Do Beagle Shed A Lot? (Beagle Shedding Guide)

The Beagle is generally regarded as one of the most well-balanced dog breeds. They are believed not to be overly timid, aggressive, giant, or tiny. The “Goldilocks of dogs” is the Beagle. However, you might hang on the balance before bringing one home due to their shedding if you have dog allergies. Do Beagles shed a lot?

Due in significant part to their double coats, Beagles shed a lot. However, since they are relatively little dogs, it is less obvious. Additionally, as winter arrives, they grow out their dense, thick coats, and shedding increases significantly. Even so, we can reduce Beagle shedding with proper nutrition and grooming.

Beagle’s Double Coat


Beagle hair is designed for chilly climates:

The beagle breed required a coat that could adapt to chilly and humid circumstances, a summer and winter coat in one, as they were bred to hunt in the English area.

It rains in England, and everyone knows that! Beagles have developed a two-layered coat, commonly known as a double coat, to help them cope with harsh winter when temperatures plummet to a startling 0 degrees Celsius.

Beagles have two coats, which help them maintain a consistent body temperature and keep them warm during winter.

He might lose his winter coat in the spring when he won’t require as much hair to keep him warm.

Longer shield hairs on the top coat shield the animal from its surroundings.

The first cover of the thicker winter coat is made up of the undercoat, which is softer and shorter and aids in insulating the dog in cold weather.

Once again, a dog with a dense and thick coat will likely have more hair than usual, leading to increased shedding. However, we contend that the Beagle’s skin isn’t designed to keep them warm in extremely chilly weather.

Beagles left outdoors in freezing weather without adequate shelter run the risk of developing frostbite, hypothermia, and other life-threatening conditions. So be sure to keep them indoors if you live in freezing temperatures!

Due to two layers, Beagles shed more than expected:

The majority of dogs have a sole coat, while Beagles have two. What is a double coat, and how will shedding be changed? A canine jacket with two layers of fur is meant by the term “double coat.”

Each layer has a function in defending your Beagle from the outside world. The underneath layer of fur, known as the undercoat, has a somewhat wool-like texture. It performs the same function as wool in keeping the Beagle warm and insulating.

The top coat, which makes up the second layer of fur, is an outer layer of defense against dangerous substances such as rocks, sticks, dust, and other material. The waterproof nature of the Beagle’s coat is also due to its coat!

The problem with two coats is that they tend to shed more. Almost all double-coated dog breeds are thought to relieve moderately to heavily. Beagles, sadly, are not the exception.

Additionally, double-coated dogs have a reputation for shedding a lot during certain seasons. As a result of their constant seasonal coat adjustments, you guessed it—more shedding (and grooming for you)!

How To Maintain A Healthy Coat For Beagles

There are numerous excellent strategies to ensure your Beagle has a strong coat. They are regular brushing, premium dog shampoo baths, and feeding your Beagle a nutritious diet. To maintain the health of your Beagle’s skin and coat, you might also want to think about giving him vitamins like fish oil.  Moreover you can let them try in new environment such as pool and teach Beagles to swim for health. 

Why Do Beagles Shed?

Inadequate Dog Grooming Supplies

Selecting high-quality items is what you want to do when it comes to grooming. When we recently took our Corgi to a new dog groomer, she returned covered in fur patches – and it wasn’t even shedding season yet!

Many new owners make the errors of:

  • Putting human shampoo on dogs  
  • Purchasing extremely inexpensive dog shampoo

Both of which may be harmful to the dog’s skin and coat health.

First, using human shampoo on your Beagle is nearly always a recipe for health issues. In actuality, both excessive shedding and skin discomfort may result from this.

The American Kennel Club estimates that the pH balance of human skin is roughly 5.5. On the other hand, dog skin falls between 6.2 and 7.4, making it more neutral. Therefore, using human shampoo disrupts the dog’s acid mantle.

Your dog may develop dry, flaky skin, scratch, and lose patches of fur. Your dog may become susceptible to many viruses and germs as a result. Despite some claims to the contrary, why take a chance?

Using inexpensive dog shampoo might have the same impact on your Beagle. Always choose a product from an established company. Additionally, we advise selecting multi-functioning shampoos if possible.


Like humans, dogs can develop health issues due to improper eating. Dog health issues, lethargy, weight loss, and, yes, even excessive shedding are all potential issues.

According to Roy Cruzen, DVM, poor food is the leading cause of excessive shedding in dogs. Remember, this does not indicate that they are not eating enough. Most likely, they aren’t getting enough nutrition, which is why.

Even while the food satisfies the minimum standards for quality, according to Cruzen, “it might not contain enough protein or nutrients for your pet.” You don’t have to purchase the most pricey meals, but you shouldn’t compromise on quality.

He believes the price of premium dog food should be around $4 per pound. According to Pete Lands, DVM, owners who feed their dogs a gluten-free diet can also result in significant shedding and poor food quality.

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How Much Do Beagles Shed?

Each breed of dog sheds hair to some extent; some kinds shed more than others, while others barely ever do.

Beagles are a breed that sheds only moderately.

Therefore, if you choose to raise a Beagle, it’s likely that you will frequently find fur in your home.

