All Things You Need to Know About European German Shepherd

european german shepherd

The European German Shepherd Dog (also known as becgie dogs) is one of the Four Greatest dogs of Germany. With excellent quality and performance, becgie dogs are trusted by many countries around the world as a professional dog in the police force or military force.

What is a European German Shepherd?

European German Shepherds originally came from America in the early 19th century. This breed was widely trained and used as detectors in the defense force at that time. Then, they were sent to Europe to become rescue soldiers during World War 1. It was not until after World War 2 that the breed was widely used and differentiated into many different lines.

The current German Shepherd Dog has become very different from their original ancestors. This breed now looks more muscular, stronger, and has exceptionally high intelligence and good command obedience.

European German Shepherds have an emotional, loyal, and friendly trait. They love running and outdoor activities and are a gentle friend to humans. These dogs come in various colors, the most common being dark and red/black, with multiple variations.

Are There Only Two Types of German Shepherd?

The answer is no. There are more!

According to FCI ( also known as the World Canine Organization), only two German Shepherd breeds are recognized. However, there are many more types of German Shepherd dogs that you can find, such as the black german shepherd puppies, white german shepherd puppies, sable german shepherd.

There are various ways to separate these dogs based on their color, appearance, or fur. Each region has its identifier, creating variety for this breed.

What is The Difference Between European and American Shepherd?

Both European and American shepherds have the same origin, so they are quite similar in many aspects. They all have good health, superior intelligence, and absolute loyalty.

An average adult German Becgie has a height between 55-65cm. Specifically, male dogs are 63cm tall and weigh between 33 and 48kg. As for the female shepherd dog, it is 60 cm tall and weighs about 22-40kg. 

American dogs have a slimmer body and a thicker coat than German ones. Therefore, they possess exceptionally fast speeds and can maneuver through a variety of difficult terrain. Thanks to this coat, they can keep their body warm and adapt to all weather conditions.

The German Becgie has a round head, short-haired face, square snout, large black nose. Germany’s Shepherd teeth are strong, and when hunting, their bite can be deathly. They can also go on prey for quite a long time. 

Meanwhile, American Becgie has strong jaws, strong bite force, and scissor-shaped intertwined teeth. This is the strength of the American Becgie when being chased by enemies.

How to Train Your European German Shepherd?

With baby german shepherds, about four-month-old, owners can start basic training. This exercise will train your dog to have conditional reflexes whenever he hears a command from his owner. 

You should practice basic commands such as “lie down”, “sit”, “stand up”, “standstill”, etc. with your dog at a very young age. When practicing, you need to have your dog stand by, then shout out the commands in a clear and controlled tone. 

You should wait for 10-15 seconds then continue with the next orders. It is best to repeat the commands several times over several days. German Becgie dogs are very intelligent; they will quickly obey the basic commands in no time.

When your dogs are older, you can take out an object to let them smell. After that, throw the object away. At the beginning of the exercise, it is best that you either steer them toward you to find items or stand in a position with an object signaling them to run towards you. Gradually form a habit so that each time you give orders to find things, they will obey.

In Conclusion

The European German Shepherd dog is a breed that has high IQ, loyalty and the qualities to become a professional dog. This type of dog is easy to train, and they are strong enough to withstand extreme climatic conditions. 

Thank you for reading, and don’t hesitate to share this with your dog lover friends so that they can understand more about German Becgie dogs.

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