Do Bulldogs Shed? Tips To De-Shed Them

Normally, you will find bulldogs own quite coarse and short fur, which might make you assume they will never shed. But do bulldogs shed? And in that case, what should you do? This writing will help you find the answer. 

Do Bulldogs Shed?

Bulldogs in blue harness out for a walk in the countryside
Bulldogs in blue harness out for a walk in the countryside

The answer is yes, they do shed whether it is a grown-up or baby bulldog. However, it is much less than the other breeds. The level of shedding in bulldogs might be different throughout the ages. The baby bulldogs might shed more than grown-up dogs. In general, these species are in the average shedder’s dog due to their short and thin hair making the shedding process unnoticeable. 

For a closer look at bulldog shedding, continue reading to find out the factors that lead to this situation in your dog and how to stop them.

Why Do Bulldogs Shed?

The process of shedding might be occasionally or excessive depending on the dog’s age and health. The veterinarian will surely help you address the issue in this case. Here are some of them.


Do Bulldogs Shed
Do Bulldogs Shed

The show-up of parasites is among the top popular causes for bulldog shedding. Some parasites that affect the dog’s fur include mites, fleas, and lice. As these small species treat the dog’s body as their host, they can damage the fur as well as other parts of your dog’s body. 

Wrong Nutrition

The extreme shedding might also be the result of bad nutrition supply. Whether it is under, overfeeding, or poor quality of your pet meal, all can lead to shedding and even some serious illnesses for your bulldog. So it would be best if you made sure that the dog food is specifically used for bulldogs to avoid any allergies. 


Another factor that has an impact on the over shedding of your pet is allergies. These allergies might appear when your pet has the wrong food or comes in contact with dust, pollens in the environment. 

The Infection Of Bacterial Or Jungle 

The shedding can also be the result of infections from fungi and bacteria. Bacteria and Yeast can increase the amount of shedding. Pyoderma, Ringworm, and Candida are among the most popular infections that appear in your bulldogs.

Side Effects Of Medication

The medicine helps solve many health problems for your dog; however, it can cause some unwanted side effects. The shedding of bulldogs hair is one of the possible side effects. To avoid this problem, you should only use medications under professional recommendation.

Over Licking 

Frequent combing their hair might help de-shed.
Frequent combing their hair might help de-shed.

You might often find your lovely pet licking its skin, which is beneficial to its skin. But the over licking might cause infections or allergies, which lead to fur shedding. 


If your white doberman has some red patches on its body , it might be a sunburn. Sunburn is painful and can lead to skin hair shedding on your dog.


Cancer is potentially the reason for your bulldog shedding. You can take it to the veterinarian to see if there is any problem with your pet. In case it gets Cancer, you should follow the vet’s treating procedures for dogs.

Reactions To Substances

Some caustic or reactive substances might reach the bully’s hair and impact their sustainability. 


The same as humans, some bullies can meet hair loss problems during their pregnancy. 

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How To Stop Bulldogs Shed?

Do Bulldogs Shed
Do Bulldogs Shed

Although you can find many solutions online, here are some best choices for your reference. 

Right Choices Of Food

The first thing you should do to manage your bulldog shedding is keeping their food serving under control. It is best if you avoid giving them any uncommon dishes. Any meal with high protein might help the bully’s fur become shiny and strong. This applies to all dogs, be it australian shepherd puppies or european doberman.

The grains, sweeteners, and byproducts of food should stay away from their meal. For some pets, sweeteners can even cause itching or infections to their skin. Hence, notice all these points might help you Bulldog limit their shedding.

Oatmeal For Bathing

The bulldog’s skin is quite sensitive when compared with other dog species. As a result, you need to have special care during the bathing process. You should avoid applying shampoo directly to your bulldog as the chemical harshness can lead to irritation and affect your bully’s pH balance. 

Instead, oatmeal seems to be a great alternative for bathing them as they are healthier and more gentle. In addition, you should only bathe your dog once a week. 

Food rich in omega-three can help de-shed your bulldogs
Food rich in omega-three can help de-shed your bulldogs

Have Your Bulldogs Brushed Daily

This solution is among the most simple but underrated solutions. Even though brushing your dog seems to be simple, it asks you to be patient and consistent in the process. It would be better if you carefully brush the pet skin using soft hair brushes. 

Keep checking for soft bristles while picking your brush. If you find the brush is hard for you, it is surely the same toughness for the pet. With regular brushing, your bulldog will surely lessen their shedding. 

Supplements Of Omega 3

Omega 3 is a healthy fatty acid that you should add to your dog diet. Other than many other health benefits, de-shedding is one of the most obvious pluses of having omega 3 in your bully diet. 

That means you should choose dishes having a high quantity of this fatty acid. Some products you can have are kale, fish, or spinach. 


You might now find out the answer to the question of “do bulldogs shed?“. There are many causes for the shedding problem in your bully. But even when you have applied all the above solutions and the shedding isn’t better, you should take your pet to the veterinarian to ask for professional advice. Hopefully, your bully stays strong and healthy. 

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