Do Huskies Like To Swim And Do They Like Water?

Do huskies like to swim? As you may know, huskies belong to snow and cold environments, where they were born to pull sleds through the snow. That is why learning to swim seems not crucial to most husky breeds. So in communications with husky lovers, questions are raised about whether their pets can swim and whether they like water. Let’s follow these facts below to get the answer to this problem.

Dog’s Preference For Water In General

It’s not difficult to catch a dog swimming at the beach in the summer holidays.

Most dog breeds love water, and they are even good swimmers. When it is hot outside, whether it is a fountain, a river, or a lake, dogs are attracted and jump in to cool them down!

Are Huskies Different From Other Dog Breeds?

While many breeds love water, huskies rarely show the same fondness for it.

There is a fact that most huskies hate water bodies, and a husky, in general, cannot naturally swim.

Reasons Why Huskies Are Not Keen On Water Bodies?

The first thought that comes across your mind may go back to the introduction – their origins. Siberian huskies are raised by the Chukchi people with a nomadic lifestyle. This Tribe thrives in freezing conditions, hardly with the presence of water but just ice and snow instead. As a result, training their huskies to do swimming exercises seemed pointless, and this skill is absent today.

Huskies can remember their first encounter with something for a long time, which can account for the fact that they hate water when they are not properly introduced to it. Getting into water bodies with an unpleasant status may become a bad memory that keeps them away from water for the rest of their lives.

The moist feeling covering the whole body is against their instincts, as they are used to living happily in dry environments. Therefore, some huskies bear a grudge against getting wet and dirty.

Have you taken your husky to the pool yet? The answer “yes” is also a reason. The pool at your house is deep enough for your husky to express its dramatic reaction and panic when it cannot control itself, like in a shallow pool. The bottom line is that your husky is scared of water bodies.

Another reason which can be considered is genetic factors. However, it is not easy to assess, depending on the possibility of whether they are a pure breed or not.

Do Huskies Like To Swim? Can Huskies Learn To Swim?

According to some scientists’ research, huskies are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

For millions of years, people have used this kind of dog as a breed of working dog. Dog sledding, running, or pulling are easily-seen activities among huskies. Having said this, do not mistake that huskies cannot swim in the water.

Suppose you want a pet to take along whenever you go swimming and a pet who can join the fun in the water, consider teaching your husky to swim. This can be done and even leads to outstanding results as well as you follow a proper and systematic process. Keep reading to explore what you can do to make your huskies love swimming.

How To Teach Your Husky To Swim?

Step 1) The first and foremost thing to do is to get your dog accustomed to water; more importantly, make them comfortable when touching the water. Let’s begin with a positive attitude towards your husky because most pets have a strong belief and connection with their owners.

Step 2) All you need to do after making sure they are pleasant is show your husky a video in which a dog is swimming. This is called “peer pressure”, but not too much, just like a motivation to help them feel willing to learn something new. You can bring your husky to a pool with other water-loving dogs to enhance the efficiency of this method.

Step 3) It is also essential to go in the water with your husky and become the example of every action. Your dog will follow its owner wherever you go, especially in a strange environment; your companion certainly makes him more confident and straightforward.

Step 4) Using some sticks and doing it the same way as you are on land will help much. But remember to throw it easily for your husky to catch, near as much as possible first, then increase the distance gradually.

Step 5) After every practice, treat and cuddle your huskies for what they have done during the day so that they will be willing for the next session with interest. This thing can also make them feel relaxed and deserved.

This is a new expedition for your dogs, with new challenges and stress, which brings about experience and emotions for your husky and yourself. Please avoid using unwanted force on your husky.

Things To Take Care Of When Training Your Pet

The procedure seems relatively easy, but the truth is quite the opposite. It will help if you abode by many things when going through the process with your huskies.

There are different kinds of huskies worldwide, and each is somehow different from the others. Thus, before teaching them to swim and other skills, bear in mind your dog’s breed and its typical characteristics.

Gently put on the lifejacket before the session, and keep showing a positive attitude. Plus, keep in mind that caring for your husky is never superfluous.

Do not throw your husky in too hot or too cold water bodies. That may give them a terrible impression.

Take your husky out of the water and dry him carefully.

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Ideal Places For Teaching

  • Beach – mostly recommended.
  • River.
  • Kiddie pool.
  • Lake or pond.


In short, we cannot conclude that all the husky breeds hate water and swimming, but the majority do. All the information provided in the article cannot be 100% accurate. However, it gives you helpful information for taking care of your husky. Teaching a husky to swim is undoubtedly an exciting experience for every dog-lover. Don’t hesitate to get started, even the smallest step. Please read carefully the precautions mentioned in the article.

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