Havanese Puppies: Bright and Trusting Companions


Happy Havanese Puppies caught in motion while running
Happy Havanese Puppies caught in motion while running

Havanese Puppies have won millions of hearts with their silky coats, shining personalities, and dearing love for humans. Even though they are small and harmless on the outside, they can be extremely loyal and persistent with training and challenges. They have a strong will that will amaze you. 

This article will include important facts about the puppies, such as their origin, appearance, personalities, and care guides. Let’s check it out!


Havanese used to be a common dog breed in Europe. After Columbus claimed Cuba, Spanish settlers brought the ancestor of Havanese dogs to the new land. Since then, the breed has become the favorite pets of Cuban’s wealthy families and aristocrats, receiving great popularity and affection from the citizens.

However, due to the Cuban Revolution issue in 1959, the puppies lost their reign in society. Later, they were brought to America by Cuban refugees and shown warm welcome by the native. This event saved them the unfortunate probability of going extinct. 

Since moving to the new land, the Havanese dogs were once again in high demand, snatching people’s hearts with their adorability and long-lived companionship.


Two cute little Havanese puppies are lying on a bed
Two cute little Havanese puppies are lying on a bed

Generally, the Havanese figure is small and fluffy. Their bodies are slightly longer than tall, standing only 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches tall. They are tiny fluff balls that weigh just 7 to 13 pounds, easily fitting in your palm.

These puppies have double coats. And both of them are as smooth as silk and light in texture. The coats don’t put much weight on their bodies and dreamingly flow with movements. This feature keeps the Havanese cool and fresh in warm weather. Therefore, you need to groom and take care of their coats regularly for the healthy body condition.

Their head is just as small and cute. They have expressive eyes that reflect softness and intelligence, being large, brown and almond-shaped. The ears are relatively broad and droop at the sides of their faces. When they are running, you will swoon at the sight of the ears bouncing to their movements in the air. 

The neck is of moderate length and thick with feathers. Their chest and shoulders are broad that allows greater heart development and lung capacity. The tail is high-set and full of silky hair. 

Their legs are short and have a moderate muscle level, providing enough strength to perform continuous activities. They have arched toes, and nails are of many colors.


Havanese Puppies
Havanese Puppies


The Havanese Puppies are extremely human-oriented. They crave affection and the warmth of people surrounding them. They set a very strong bond with their owner and find it comfortable to live in the house. Do not worry if your house is full of naughty children because this puppy sure can gently handle them. Even though they are energetic and playful, when playing with kids, they won’t bark or nip your kid but will just willingly obey the orders.

Their friendliness towards other animals and strangers are great as well. Many dogs, such as the Miniature Dachshund, may find other dogs threatening and will try to dominate or attack them. But it’s not the case for the Havanese at all. They mostly show a positive attitude with your neighbor’s dogs, strangers and are very eager to play with them. 

However, their attitude can be influenced by other external factors such as training and background. It is advisable that owners expose their pet to the outside world at a young age so that they are not scared or reluctant to communicate.


Besides their fluffy appearance, they are very intelligent, just like the Siberian Husky Puppies and Poodle Mixes. They can spot your mood level and try to cheer you up with their goofy behaviors. Sitting peacefully on the sofa with you to observe the surrounding world is also one of their calming hobbies.

The Havanese are persistent and easy to train. They know what your order is and how to comply with them. They are quick to catch on the tasks and perform them effortlessly once they are used to it. Due to their trainability, they can be in many positions such as therapy and assistance dogs or circus performing dogs. 

Contrary to their size is their large amount of energy. They can be very active and play with you for a long time. If you are the type who loves sport and exercising, this puppy can definitely be your companion in those tasks.


They can adjust quite well to any living environment. If you have a space-limited apartment or a house without a yard, it is perfectly fine for your pet because the Havanese are fairly calm indoor and polite with residents. They won’t try to dig a hole or enthusiastically run around your house as long as you play with them for a while. 

However, like the Maltipoo Puppies, they should not be left at home alone frequently because the separation will increase their anxiety and affect their mental health.

Their tolerance for unpleasant weather is worth commendable. Thanks to their silky and light coat, they can stay cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Don’t worry as they won’t complain much and cause you too many troubles. 

Health Issues

Cute havanese puppy getting treatments by glad smiling positive female pet groome
Cute havanese puppy getting treatments by glad smiling positive female pet groome

The Havanese generally have good health, but they are still susceptible to some health problems under different genetic backgrounds and living environments. Before purchasing a Havanese puppy, you should check his health clearance to make sure he doesn’t contract bone or eyes diseases.

The two common health problems in Havanese that you need to pay attention to are listed below.

Hip Dysplasia

This condition is a genetic disease that weakens the hip joint. Breeders can screen for and detect the disease but it can still show up in dogs that none of the parents contract the disease. 

Owners need to take their pet to the vet regularly to test their health. The hip dysplasia treatment may involve medication, special diet and sometimes surgery.

Patellar Luxation

This disease usually occurs in small dogs. It causes the kneecaps to dislocate in the legs, hindering their daily movements. You should test their health once in a while to keep their condition in control. The veterinarian will likely perform surgery if they spot the Patellar Luxation disease.

Routine Care

Routine Care

Routine Care


Even though they are small, they require a long walk every day to burn up their enormous energy. They love exercising with you outside because it shows that you care and adore them.


Havanese’s coats are thick, but they are silky and do not shed easily. But you need to groom and bathe them regularly to avoid dirt forming and skin problems. If you find grooming takes time, keep the coat short and give them a haircut once in a while. 


Havanese are afraid of being alone as they will get separation anxiety. You can avoid this by simply spending time with the puppy; in case you have to leave the house, make sure that you provide him with toys to pamper.

Brush Teeth

Brushing the puppy’s teeth is very important because it can prevent bacteria and tartar buildup inside the mouth. We recommend you to do this action at least two to three times a week for them. And it is even better if you brush their teeth daily.


Havanese Puppies are definitely for you if you favor sweet and friendly pets. Not only are they obedient to owners but also show a positive attitude to strangers and other dogs. They can adjust well in different environments and behave well as long as you spend time with them.

 If you are considering adopting a Havanese, you need to check their health clearance beforehand and know the necessary caring guides to take care of them.

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