Find out the Best Answer: Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle?

Do Dachshunds like to cuddle like other dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Golden Retriever,.etc. ? What do they feel with cuddles? Are there any types of Dachshunds that do not like this intimate action? Why do they behave like that? How can we deal with that?

Figure these questions out in this article!

Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle? 

Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle
Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle

The answer is Yes; most Dachshunds love to cuddle. As long as you build a close relationship with them, they will likely cuddle with you. Through the cuddles, Dachshunds show their love and trust to you.

However, it is not always the case. Each Dachshund has a different personality or way of showing their love. If a Dachshund does not feel well with cuddling, find other ways to get closer to them! 

Do All Kinds Of Dachshunds Love Cuddles?

The answer is Yes, at least most of them are. Normally, three kinds of Dachshunds: long haired Dachshunds, short-haired Dachshunds, or wire haired Dachshunds generally are all cuddly. 

Why Do Dachshunds Love Cuddles? 

Some of you may question why Dachshunds love cuddles. Do they copy human actions? If not, what are the reasons behind that behavior? 

The following reasons will reveal why Dachshunds enjoy cuddles.

Pack Mentality

Dachshunds are pack animals in nature. To be more specific, the scientific study indicates that this pack animal has intimate actions toward ones they considered as their friends. 

When living with people, Dachshunds still keep the same habit. As long as you have a strong bond with them, they can be your best lovely companion.

If you have just bought a Dachshund home, you need to pay attention to them more. Dachshund’s instinct is to live and work in groups. Hence, they are prone to get anxiety and have uncontrolled behavior due to loneliness. 

Dachshunds work in a group.
Dachshunds work in a group.

A Sign Of Love

Cuddling is a basic instinct between the mother dog and her puppy at an early stage of a Dachshund’s life. It symbolizes love, care, and protection. 

If you feed, care and pay attention to them, Dachshunds will consider you as their family member. Thus, that’s why Dachshunds enjoy your cuddles.

Seeking Warmth 

Another reason that Dachshunds like to cuddle is they seek warmth. In cold weather, you can notice that Dachshunds prefer lying next to you on the bed. They like to snuggle against your back and enjoy the closeness and human body heat.

The Love Hormone, Oxytocin

Cuddles also improve the relationship between owners and Dachshunds. Believe it or not, a three-minute hug can increase a love hormone – Oxytocin of both parties. 

This type of hormone has a calming and comforting effect. Particularly, it can make Dachshunds feel comfortable and safe as they are in your arms.

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Why Some Dachshunds May Not Like Cuddles

Cuddling a Dachshund Find out the Best Answer: Do Dachshunds Like To Cuddle?
Cuddling a Dachshund

As mentioned above, not all Dachshunds are cuddly. Some reasons are accounting for Dachshund’s anti-cuddle behavior. 

One of the reasons a newly adopted Dachshund may be unfriendly toward cuddles is the abuse they suffered in the past. For instance, he or she was treated roughly and physically disciplined. So they become anxious and terrified as human hands touch them.

Another explanation is that each Dachshund has their likes and dislikes. Maybe they enjoy the other ways of showing intimacy. 

However, please notice the strange behavior of Dachshunds. If they suddenly seem uncomfortable with your cuddles, they possibly have undiagnosed diseases. Taking them to the vet for further checking is a must in this case! 

Solutions To Non-Cuddly Dachshunds

If your Dachshund does not feel comfortable with your cuddles, do not force them to do so!

There are other ways to connect with them. You can try one of the following ways.

Let Them Lie Next To You 

Dachshunds love lying next to their owners in the bed if you let them do that. Sometimes, they may even try to lie on you or your feet. 

Raise Your Eyebrows

A study on animal behavior indicated that raising eyebrows while looking at a dog’s eyes can make Oxytocin – the love hormone increase. 

The more eyebrows move, the more the amount of Oxytocin rises. Moreover, this action also allows Dachshunds to feel your sincere emotion towards them.

Talking To Your Dog

Some people will find it silly to talk to their companions. But believe us, try it! Dachshunds may not understand all you say, but they can feel your care. As a dog demanding a lot of attention like Dachshunds, it is a wonderful way to get connected to them. 

Walking Your Dogs

Dachshunds are famous for their hunting nature. No wonder why they are so energetic and playful. Therefore,  it would be best if you can have a troll with your dogs frequently. 

Walking Dachshunds
Walking Dachshunds

The activity does not only strengthens the relationships between Dachshunds and the owner, but it is also good for Dachshunds Health. In detail, Dachshunds tend to eat a lot, making them have a high risk of obesity without physical exercise. 


Like other dogs, Dachshunds love being massaged by their owners. This action means their owners are paying attention to them. Also, they feel good as this massage leads to a rise in the love hormone – Oxytocin. 

Moreover, little Dachshunds adore ear rubs. The Dog Time pointed out that rubbing your dog’s ears can stimulate Endorphin – an emotional hormone. This hormone is well-known for its effect as a pain reliever and happiness booster.

Have a try, and you will be surprised by the result!

Hand Feeding

Another effective way to form a good relationship with Dachshunds is hand feeding. Specifically, it builds trust and makes them feel like you are their loving parent, not just their owner. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the answer to the question “Do Dachshunds like to cuddle?” is yes. No matter if they are long haired Dachshunds, short haired Dachshunds, or wire haired Dachshunds, they are generally affectionate dogs. That’s why most of them like to cuddle. 

Some Dachshunds may be sensitive human cuddles in some special cases due to different previous experiences or health conditions. However, the utmost important factor that decides whether Dachshunds like cuddles is how humans care for and love them!

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