How To Clean Goldendoodle Ears – Helpful Instructions

The more we love our Goldendoodle, the more we care about taking good care of him. Cleanliness is a top priority for a healthy body and a relaxed mind. Therefore, we must engage in regular grooming and cleaning to ensure our Goldendoodle remains in good condition. In particular, cleaning the ears of Goldendoodles will be the task you need to master. This post will discuss how to clean Goldendoodle ears, which interests many owners.

What Kind Of Ears Do Goldendoodles Have?

Each breed has a different ear structure, which leads to various ear problems. As for Goldendoodles, they possess soft and hairy ears that are extremely lovely. However, their dense network will provide the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. A folded ear structure forms a closed and warm space where dirt and moisture can remain for a long time. This type of ear will hold debris, dirt, and other small particles that make it vulnerable to contamination. As a result, Goldendoodle will often have ear problems if we don’t clean his ears regularly.

Why Should We Clean Goldendoodle Ears?

You may wonder if it’s essential to clean the Goldendoodle’s ears. Is it not enough to take a clean shower after a few weeks? That’s right. Goldendoodle ears are not easily cleaned through bathing. We need to have our cleaning procedure for their ears. 

Goldendoodle ears are often exposed to a wide range of dirt and debris daily. It can lead to health risks because yeast and bacteria thrive in warm, humid environments. For regular prevention of these infections, Goldendoodles should clean the ears once a month to remove any debris that may have accumulated. When Goldendoodles live in humid environments and touch more water or have a history of ear infections, you need to clean their ears more often. Moreover, if you clean them clearly, they will feel happy and more protective when you show affection.

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Why Do Goldendoodles Easily Get Dirty Ears Than Others?

Goldendoodle’s ear structure makes them prone to ear problems. However, not all Goldendoodles are like that. Therefore, finding the signs of dirty ears and knowing how to clean them will prevent any issues.

Also, we can’t deny that certain Goldendoodles may get their ears dirty more often than others. Each Goldendoodle will have its distinct ear structure. A few dogs have small ear canals, making it harder for earwax to escape. When the ears contain wax, it can block the ear and cause bacteria to grow. Some Goldendoodles have dense hairy ears that make dirt easy to accumulate and difficult to escape. As for the ear type, you can think about trimming ear feathers. However, you might notice that loose hair can fall into your ears and cause more severe problems for your Goldendoodle.

Ways To Check If A Goldendoodle Needs Ear Cleaning

To recognize when a Goldendoodle needs ear cleaning, the easiest thing to do is to check your ears regularly. You can get used to looking in Goldendoodle ears several times a week. This routine will help you spot any Goldendoodle ear problems before they become serious. When observing, you must be able to distinguish healthy ears from dirty ears. Healthy and clean ears are usually pink, odorless, and not messy or inflamed. Some ears may smell, but without yeast or odor are still considered healthy. Conversely, if you smell bad or Goldendoodle shakes his head more than usual, it may be time to clean your dog’s ears. Besides, it would be best if you recognized whether your Goldendoodle smells or not. 

We will list steps that will make it easy for you to check the ears of Goldendoodles before deciding to clean them. 

Step 1. Ensure the comfort of the Goldendoodle. Let the dog sit or lie in a position in which he feels relaxed. It will make it easier for you to check the Goldendoodle’s ears.

Step 2. You can pat the Goldendoodle’s back and buttocks, talk to him gently and tell him to calm down. For the Goldendoodle to gradually get used to examining the ears, you should plan periodic weekly inspections. You can give Goldendoodles a treat to make them feel more positive and relaxed and prevent the dog’s escape or resistance behavior.

Step 3. After settling things down and your Goldendoodle has happily cooperated, lift one of his ears and look inside. If possible, you better look directly into his ear canal.

Step 4. The first factor that needs to be checked is color. Healthy ears will be pale pink and free of wax, dirt, or other debris. You may be worried about some earwax appearing around your ears, but it’s nothing unusual. You must ensure earwax doesn’t build up in the Goldendoodle’s ear canal.

Step 5. Next, you need to check the scent of the ears. Will there be a weird scent when you lift your ears? Do the ears smell bad or yeasty? These scents may be signs of a dirty ear or other ear problems. A clean ear usually has no smell.

Step 6. While watching Goldendoole’s ears, you probably need to pay attention to his demeanor. Suppose he’s happy and relaxed throughout this process. It will be a good sign. However, Goldendoodle feels pain when he touches his ear, which is a bad sign.

When recognizing dirty ears, the main thing to do is to clean them. Cleaning methods and frequency are issues you may notice. Improper or excessive cleaning can lead to infection and irritation of the ears.

