Find The Best Answer: Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners?

The dog is a loyal and attached friend of every family. Choosing the right dog is necessary, and some people pick out Dobermans because of their special love. However, they still wonder about the question, “Do Dobermans turn on their owners?” If you are, too, let’s find the answer together through the article below.

Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners? 

This will be the central question that many people are interested in as there are many conflicting opinions on this issue. However, if you’re wondering whether a Doberman will turn on its owner, the answer is no. Dobermans won’t do that.

Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners?
Do Dobermans Turn On Their Owners?

Overall, Dobermans were bred to make friends and protect their owners, which makes them accompany humans all the time. That’s why today, you can easily find them keeping the house, guarding, or doing business. Dobermans are also considered as indispensable friends of their owners, a breed full of love and loyalty to those who grew them up.

People often spread that Dobermans are quite aggressive dogs and fear that one day they will attack their owners. However, the truth is not like that. Surveys show that Doberman has seldom been aggressive towards his owner.

The ability to turn on the owner is quite possible in dog breeds, and there have been many such cases. However, you can rest assured that Doberman Pinschers are natural guard dogs. Their friendliness and attachment to humans are deeply ingrained in their hearts, which is why they don’t turn away from their owners more easily than any guard dog.

Why Do Dobermans Not Turn On Their Owners?

We already know that Dobermans won’t turn on their owners, but what makes them so? Dobermans own an elite list of traits to combat their owners’ risk of being turned on. Some of these features are: 

  • Highly intelligent
  • Loyal to their masters
  • People-oriented
  • Loving
  • Protective

If you are still wondering about this question, then let’s discover the answer together!


European Doberman with high loyalty to the owner 
European Doberman with high loyalty to the owner 

Similar to the Australian shepherd puppies, Dobermans are a dog breed with outstanding intelligence that few other dogs can match. They can judge and handle situations very quickly, which is why Dobermans often appear on the list of professional training dogs. According to PetMD’s investigation information, Dobermans are honored to be in the top 5 of the most intelligent dogs in the world.

Normally, intelligent dogs won’t have as many impulse control problems as other dogs, and neither do Dobermans. They can perceive and think carefully before acting. This is something that breeds with less intelligence can never do.

Besides, this high intelligence also makes it easier for the trainer to work with these dogs. In addition, Doberman is very obedient to the rules and boundaries that their owners have set. Such great intelligence does not allow Doberman to turn on their owner.

Loyal To The Master

Dobermans are known for their absolute loyalty to their owners. Instead of turning on their owner, this breed will stick with and protect their entire family. Dogs with lower intelligence, such as the French bulldog puppies, will sometimes not recognize those who grow them up and even attack their masters. 

All the while, although Dobermans have a rather aggressive personality, the research of many animal sites also shows that they will never provoke their owners. Usually, a female Doberman will be more loyal than a male one.

Dobermans were created with the original purpose of serving their masters, and they have done it! These Doberman puppies only obey and consider those who have raised and cared for them as their owners. Even there have been many cases where the Dobermans can sacrifice their lives to protect if they see their owners threatened.


Dobermans are recognized as people-oriented dogs. Why do we say that? If you have the opportunity to raise a Doberman, you will surely understand this. When interacting closely with the Doberman, the special thing is that they will look directly into your eyes during contact, while some other breeds will tend to avoid.

It is a unique harmony between body language and emotions from both sides – you and your Doberman. That consistency helps them show their love for their owners without a hint of hypocrisy. And breeds that can exhibit these qualities will hardly have aggression problems with their families.

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Full Of Love

It is not wrong to say that love and affection are visible traits in a Doberman. You can find that in every gesture and action of a Doberman for you. They are nicknamed “velcro dogs” because their attachment to their owners is like velcro. Once you are their owner, they will be loyal and love you for life. That is why, instead of harming their owners, Dobermans choose to take care of and protect them.

A Doberman and its master
A Doberman and its master

Highly Protective

Dobermans are excellent watchmen with a high degree of protection – strong bodies, sharp teeth, and great intelligence. However, do not worry because this breed will not use these weapons to attack you.

Dobermans are naturally pack-dwellers and will protect their flock for any reason. Therefore, once your family has become their “pack,” Doberman will forever protect you.

Some people will wonder if Doberman will attack a stranger when its owner is threatened? The answer is yes, and it can happen. Instinct will urge Doberman to fight back when its “pack” is attacked, but it will stop when its owner gives the command.

Our Final Thoughts

Do Dobermans turn on their owners? If you have read as far as here, we guess you now have a thorough understanding of the characteristics of this dog breed, thereby making it easier for you to raise and train them. The Doberman is a great choice for those looking for a loyal, intelligent and protective dog. Let’s be at peace of mind and enjoy your time with your Doberman puppies. See you in the next blog. Thanks for reading!

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