Everything You Need To Know About Applehead Chihuahuas

Applehead Chihuahuas

Applehead Chihuahuas are supposed to be the breed standard of the Chihuahua dogs. They have all the outstanding features of the breed and, at the same time, have their unique characteristics. As lovely as they are, the dogs are always welcomed by raisers and other pets.

What is the origin of applehead chihuahuas? – A Brief History

The Chihuahuas are believed to originate from the Techichi – a type of dog in Mexico’s Toltec civilization. 

There are few records about when exactly the dogs were found, but it is said that some dog materials were found at the Great Pyramid of Cholula before the Mayans. It was probably in 1530.

An Apple-head Chihuahua

An Apple-head Chihuahua

In one of the letters of Hernan Cortés, he wrote that the Aztecs raised little dogs for food. Meanwhile, the colonial records did find a type of small, almost hair-free dogs in the region named Chihuahua. That is why the dogs have the name Chihuahua.

However, only until 1904 was the breed name registered officially.

What are applehead chihuahuas like? – Appearance, Characteristics, and Custody Tips

Being the most typical dog of the Chihuahua breed, the applehead has almost all the breed’s general features and a few outstanding characteristics. Here are some of the main points about them that you should keep in your mind as a dog raiser.

Appearance and Characteristics

The apple head Chihuahua is not so much different from the deer head Chihuahua, to be honest. They have a wide, broad head that is pretty round and looks like an apple.

Their eyes are pretty large if you compare to the size of their head. An interesting fact you might recognize is that there is a short snout at their face running up to the head and creating a 90-degree angle. In general, the apple head dogs are smaller than the average size of the deer head ones.

They tend to have a height of five to nine inches and six pounds in weight. Besides, they also have short legs and necks.

Most of the apple head dogs have moleras on their head as they are born. By the way, moleras are the small spots on their head top. These moleras possibly disappear within three to four months as they grow older, but there is slight potential that they will stay forever with the dogs, too.

What you need to pay attention to is that these moleras can be dangerous in case of head injuries. You should avoid the possibility of head injury if your Chihuahuas have that unclosed molera.

Custody Tips

As a small dog breed, the Chihuahuas do need a thorough care routine. Whether it is about birthing or dental issues, you need to go to the vet for better help. 

The Chihuahua enjoys the sunlight

The Chihuahua enjoys the sunlight

The dogs are small, and their teeth are pretty weak, so there are no such things as searching “can dogs eat kiwi” on Google. Ask your vet expert for sure, then.

When it comes to eating, you can try the dental diet or dental chews for your dogs. Or, at least try the food which is large but soft enough so that it can help clean the surface of the teeth.

The applehead Chihuahua also have a higher chance of getting health problems than the dear head ones. The molera on their head put them at the risk of developing issues of respiration. 

As a matter of fact, they might experience snoring, tracheal collapse, reverse sneezing, and brachycephalic airway syndrome.

As the Chihuahuas do not have much hair like other dogs, for example, the Newfoundland puppies, owners should prepare a little sweater or a coat for them. It is also helpful to prevent respiratory issues, anyway.

The Chihuahua is a type of small dog. It would be inappropriate if you feed them a lot of food and hope they grow bigger. That is the wrong method! Instead, you need to accept what they are and do not try to overfeed them as they might get obese too.

How to get along with applehead chihuahuas?

The applehead dogs are just way too cute to be ignored. However, you also need a good way to keep them close as a companion. If you still have no idea what to do, here are some of the tips you can’t miss.

A little Chihuahua puppy

A little Chihuahua puppy

Set a plan

Your Chihuahua friends need time to rest and play as well. Instead of keeping him/her in a room, let’s schedule a meeting for him with other pets. Before going out, make sure your dogs are healthy and ready to play.

Go for a walk

People need fresh air, and so do dogs. A walk in the park with green grass and sunshine must be awesome for both you and your dog, then. It would be even better if there are other dogs playing in the park, too. Just pay enough attention so that they don’t fight, and it will be fine.

Voice and tone

As you introduce your applehead dog to other dogs, such as the white german shepherd puppies, keep your voice and tone calm and gentle. The little Chihuahua friend will be frightened if you raise your voice so high.

Control aggression

If you want to control your dog’s aggression, you can wear him/her a harness. When he is aggressive with other dogs, just pull the harness, and it will be fine. One thing you should remember is that you only pull him with a harness, not with your hands.


It’s probably hard to train your dogs, but it is simple to teach him a few short commands such as “sit” and “down.”

Rewards for good behavior

As people, we need compliments sometimes, and your dogs need treats as rewards, too. Let him/her know he/she is doing a good job by giving him a piece of food. For instance, if your dog and other dogs are socializing, and they follow your command “sit”, give them a little treat right away.

They will keep obeying next time as they love the treat. It’s like when we do a good job, and other people give us praise, we will keep doing the same good thing.

“Sunlight is awesome”

“Sunlight is awesome”

What are the fun facts about applehead chihuahuas?

As much as you love the apple head dogs, you probably enjoy these fun facts about them:

1.  According to the Chihuahua Club of America, the apple-shaped head is considered to be the standard Chihuahua of the breed.

2.  As the breed’s standard, the applehead Chihuahuas are more expensive than the deer head Chihuahua.

3.  The apple-headed Chihuahuas have been the long-existing dogs ever since ancient times.

4.  It is the shape of their heads which make their eyes look bigger and more remarkable.

5.  An applehead Chihuahua can have long hair like the goldendoodle puppies or no hair.

In Conclusion

The applehead Chihuahuas are getting more and more popular to the pet raising community. It will be awesome if you have a cute little Chihuahua of your own. 

As you read this article, we hope that you learn some essential information about them. When you see your dogs, just remember what you read today.

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