English Bulldog Puppies: Courageous And Friendly Buddies!

English Bulldog Puppies have always been praised for their kind and friendly personality, proving to be suitable pets for homes with loving children. However, you will also be amazed at their ability to watch and protect your houses. With firm built and resolute character, they make fine watchdogs and can keep you safe. 

To provide you with more details of the puppies, the following article will cover the history of Bulldogs, their personality traits, health problems and ways to take care of them properly .


English Bulldogs used to be the symbol of ferocity in Britain. They are descendants of fighting Mastiffs that were introduced to the British Isles by the Roman sometime prior to the 13th century. In the past, they were used in the sport of bull-baiting, where the watchdogs chased after bulls around towns.

Be that as it may, modern Bulldogs no longer keep the fierceness of their ancestors in bull-baiting. Now, despite their tough appearance, all they offer is kindness and love for humans, especially to your kids. 


Two pretty puppies of a bulldog lying on a soft chair
Two pretty puppies of a bulldog lying on a soft chair


Before digging into details, let’s run through some important features of the Bulldogs. 

Their weight commonly ranges approximately 54 lbs of male and 50 lbs of female. As for their height, due to their body structure, the males are usually 17 inches and the females are 16 inches. 

Their coat is short and straight. Bulldogs typically have low energy levels, which means they prefer relaxing at home. Their tendency to drool and snore is high while they barely bark at strangers or other pets. 

Lifespan of a Bulldog usually lasts from 8 to 10 years. 


English bulldog puppy
English bulldog puppy

English Bulldogs are one of a kind in terms of appearance. They are medium-sized dog breeds with wide and muscular built. However, their body is low to the ground with short legs. 

Their head is large and square with a short muzzle, creating the face a flat shape. The eyes are dark, round, and set low on the forehead. Their ears are thin, flat, and usually drooping at two sides of the face. 

They have broad cheeks that protrude sideways, and the lower jaw juts out more than the upper jaw. And this also means that their lower teeth stick out more than their upper teeth. Bulldogs’ jaw has made their fame a powerful watchdog for its massive and strong jaw that can hold on tight to their opponents. 

Along with the large cheeks, their whole body is covered with short fur coats and wrinkles; it is necessary that owners clean their cheeks and mouth frequently to stay hygienic.

And located just below their short and thick neck are the massive shoulders and firm chest. The back is in a slight arch shape with a small and straight tail. Because they have a low-slung body with short legs, they usually move with a small waddle rather than fast running like the Chocolate Lab Puppies and Teacup Poodles.



Bulldogs have easy-going and mature character. They are not hyperactive pets that require continuous running and playing at home, but they know how to balance. After playing with your kids, they would prefer to take a nap or sit calmly with you to observe the surroundings. This trait allows you to raise them in any house, from a space-limited apartment to a house with a large yard.

Moreover, they are not too sensitive or annoyed in dynamic and noisy environments. If your house is full of noisy kids, chaotic households, or inconsistent routines, you should go for the Bulldogs for their resilience and calm demeanors in most situations.

From their mature personality, Bulldogs are apparently the right choice for people who have hectic lives but long for a loving companion. 




One notable feature of the Bulldogs is their strong affection for family and friendliness with strangers. 

They always want to build deep bonds with their owners and feel comfortable when being raised at home. Moreover, they can tolerate and be extremely gentle with young kids. With their calm personality trait, they can handle even mischievous children that frequently scream and run around the house. 

However, it is still necessary for adults to look after their children when playing with dogs because their friendly attitude is influenced by other external factors as well. So, the more careful you are, the better the experience will be. 

Unlike other dogs like the Toy Poodles and the Long Haired Dachshunds, the Bulldogs show very positive reactions to strangers. They tend to not bark or growl restlessly when strangers approach. Nonetheless, it is advisable to put the leash on dogs outside for others’ safety.


English Bulldogs make fine watchdogs. With their sturdy and muscular built, they can surely protect you and your house. They are sensitive to threats and fast to cover short distances. They show no hesitation to guard and warn you when spotting fishy intruders. 

Moreover, they are considered to be extremely loyal to the owner and will definitely melt your heart. You will feel a sense of assurance if you have a Bulldog by your side.

What To Notice About Bulldogs’ Health?


Due to the high tendency to drool, Bulldogs are prone to bacterial infection if you don’t clean them properly. They can contract rabies and distemper like any other dogs; therefore, it is recommended that you vaccinate them at the right age and area.


When they look at you with loving eyes, you may be tempted to give them more food. But, a messed-up diet will likely lead to obesity at Bulldogs. Obesity is a serious health problem that may cause joint problems and heart diseases for them. In this case, you may want to take them out for a walk for fresh air and exercise.  

Eye-related Problems

The well-being of a dog is greatly influenced by the function of its eyes. Bulldogs may inherit or contract some types of eye problems, unfortunately, some of which can lead to blindness and cause very painful suffering. You need to be aware of the possible diseases and take them to a veterinarian right away when spotting any unusual signs. 

For that cause, some common eye problems will be listed below for your convenience.

  • Dry eye is a condition when Bulldogs can’t produce enough tears to keep the eyes moist. Signs of this problem are thick discharge, pawing at eyes, and dry appearance or blue haze to the eyes. This problem can be treated if you notice immediately and take your dog to the vet. The vet will examine your pet and prescribe him ointment.
  • Cherry eye is caused when the gland of the third eyelid produces more fluid than usual or protrudes outside too much. You can spot the difference when the gland is swollen like a red cherry. In this case, the vet may need to perform surgery to remove the sore gland. 
  • Entropion occurs when the eyelid turns inward and rubs against the eyeball.  This condition is very irritating and painful for dogs. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to your pet, and surgery is recommended.

How To Care For Your Bulldogs?

Moderate Exercise

Moderate Exercise
Moderate Exercise

Even though Bulldogs are not energetic pets, you still need to walk them daily to prevent them from being overweight and having joint problems. 15 minutes walking every day is enough to keep them healthy and also benefit your health.

Cool Environment

It is especially important to know that Bulldogs are not good with extreme weather. They can’t stand intensely hot or cold weather. And they are especially prone to heatstroke. Thus, it is advisable to keep them in an air-conditioned environment and provide fresh water frequently. 

Suitable Diet

Obesity is a serious problem for Bulldogs because their oversize body will put pressure on the joints. It is recommendable that owners measure the food proportional to the dog’s size and feed them twice a day. The high quality of food dogs also benefits your pet for their appropriate nutritional level and hygienic assurance. The more effort you put in, the healthier your dog will be. 


Bulldog puppies are not fast learners, but they make steady and stable training. Moreover, once they learn something, they are unlikely to forget the trick. You can cooperate with fun activities and healthy food rewards in the training program to boost their enthusiasm.


Generally, English Bulldog Puppies are incredibly sweet and caring pets, but they do not fail your expectation as a watchdog for your home. They can also be your top choice when you prefer great adaptability for space-limited apartments and maturity in chaotic households. They would make little complaint and be your trusted companion. 

However, you need to consider their health problems because they require routine care and feeding to stay healthy. Treat them with love as dogs are dear friends just like humans. 

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