Do Beagles Like Water – Things To Know

Have you thought your Beagles enjoy jumping in the water and playing with you? He could get wet and clean his clear hair without your strive. However, your Beagle will try to stay away from you whenever it’s time for his bath. Do Beagles like water? The answer is no. Most beagles dislike water, even after being playful and fun-loving dogs. They have not inherited extraordinary swimming skills and find water unsafe. That’s why you could train them to do the right things with water and make them like to swim. Hence, it can help them enjoy being in the water environment. Moreover, we will clarify whether or not Beagles like water and understand what you can do to make them like it.

The Story Of Beagles And Water

Beagles have inherited scent hounds, bred specifically for hunting along with humans. Their role was to chase the scents of small animals like rabbits and chase them. They can track all the days, even though a challenging environment.

Indeed, some dog breeds, like poodles and Golden Retrievers who love water, are ready to get wet. Moreover, they could have excellent swimming skills if they were trained. It is because poodles were bred to hunt ducks and Golden Retrievers to recover waterfowl. In contrast, Beagles were bred to chase small animals in the open forests. As miniature animals don’t run away in the water, beagles hardly have any chance to get in touch with water bodies and acquire swimming skills. They will find it hard to swim in the water environment.

The Reason Of Why Beagles Hate Water

So here are some reasons why Beagle dislikes water. There can be more than one reason why beagles can hate water. 

The Nature Of Instinct

As we consulted above, not enjoying the water is just their intuition. Beagles were never bred to do any water movement. Due to this, they didn’t have any opportunity to relax in the water. As a result, it’s also the reason why they do not have incredible swimming talents.

Bad Association Of Water

If your Beagle had a lousy adventure with water in the past, it would attach in his mind. Therefore, they will start detesting water.

Scent hounds usually do not like the experience of baths because they cannot stand appropriately as their feet are wet. Occasionally, the shampoo enters their eyes, making them associate these bad experiences and start despising water.

Fear Of Thunder

In case, Beagles are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks — and the vacuum cleaner. Anything loud would send your dog heading for the hills. Even changes in barometric tension can have an effect. Also, they are  Your Beagle might begin associating thunder with rain, making them fearful of rain. In such cases, they may reject going out to pee.

How To Know Beagles Need To Be Trained On How To Swim?

Beagles are not the easier dog breed to train as they are persistent. Indeed, dogs are unfamiliar with water, so they will quickly become timid with the water environment. However, with a bit of tolerance and a handful of tasty treats, you could prepare a Beagle to do most things, as long as you don’t run out of activity treats! They will please you if you want your pub swim and so on. Please ensure your dog is safe and at a suitable water level.

In that view, you shouldn’t have to train a beagle how to swim, as the doggie paddle is an instinct for nearly all dogs. So that you perhaps guide them to get used to being in the water environment. Moreover, this things will help to calm your Beagles down.

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How To Train Beagles Like Swimming

Teaching your Beagle to swim is a good idea if you’ll take him to any lakes or rivers near your home.

Step One: Use a lifejacket for safety. You also take precautions if you’re uncertain of your dog’s swimming capabilities before taking him on a swim.

Step Two: Show the hound how to get in and out of the water. Or else, you should encourage them verbally and try to get them to do it themselves. At first, many Beagles will refuse your training. But you should keep luring him using a treat if this happens.

In another case, he still denies getting in the water; you can try using a heavy-duty float or raft. Hence, you might ensure that his nails are trimmed, so he doesn’t stick and reduce them.

Step Three: Carry your dog near the shadow end of the pool or lake. If he doesn’t get in, take him into a surface area with you.

It’s supposed that he will be afraid of the water and is visibly shaking and participating in lots of fear. At that moment, getting him satisfied with being around water may be better.

It could be best if you advised them of the difference because he may naturally resist the first time, which doesn’t mean he fears it. After all, some dogs do develop a fear of water. You should make sure his feet can touch the ground and get him habituated to being in a humid environment.

Step Four: Get him into a deeper area where his feet cannot touch the ground. Suppose you want to build your Beagle’s self-confidence in the water by instructing him to swim with a lifejacket. 

It will be helpful to build his confidence and make swimming seem less scary for future trips to the lake or pool. You have to keep things simple and stay by his side. Moreover, you should hold him and ensure his head stays outside the water. If he accomplishes it, he has a life jacket.

Step Five: To support your puppy’s confidence in the water, you could use toys or treats to teach them that swimming is a joyful experience!

Tip For Making Beagles Enjoy Bath

Because Beagles hate the entire bathing experience, if you want your pub fresh and clear, you can manage to make my Beagle enjoy bathing.

There are some tips to make your dog feel comfortable in the bathroom:

  • Do not bathe them outside. Beagles have short coats; keeping a wet beagle out in the open will give them cold. 
  • You should keep them on a leash, whereas bathing can make them feel restrained. 
  • You could bathe your Beagle inside your bathroom, in the bathtub. The primary cause why dogs hate bathing is because the floor is slippery. You could put a cloth or a mat on the floor or bathtub.
  • You can ask one of your family members to keep your Beagle distracted by offering treats so they can forget and enjoy more when they bathe. Also, you can buy them harness to make them more comfortable.
  • Present them with some treats or playthings to play with in the bathtub.
  • Keep the water lukewarm at the appropriate temperature, not too cold, not too hot.
  • There is advice that you use a tearless shampoo for a while since regular shampoo can hurt your puppy’s eyes and make it a bad experience. Moreover, it’s good to use tearless shampoo to reduce shed from Beagles and be more comfortable.


Have you ever wondered that Do Beagles Like Water above? However, you can teach your Beagle to like water with proper encouragement and positive support. If your puppy gets anxious or stressed during the training, please consult an experienced exercise.

Scent hounds are naturally strong swimmers, but that doesn’t mean they like the water. Some will need movement to swim and be in or around water. You can also train them by chucking small toys into the pool, so they pursue those things and try to learn and enjoy themselves while in the collection too!