk near him outside.

What Were The Rumors Around Hulk The Pitbull’s Death?

After getting to know it a little deeper about this scary-looking pet, we will have a sigh of relief once realizing how friendly and chill it can get. This fact is not made up at all, as the host family even allowed Hulk to look after their three-year-old youngest child and performed that duty incredibly well. His manner is indeed the total opposite of his physical appearance.

Accordingly, Hulk’s fake death would have shocked many people after establishing an excellent reputation in the community.

Getting Involved In A Road Accident

Road accidents are one of the most widespread motives behind the tragic story of Hulk the Pitbull. The first news about Hulk passing away relates to the Facebook post of its owners back in 2021. Unfortunately, a kind of vehicle seems to be the culprit that caused Hulk to be severely hurt. The whole dog-lover community was regretful after the dreadful announcement. However, seeing that the mentioned post has disappeared from social media, we can only expect that it is a false alarm.

Being Attacked By Other Dogs

Dog combat was another rumor that netizens have spread for a long time. It is not rare to see dogs have small fights when they need to exert authority, but the conflict can elevate over time. The incident was believed to fall upon the responsibilities of another careless dog owner at the company’s New Hampshire HQ.

Notably, two bigger dogs at a younger age somehow escaped from their owner’s supervision and started to attack Hulk. This news went viral on June 26, 2018. Regarding how the three dogs are giant pets with solid jaws, fighting motions can cause tremendous trauma. 

Having infected ears

The owners reported Hulk having trouble eating for a few days before taking it to the vet for further examination. People who hear this news will wish only they stop home treatments and ask for professional help in the first place. It is unfortunate that once doctors have performed many tests on him, they can only helplessly announce that nothing is to be done. Hulk the Pitbull seems to have infected ears for a long time, which later developed into a complex type of cancer.

Another cause that people assumed was some critical tumor growing up in a significant organ of Hulk. Other sources of information indicate that poor little Hulk could have faced both issues above. However, it is a shame that we could not detect even one reliable source.

Did The Hulk Pitbull Die? (The Truth Behind His Death)

After having gone through the three possible theories about the truth behind the death of Hulk, until January 25, 2021, Hulk the Pitbull was found healthy and alive. It is in perfect condition and has also become an occupied eight-children father. I mentioned that Hulk’s net worth could go up to about 70 million dollars in modern times.

Therefore, regarding how high it costs on its reputation, the puppies will cost more than 500 million dollars to bring back home. If you want more information about another pitbull, you can learn about the rare breeds of Pitbull, such as The blue merle french bulldog.

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With its unique outlook, it is needless to say that Hulk the Pitbull makes an impression on everyone who once saw it. That is probably why the false announcement made about the situation of Hulk the Pitbull used to make the whole dog lovers’ community mourn. However, if anyone asks again, “Did Hulk the Pitbull die?” remember to correct them and say, “No, it still lives healthily”.

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