English Golden Retriever: One Of The Most Adorable Pets

Are you going to raise an English Golden Retriever? However, you are wondering whether to keep it as a pet. This is because some believe this breed is considered a hunting breed and unsuitable for domestic keeping.

Is this true? If you are curious, let’s read this article for accurate, comprehensive information! Let’s get started!

Where did English Golden Retriever originate? 

Golden Retriever dogs were bred in Scotland, England, in the late 19th century on the highlands of Dudley Majoribanks and further developed by Tweedmouth.

First, the Tweedmouth bred the Nous with Belle, which belonged to the Tweed Water Spaniel in 1868- 1871. The Tweed Water Spaniel is an intelligent, fast-paced hunting dog but gentle and obedient at home.

Then, he propagated the descendants of Nous and Belle, which also belonged to the Tweed Water Spaniel breed, with the dog Wavy, who belonged to the Red Sette genus. Nevertheless, he kept them yellow for further breeding.

After many procreating times, Tweedmouth has successfully bred Golden Retriever hunting dogs with the golden color of the aristocracy.

After many years of propagating, Golden Retriever is divided into three main lines: English Golden Retriever, American Golden Retriever, and Canada Golden Retriever. In this article, we will learn more about the English Golden Retriever.

What physical features does Golden Retriever possess?

Cream fur

As mentioned above, Golden Retriever has three main types, while the English one features yellowish or yellowish-to-cream fur, which is quite long and thick.

Toned muscle system

This dog is considered the most standard Golden dog in three popular Golden breeds today. Golden notes from England have a relatively tall appearance with a toned muscle system.


Specifically, English  Golden male babies usually have a height of 55 to 60cm. In the meantime, the females are a bit smaller, with a size of 51 to 56cm. 

Large head, strong jaws, sharp teeth

Furthermore, they have a large head, powerful jaws, a slightly beveled snout, and extremely sharp teeth capable of grabbing and retrieving very heavy bait. Also, this Golden line owns round eyes with black.

Sensible nose

The most remarkable thing about this breed is that in the nose. English Golden has a black nose that is said to be magical because it can smell prey hundreds of meters away.

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Why should you keep an English Golden Retriever?


English Golden Retrievers are friendly dogs. They always behave correctly and love their owners. They are easy to teach, patient, and gentle toward children. 

With the ability to learn and love spending for people, they have become dedicated assistants for the blind and other disabled people.


English Golden Retrievers are very loyal and obey its owner. Besides, it also knows how to make fun, helping to bring laughter to everyone in your family. It can understand your feelings and will do anything to make you happy.


English Golden Retriever has a well-proportioned and healthy overall appearance. This breed’s attraction is in the big ears close to the face and the thick, smooth scream fur. Just touching or seeing once makes you flutter with their innocence and cuteness.

Clever and active

The English Golden Retriever is extremely smart. They can understand commands after just a few times of practice. However, you should train them at a young age for the best results. You can apply some simple commands, such as standing, sitting, crawling, or shaking hands.

Also, they are pretty agile and keen on outdoor activities. Their predecessor was a hunting dog, but it was amicable and affectionate with humans and other pets in the house. They will never harm anyone if no one threatens or hurts them.


This kind of dog can smell and track traces of wild animals. Therefore, they are useful assistants for the hunters when hunting. Today, people train them to become hunting dogs for security forces. 

Know the way to control emotions

English Golden Retrievers are extremely smart. Unlike other hunting dogs as black golden retrievers, which are often stubborn and unable to control their anger, English Goldens can adjust their behavior to best suit various situations. 

What does an English Golden Retriever eat? 

In order for the Golden puppies to grow healthy, you need to pay attention to providing them with nutritious foods, which prioritizes meat, fish, and milk in the daily diet of the dog.


Meats carry high levels of protein. Besides, meats also contain minerals and fats. They play a role in helping the puppy to develop the whole musculoskeletal system. 

Hence, if possible, you should add different types of meat daily to your dog’s diet. However, it would be best if you did not overfeed your dog; lean meat is better.


Interestingly, the English Golden Retriever loves to drink milk like us. In milk, many nutrients are perfect for the overall development of the dog. When your dog is 2 to 4 months old, you had better feed him milk every day.


Can dogs eat fish? The answer is yes. Moreover, the English Golden Retriever should be fed fish regularly. The reason is that fish have many vitamins, fats, and proteins. 

In particular, the omega-three content in fish is very good for the eyes of the dog. At the same time, when eating fish regularly, their fur is much smoother.


Besides meat, milk, and fish, an indispensable part of Golden’s daily meals is vegetables and fruits. Can dogs eat kiwi? Can dogs eat pineapple? Absolutely, yes! This is a plentiful and safe source of fiber and vitamins. Moreover, vitamins and fiber are essential for each puppy’s digestive system.

What are some common diseases in English Golden Retrievers?

Although the Golden Retriever is a healthy dog, it is susceptible to health problems and other species. Some common diseases in this species are cataracts, retinal atrophy, and skin allergies. Some of the osteoarthritides they most commonly suffer from are hip dysplasia, joints, elbow, hypothyroidism, and some also have epilepsy.

Therefore, when raising an English Golden Retriever, you first need to take them to the veterinary station to get vaccinated, do a routine check-up, and do a health check.

How to train an English Golden Retriever?

English Golden Retriever dogs have great intelligence and quickly remember what their owner taught them. This is true for dogs 2-3 months old. During this period, the owners should only teach them basic exercises such as picking up items or catching balls. 

You can practice them by letting them hear the slogans repeatedly and showing gestures to make them understand. When your Goldendoodle puppies act well, let’s give them a treat!

How to care for English Golden Retriever fur? 

English Golden Retriever features long, thick cream fur evenly covering their body. However, they are very active and enjoy outdoor activities, making their feathers easily dirty.

Therefore, caring for and grooming Golden Retrievers is essential when keeping them. You should use the specialized tools for dogs to brush Golden and notice the delicate hairs inside. You must brush regularly for 20-30 minutes daily to remove loose fur and make the hair smoother.

Wrapping up 

This is the end of the article about the English Golden Retriever. We hope you can make your decision regarding purchasing this kind of dog. 

Generally, raising an English Golden Retriever is worth raising because they are intelligent, friendly, loyal, and helpful. Let’s try!

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