Compared to breeds with thick, wooly coats like the Siberian Husky, they don’t shed as much. Or Labs, which lose hair just as much but own shorter fur. However, compared to breeds, namely the Chihuahua and Boston Terrier, they moderately shed more.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs with short hair do shed. Dogs shed regardless of size, coat type, or hair length. And they can all shed a lot.

It is because shedding is a reasonably common, natural occurrence. Dogs’ hair ages and needs to be replaced, just like in people. The three primary phases of the hair growth cycle are as follows: (anagen, catagen, and telogen). Dogs lose more fur as they move through this instinct cycle more quickly.


Because their skin produces less oil to prevent their dog hair from drying out, older dogs shed more than younger dogs because of their skin condition or parasites.


Every breed sheds hair to some degree; some breeds are heavy shedders, while others hardly shed.

Health Statement


Beagles, like people, are susceptible to hair loss when under much stress. Excessive shedding can be a sign of stress, regardless of whether your Beagle is experiencing increased worry or changes in circumstances at home.

Skin Disease:

In the beagle breed, excessive shedding may potentially be a symptom of a skin problem. Untreated, Beagles might result in persistent scratching and itching, spreading bacterial and yeast infections.

Skin sensitivity:

Due to their delicate skin and frequent reactions to the environment, the seasons, and diet, beagles, frequently have dandruff, rashes, hot spots, and other skin irritations. A veterinarian should examine any indication of patchy, thinning fur or hair loss to identify the underlying reason.

Unbalanced Hormones:

Hair loss in beagles can be caused by hormonal imbalances, with thyroid problems and adrenal gland deficiency being the most frequent causes.


The changing of the seasons is another element that contributes to shedding.

Due to seasonal shedding, Beagles shed extensively once or twice a year, like most canines. Simply put, this is how dogs adapt to the changing seasons. For instance, most dogs slough off their winter coats in the early spring or summer when they are no longer required. And depending on the individual dog, this seasonal coat blow often lasts for two to three weeks.

Every day of the year, Beagles lose hair, and they molt moderately. Heavy shedders lose their entire coat in weeks during the shedding season. You should set aside time to groom him multiple times a week at the absolute least because he sheds medium to heavy. More so during the annoying shed seasons.

The Time When Beagles Shed The Most

Spring and winter are the shedding times. He will put away his summer layer at the start of winter and replace it with his thick winter coat. He will put away his winter coat in the spring and choose a small jacket to make him feel relaxed during the warmer months.

The Beagle has medium-length hair, as opposed to dogs with longer hair. In contrast to a Siberian Husky or a Pug, which have the most fur per square inch of any breed of dog, his skin will not be as noticeable. But eventually, there will always be hair in your home and clothes.

Some people will refer to this time of year as when he “blows his coat.” Simply put, this indicates that his coat is nearly blown off in the wind. We assure you this is a lot if you’ve never owned a dog that blows his jacket. And if you’re getting a Beagle soon, you’ll get to see it for yourself very soon.

A Beagle may lose his coat more heavily than usual for several causes other than the seasonal ones mentioned above. Stress is a significant factor that contributes to irregular shedding. Just like it does to us, stress may impact our dogs, and one of its symptoms is hair loss. So your Beagle might suffer too if you’re moving house or there’s a little stress from impending examinations.

Additionally, excessive hair loss may be a key symptom of a skin illness. The Beagle breed is well known for owning delicate skin inclined to numerous skin problems. Another sign, like lice and fleas, is hair loss. One more cause of your Beagle’s excessive release is allergies.

It’s evidence that something is off if you lose more weight than is healthy. Take your dog to the vet for a checkup if you detect any unusual hair loss, if his skin is red or itching, or if he is balding in spots. There might be a root issue that has to be addressed.

Instructions To Reduce Your Dog’s Shedding

Any dog’s shedding cannot be prevented. It is reasonable to anticipate some molting because this is normal and natural. However, there are some strategies you can use to succeed, and these mainly revolve around things like healthy eating habits and personal hygiene.

The basic strategies to stop shedding are as follows:

Brushing: Calm your Beagle down first for an easy process. By dispersing your dog’s skin oils when you brush, you can reduce excessive shedding by enhancing the health of his coat. Naturally, brushing also aids in removing dead hair from the source before it invades your home.

Bathing: Beagles don’t require frequent showers, but during the shedding season, doing so might assist in getting rid of a lot of the old fur, especially before giving the dog a good brushing. Just make sure to avoid over-bathing him and to use a high-quality dog shampoo that won’t dry out his skin or hair. However, you should make sure that whether your Beagles are really like water or not and ready for swimming.

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Nutrition: Ensuring that your dog is eating nutritiously. It is beneficial for his general health and wellness and the appearance of his coat, which can reduce shedding. While no dog food can entirely halt shedding, it can make a significant difference. Therefore it’s essential to take the advice of your veterinarian before choosing the best dog food for your dog. And, as always, see to it that he has access to fresh water at all times.

Vacuuming: Beagles’ fur tends to get rather deeply embedded in your carpet, even if its shedding is less evident than that of longer-haired dogs. Therefore, investing in a new vacuum or purchasing an accessory for your current model could end up saving you time.


Beagles are excellent hunting dogs as well as amiable, devoted family pets. However, they shed as other dogs do. But enough hair will be present for you to notice, particularly during the shedding season, on your furniture and flooring. The question ‘Do Beagles shed a lot?’ has now been revealed clearly for pet lovers, especially ones who own a beagle.