Do French Bulldogs Fart A Lot? – A Behavior Problem

It might seem to be funny that some kinds of dog farts are quite loud and smelly. Even some dogs emit a lot of “flatulences” while their owners are sitting with their company. 

But are all dog breeds the same? Do French Bulldogs fart a lot? If you are questioning the excessive farting behavior of bulldogs, this post will give you insight into this problem and suggest proper methods to cure it. Let’s get started!

Do French Bulldogs Fart A Lot? 

Sadly, your French bulldogs might fart so many times per day. Due to an extremely sensitive stomach, all foods consumed either take longer to digest than other dogs or sometimes can not be digested efficiently. 

No matter how intelligent your French Bulldog is, they naturally emit smelly gas without caring. Sometimes, your lovable little furry friends evenly encounter excessive farts with constant rancid smells, lowering your mood when playing with them. 

Do French Bulldogs Fart A Lot?
Do French Bulldogs Fart A Lot?

If you are questioning why your French Bulldog regularly farts more than other dog types, let’s scroll down for more detailed information. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Fart A Lot?

Low-quality Diets

  • Fermentable food consumption

Due to high bacteria and yeast percentages, fermentable foods are scientifically considered low-qualified diets for your bulldogs. Even with a small bite, their sensitive stomachs might have a negative reaction. That’s why you should not share any fiber fermentability with them, no matter how they are keen on it. 

  • Spoiled food consumption

Like humans, contaminated and spoiled foods can be toxic to the immune and digestive systems of dogs. It is worth noting that bulldogs frequently have higher levels of allergies and sensitivities than other breeds. When consuming those kinds of food, their body will undoubtedly show signs of over-flatulence, leading to excessive farting.

Unbalanced Diets

  • Excessive carbohydrate consumption

Processed dog foods on the commercial market commonly take up a high percentage of grains in the ingredient list. Those grains potentially contain high-starch carbohydrates.

French Bulldog with processed foods.
French Bulldog with processed foods.

The consumption of excessive carbohydrates, such as corn, wheat, rice, or potato, puts more pressure on insulin and glucagon metabolism. As a result, the symptom of digestive disorders in French bulldogs typically is expressed by a lot of farts. 

  • Rich fiber consumption

Although most dogs require fiber in their daily meals for their sufficient growth, too much fiber can upset the digestive system of your baby bulldogs. As a result, he would release excessive and smelly gas or even diarrhea. 

French bulldog ready to eat fresh fruits , vegetables
French bulldog ready to eat fresh fruits , vegetables

Food Allergies

  • Spicy food consumption

In general, French Bulldogs’ digestive systems are not getting along with a spicy diet. Multi-spicy foods negatively link to allergic reactions within their stomachs. So, do not blame their farting behavior. 

  • Dairy products consumption

Many bulldog breeders feed their French bulldog puppies with various dairy products without any advice from veterinarians. 

Although some dog breeds can tolerate the lactose in milk, the French bulldogs are always exceptional cases. Their stomachs hardly digest dairy food items; therefore, they release odorous gases frequently. 

A Fast Eating Habit

French bulldogs are practically fast eaters. They try to bite and chew their meals as fast as possible. They excessively swallow air along with their food due to the habit of gulping many whole pieces in a bowl. 

Consequently, they may face gastric dilatation-volvulus, or bloat, which explains why they potentially suffer a lot of “bully stink bombs” due to poor digestion. 

An Excessive Air Swallowing

Due to flat faces, bulldog breeds swallow a significant amount of air while enjoying their food. Excessive and repetitive air swallowing causes uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. As a result, some pretty bad gas has appeared. 

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Tips For Reducing French Bulldog Flatulence. 

As a Frenchie owner, you should take some tips below into consideration to prevent your dog from excessive fart behavior.

Searching for proper diets

Based on the reasons discussed above, you should search for suitable meals without excessive fiber, spicy, spoiled, fermentable, carbohydrate, and dairy products. After determining the diet matching with your Frenchie’s sensitive stomach, you should not unexpectedly change it.

Changing eating fast eating habits

You can lower their speed of food consumption by changing regular bowls into slow feeders or food puzzles bowls. They can do excellent slow feeder tasks by adding multiple nooks and crannies to prevent your bulldogs from taking large gulps of food. 

Currently, both slow-feed dog bowls and food puzzles have been available in supermarkets and pet stores.

Providing a canine probiotic

Probiotics take responsibility for bacteria balances of the digestive tract. They participate in protecting the extremely sensitive stomachs of dogs, including French bulldogs. 

Providing activated charcoal tablets

Along with probiotics, activated charcoal is considered a digestive enzyme to benefit metabolism. These enzymes contribute to breaking down food into smaller pieces quickly. 

Walking your dog regularly

To prevent bulldogs’ obesity, breeders should walk them around a park or give them some toys to play with. According to many vets, the more active your bulldog is, the less stinky gas he emits. 

Brindle French bulldog walking in a city
Brindle French bulldog walking in a city

Taking a frequent basic veterinary examination

Via a medical examination, the vet will suggest your dog’s proper diet and workout plan. Intestinal problems can also be verified in time to minimize excessive gas. 

Examining their poop status

It is the reason behind the formations of an excessive fart. If your bulldogs expose any infection, the color, texture, and smell of their feces will help you detect the presence of a virus and also identify parasites, which might be the cause of gas.


Do French Bulldogs fart a lot? Hopefully, you now have a clear answer to this question and some decent knowledge of factors dominating the excessive farts of your Frenchie. A well-balanced diet and daily exercise following the care advice of veterinarians is necessary to prevent your fluffy babies from a significant farting issue.

Thank you for reading, and see you in the next posts!

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