Ways To Clean Goldendoodle Ears

Things Needed

Having determined that Goldendoodle ears need to be cleaned, embark on this task. For the cleaning to go smoothly, you should prepare some items. We have listed several things that are necessary for the job of cleaning Goldendoodles’ ears:

  • A cotton swab or a cotton ball
  • Clean and warm water
  • Dog ear cleaning solution (if you need to clean the inner ear)
  • Ear powder if you are taking care of ear plucking
  • Treatment (may not be essential but will help)
  • A support person (may not be necessary, but a helpful friend next door can speed up the cleaning process)

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Outside And Flaps Cleaning

Understanding the steps to clean your Goldendoodle’s ears will help you do it quickly. Once all the necessary items are ready, look at the ear-cleaning procedure we suggest below. The following steps apply to the cleaning process of the outside and earrings:

Step 1. Choose a comfortable and quiet space for your Goldendoodle. Place your items in a location convenient to your fingertips. Make sure everything is clean.

Step 2. Have your Goldendoodle sit or lie down in a relaxed manner. You can have them lie on a soft cushion to stimulate comfort. For large-sized Goldendoodles, you can let them lie on your knees. For Goldendoodles of tiny size, it is more convenient to put them on your lap. You can also have your friend help with this. She will keep the Goldendoodle comfortable while you clean your ears.

Step 3. Gently pat your dog and converse with him calmly. You can encourage Goldendoodle to give him a treat and encourage him to keep trying.

Step 4. Allow cotton wool to seep into warm water and ensure the water temperature is not too hot. Gently squeeze cotton wool to drain, as excess water can harm Goldendoodle’s ears.

Step 5. Lift one of the Goldendoodle’s ears and gently wipe it with wet cotton wool. The direction of wiping will begin from the inside out. Carefully clean from the inside of the ear towards the ear flap. This direction of wiping will help bring all the dirt and wax outside.

Step 6. Continue to use another new cotton swab and soak up warm water. Perform a wipe several times until the Goldendoodle’s ears become clean.

Step 7. During and after wiping your ears, notice the Goldendoodle’s expression. When he still feels relaxed, repeat this procedure with the other ear. Conversely, let Goldendoodle relax for a while if he’s upset. After that, continue to perform with the other ear.

Inside Cleaning

If you wonder how to clean debris and earwax inside the ears of the Goldendoodle, the best thing is to take him to the vet. They will have a way to clean the ears and avoid inflammation. They can prescribe medicines or cleaning solutions for the dog’s inner ear.

Each solution or sanitary medicine has its way of administration and features. Therefore, you should carefully read the packaging and instructions for use before starting the cleaning. We also recommend a general procedure suitable for most detergents as follows:

Step 1. Similar to cleaning the outside of the ears, you also need to choose a comfortable and quiet place. Place the Goldendoodle in a position where you can easily reach his ears. Reward him with a treat if needed.

Step 2. Selection of cleaning solutions. Usually, the solution bottle will come with a nozzle to guide the key into the dog’s ear.

Step 3. Gently place the nozzle in the Goldendoodle’s ear. The nozzle needs to enter far enough for it to do an excellent job of cleaning. You shouldn’t put it too deep inside the ear as it can be harmful.

Step 4. Slowly spray the solution inside the Goldendoodle’s ear. It can create noise or minor discomfort for your dog.

Step 5. Next, clean cotton wool soaks the excess solution in the Goldendoodle’s ears. Like the above, wipe gently from the inside out so that you can remove excess moisture from the ears.

Step 6. Watch Goldendoodle’s reaction throughout this process. Reward your dog with a treat as a reward for this perfect collaboration.

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How Frequently Do We Clean Goldendoodle Ears?

It’s a good idea to schedule ear cleanings for your Goldendoodle once per month. Nevertheless, depending on your dog’s daily activities, you might require more. So how do you know when it is? Here are a few indicators:

  • Visible ear discharge
  • If you observe your dog frequently touching his ears.
  • The smell of wax and debris begins to emanate from your dog’s ears, not like yeast or an illness.
  • Apparent dirt in the ears

What Are The Reactions Of Goldendoodles To An Ear Cleaning?

Some dogs might maintain their composure and be content to unwind after the cleaning. Some individuals may suddenly develop zoomies and begin flying around the house or yard! Even rubbing their ears on the ground or continuing to shake their head might be attempted. Although their conduct is quite normal, we advise you to keep them as calm as possible or refrain from praising them. Moreover, if you want to keep them fresher, you should know some tools that need for trimming their face.


Your Goldendoodle deserves good health and mental comfort. So you need to take care of him scientifically and thoughtfully. Ear hygiene is a rather complicated task. So, if you know how to clean Goldendoodle ears, you are a dedicated owner. I hope your Goldendoodle will always be in good health and live happily!