Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome? How To Care For A Sick Dog?

All dogs’ parents want their pets to experience the optimal healthcare possible. Almost every disease that dogs are stuck in can lead to a particular treatment. Yet some issues somewhat make us feel nervous as they are likely to be beyond our control, for illustration, Down syndrome. 

Any exception to a Pug? Do Pugs have Down syndrome? To start with, take a closer look at our article to grasp the answer you need.

What Is Down Syndrome?

Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome?
Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is no longer a new term to many people nowadays. It’s a disease resulting from a genetic disorder.

Here is a detailed theory on how this Syndrome works for humans. Each of us possesses 23 pairs of chromosomes available in the nucleus of every cell. These chromosomes determine the appearance and unique characteristics of each person.

Once the conception occurs, each pair of parents donated 23 chromosomes to their children. It would gradually shape each person’s genetic makeup, and through this process, some of the malfunctions of Down syndrome can turn up. 

Also, Down syndrome has an alternative name of trisomy 21 because of its relation with the 21st chromosome. This name states that instead of receiving only chromosome 21st from parents, the kid with an extra chromosome 21 will have Down syndrome.

Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome?

A cute energetic Black Pug.
A cute energetic Black Pug.

As explained before, humans can have Down, then would it be the same case for Pugs? Indeed, human and dog chromosomes are not the same. Humans have 23 homologous pairs, which means 46 chromosomes, while dogs have 39 pairs of chromosomes equivalent to 78 chromosomes.

However, that does not mean our baby Pugs do not develop some chromosomal abnormalities or defects. However, veterinarians do not call this symptom in dogs ‘Down syndrome’ does not occur on its chromosome 21st.

Quite luckily, chances for your Pugs to develop Down Syndrome are not high.

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What Are The Causes Of Pugs’ Down Syndrome?

The cause of Pugs’ Down syndrome stems from a deviation in a group of elements due to an extra chromosome.

For dogs with chromosomal problems, their survival rate is also shallow. Otherwise, there will also be abnormally developed organs. In particular, dogs with low thyroid hormone levels will cause them to show signs of Down syndrome.

Most animals with Down syndrome-like problems often die before birth or live only a few days. As a result, female pugs usually kill their newborn child or abandon them if they have these problems above. 

In addition, several diseases stemming from Genetic Health Issues In Pugs go as below:

  • Luxating patella: In this case, your Pug will have difficulties moving around on his own because the health issue dislocates a tiny bone in his knee.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: The degeneration issue of blood vessels in the dog’s retina causes night blindness. Once the disease progresses, the Pug would be entirely blind.
  • Stenotic nares: Due to being too soft, the nostrils collapse and become blocked, forcing the Pug to breathe by its mouth.
  • PDE-Pug Dog Encephalitis: This disease will lead to a series of seizures, making it difficult for the dog to stand stably on his feet. Applying medications can minimize the effects. Nonetheless, no treatment or medication could cure PDE entirely.

Some countries or research groups worldwide conduct deliberate crossbreeding by intentionally creating chromosomal problems for dogs, even though this is quite rare.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Down Pug?

Cases of chromosomal abnormalities similar to Down syndrome often shorten the Pugs’ life spans as this abnormality creates a detrimental impact on the development of the dog’s organs. Luckily, a rare percentage of Pugs with this syndrome are still healthy.

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Then what are the symptoms of dogs with chromosomal problems? They appear to be retarded, short in stature and limbs despite adequate nutrition. Some dogs even experience various health problems both physically and mentally. They often suffer from congenital heart defects, poor eyesight, poor muscle tone, poor hearing, and a host of thyroid problems. Even mental lethargy shows up in this list.

The best advice would be to take your pets to the vet for accurate judgments. Any unusual signs in your Pug require medical intervention if you are uncertain. Besides, always show love and patience to your Pug regardless of the risk he’s facing.

How About The Cost Of Owning A Pug?

Either way, this genetic defect will leave your dog in a state of weakness or more susceptible to minor illnesses than usual. Hence, leading to more high-cost vet medical expenses and bad effects on your pets.

For illustration, a Pug with PDE must visit the veterinarian regularly and take medication continuously. Dogs with congenital heart disease find it hard to grow up without the active intervention of medical supervision, special diets, and pills.

The mental cost is also not small since the parents of the sick Pug can hardly see the pet in a debilitated state. Therefore, whenever the parents find the pet exhausted or sick, they often pick it up at the medical centers at once. The more serious the illness is, the more money you must pour into curing.  

Our Final Words

“Yes” would be our answer to: “Do Pugs Have Down Syndrome?” Nevertheless, remember that it’s not correct to call this disease “Down syndrome.” Because the chromosomes of dogs are not the same as those of humans, the Pug’s illness is only a chromosomal disorder syndrome. 

Though almost no therapy can treat this condition in Pugs completely, don’t be negative as good caring and devoted love would be the best cure ever. If you find today’s blog post informative, share it at once!

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