How Much Should I Pay For A Dachshund? Why’s It Pricey?

If you’ve decided to have a Dachshund, your first concern could be its price. Although it is an amiable and curious small dog breed with a long body, it comes at a high price. So, how much should I pay for a Dachshund? You may ask.

On average, Dachshunds cost between $300 and $4,000. The broad range is determined by the dog’s pedigree, region, and age, as well as the availability of the coat. 

Other fees can total up to $1,500, with payment per month ranging from $50 to $100.

How Much Should I Pay For A Dachshund? 

How Much Should I Pay For A Dachshund? 
How Much Should I Pay For A Dachshund? 

The answer to how much Dachshund costs can vary significantly. But why are certain Doxies more expensive than others? 

There are various reasons why you can get one for $500 yet have to pay $2000 for one elsewhere. It is true even if adoption dogs are omitted. 

Despite coming at a fancy price, you should consider owning one since Dachshunds are so clingy. You can’t resist its cuteness.

When considering owning a Dachshund, consider the following four factors.

1. Location

Dachshund Cost Differs By Region
Dachshund Cost Differs By Region

Dogs from the same breed are likely to be priced differently in various nations. However, in the United States, Dachshunds’ cost differs by region and even by city within a state.  You will find a surprising reason that Dachshunds are the worst breed.

As a result, it is always a good idea to shop around, especially with breeders outside of your area. A short road trip to acquire your dog can save a hundred of your spend if you have the leisure.

Breeders are under pressure to sell at a lower price as a result of increased competition. However, this is not always the case. For example, even though Corgis are beloved in California, they aren’t the most affordable option.

It is a difficult situation, so the only way to know for sure is to contact all the Dachshund breeders in your neighborhood or nearby.

2. Breeder Reputation

Always Seek The Reputed Breeders
Always Seek The Reputed Breeders

For all dog breeds, a breeder’s reputation is significant. Therefore, there are several benefits to working with a reliable Dachshund breeder. 

Also, responsible breeders, for instance, seem to offer your dog excellent health care rather than just for more attractive colors or physical aspects.

3. Gender, Coat, And Color

Gender Can Impact The Price
Gender Can Impact The Price

The coat and color have an impact on pricing. It is when things become a little murky. The majority of people believe that trustworthy breeders do not charge extra for physical features. 

Sadly, nearly every breeder does. It is the law of supply and demand in action. As a result, the colors of these short-legged dogs that are more popular or unusual might fetch a significant price premium.

Their eyes are often green, amber, or light brown. They do, however, occasionally develop blue eyes. 

Blue-eyed ones are considered “undesirable,” according to Pet Insurance. Female dogs are slightly more costly than male dogs. It is true of nearly all dog breeds, not only Dachshunds.

4. Pedigree

What exactly is a pedigree, and why is it important? In a nutshell, a pedigree is the dog’s family tree with precise specifics. All reliable breeders should carry them. 

This dog breed has to register with a Kennel Club to receive an official pedigree. However, this does not guarantee the dog is healthy. Anyone willing to pay a modest charge can do so. 

Owning a Dachshund breed can help your home clean since it loves killing mice and other harmful animals that exist in your garden. So, what can a Dachshund kill?

Champion Bloodline

Champion Dachshund
Champion Dachshund

Pedigrees are helpful since they may provide a lot of information. For example, a pedigree might reveal Dachshund’s aptitude for a specific ability. 

You may see the letter “CH” while looking at the pedigree. This term stands for “champion,” and it indicates that one of its ancestors gained a champion title in a competition.

Health Of A Dachshund Puppy

Pedigrees Record Health Information
Pedigrees Record Health Information

Another essential piece of info about a dog’s pedigree may link to its future health. Again, some health issues will be recorded, but not all. 

When you see the acronym “OFA” refers to the initial Dachshund’s hip dysplasia condition. It is a frequent dog breed disorder, which is why it’s documented in pedigrees.

Pedigrees record other health-related information, such as frequent eye problems and elbow dysplasia or hip dysplasia. 

Of course, the more minor health issues there are in its dog’s line, the more costly it might be.

How To Find Reputable Dachshund Breeders?

How To Find Reputable Breeders?
How To Find Reputable Breeders?

Finding a reliable breeder for Dachshunds is simple if you are prepared to pay a great deal of money. You can locate a lot of excellent, trustworthy breeders in your area by doing a quick check. 

To check if the breeders are qualified, you have to conduct tests and interviews with them. You will discover a lot of reliable Doxies breeders on their list if you use the search function.

Why Is There A Cheap Dachshund Cost On The Internet?

Not All Cheap Dachshunds Are High Quality
Not All Cheap Dachshunds Are High Quality

If you come across Dachshund puppies for sale at a cost that sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. To entice customers in, some fraudulent breeders advertise pups at reduced prices. 

These cheap Dachshund puppies may be ill, and they cannot be purebred or even not exist. Many reputable hobby breeders offer fair fees for their pups, but you must also be wary of fraud. 

Dachshunds are a rather costly breed; therefore, if you come across one that appears to be less expensive than the others, you must think twice.

Final Thoughts

How much should I pay for a Dachshund

A Dachshund breed is costly to own ( between $300 and $4,000), and they cost extra spend per month. But at the end of the day, you’ll soon fall in love with this chunky paw friend.

They are so much more valuable than that. Despite their small size, they will become the most important element of your life. Remember not to leave your Dachshunds alone for too long since it can cause separation anxiety.

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