How To Trim A Goldendoodle Face – Step-to-step Guide

Have you ever noticed if your dog’s hair is too long or too short? Are they look hairy and untidy? Maybe it will take a while since you have not given them trimming. Trimming makes him look tidy and clean. Here are some stages for you to follow to clearly know How To Trim A Goldendoodle Face? Just begin with the tools, then wash them and trim all their faces. Hold them still and grab tools. It is not quite challenging, and now it’s time to hold them still and trim your fuzzy Goldendoodle’s face. Let’s start!

Goldendoodle – Fact, And Information

Goldendoodle is the breed that first appeared in the 1990s in America. Their parents are Poodles and Golden Retrievers, so they have a mixture of intelligence and playful and loveable buddies for their owners. They love to exercise and are very perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. They have wavy, curly, or maybe straight hair. They are a hairy breed, and as their owners, you should check with the veterinarian for brushing and cleaning habits. They have colorful hair because they have a gene mixture from their parents. It can be brown, orange, or cream in their fur. They vary in their own sizes, big or tiny. You can see it all. Goldendoodle is an excellent companion with their owners, even in therapy treatment. So that’s all the information you should look for when you own a Goldendoodle. Moreover, you should learn many things you should do before adopting golden doodle puppies.

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Tools For Trimming Goldendoodle Face

Prepare for trimming the Goldendoodle face, first of all, and you should know what tools you need for it. All the tools play an essential role in trimming or grooming their faces. Let’s take a quick look at all the means that I’ve mentioned below.

Wire Or Slicker Brush

This is an essential tool for the trimming process. You should use the Slicker brush to remove hair from the Goldendoodle from the coat. Besides, you can use it for everyday brushing your pet’s fur. 

Steel Pet Comb

The second thing that you can consider is the steel pet comb. It is a necessary tool for Goldendoodle. It can help to detangle their fur comb when they have a trimming process. Looking for a Steel Comb that is not too sharp will prevent the chance that it may hurt or retain any scratches on their skin.

Pet Hair Clippers

You may need the clippers for holding their hair and fur for trimming. Choose the clippers that are firm but comfortable for their Goldendoodle skin. With these tools, you can handle the coat you want to cut off and make your Goldendoodle’s face seem tidier and not furry.

Thinning Shears

The next thing you should prepare for the trimming stage is thinning shears. It helps you to blend your buddy after using the scissors. 


And the last thing you should have are the scissors. You can choose the ballpoint or blunt-ended to avoid hurting your Goldendoodle face. Using high-quality scissors will help you save money and operate for a more extended time whenever you need to trim their faces.

Is It Necessary To Trim A Goldendoodle Face?

With the big furry hair, especially on their face, Goldendoodle might feel stuck and uncomfortable. A thick coat may quickly get dirty and not easy to remove. It is also essential to keep their fur thick enough to protect their eyes and their face. However, regular facial trimming will help them avoid blocking their view and not get hurt or hurt when participating in indoor and outdoor activities. Moreover, trimming may keep your buddy in the best shape and look cuter. You can go to the vet and hear the instructions to know the appropriate time for your Goldendoodles to trim and clean their coat. It can decrease the chance that they get any invisible diseases.  Also, it would be best to clean them clearly when Goldendoodles smell.

When Do You Need To Trim Goldendoodle Face?

So the big question for dog owners is how often you should remove their hair and trim their faces. As I mentioned, you will need advice from the veterinarian to define the type of fur. If your Goldendoodle has a straight coat, you can consider removing its skin for around 1.5 months. However, while your Goldendoodle has curly hair, the time you should trim their face must be shorter, about once a month. Please consider their environment. They are also growing. Furthermore, it would be excellent if you felt the weather. If it is hot, you should shorten the time to remove it, or while in the cold weather, you can delay the time for a little bit longer.

Trim A Goldendoodle Face – Step By Step

Until now, you know what types of tools you need and all the information about your buddy Goldendoodle. Then, you can look for the step to trim your pet’s face. Let’s see some stages that I reckon:

Wash A Goldendoodle

Actually, you can trim their face without washing them first. But I think it is better to wash him, and it would be easier to groom your buddy. Or else, you can clean their face carefully with warm water, especially their eyes. Dry your Goldendoodle with a towel before you go to the next step.

Uncover Their Eyes With A Comb

This step uses a comb to brush their fur before trimming their face. Do it gently from the top to the head forward. This step will make you feel comfortable and easy when trimming the Goldendoodle’s face. Decorating above their eyes, leave the lash to let it cover them.

After uncovering their eyes by brushing, slightly trim as the angle avoids their eyes. Trimming with scissors will make a sharp line around their eyes. However, it cannot be sure that it is not untidy. After trimming, you should use the thinning shears to improve the fur.

Then The Beard

After handling the fur around their eyes, use the steel comb and trim the hair around their face. Then as in the previous step, you will use the thinning shears to blend and adjust the hair around the face. Cut the beard around 1 inch.

Trim Their Cheek

Use the blunt scissor to trim around their muzzle. Adjust and decorate with your Goldendoodle’s level that you find lovely. It will look like a triangle. After trimming with the scissors, use the shears to design their fur to look tidier and ensure it won’t make your Goldendoodle uncomfortable with their new look.

Trim Their Top Head

Gently use a comb and brush the fur back of their ears, trim the hair in front of them, and let it stay against the head. Design and trim to make the Goldendoodle’s face round and cute. Right now, your pet will look tidy with round fur around its face. After decorating their top head, you will trim their hair around their ears.

Then Hair Around the Ears

Combing their fur around their ears first. Then, trimming hair carefully from the ends of the Goldendoodle’s ears. Cut along with their ear shapes, and notice does not cut or touch the skin of their ears. Thinning shear will help you to shape the fur in the correct order and design it as you want. Then practice with the other ears.  Moreover, it would be best to clean Goldendoodle ears to keep their safety.

Now it seems to be done in trimming the Goldendoodle’s face. Please note some things that may be very important when grooming your pet.

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Note When Trimming Their Face

When trimming the Goldendoodle’s face, please notice that they have a cute teddy bear look. Therefore, you can adjust to not grooming so much around their face, especially their beard, whenever trimming. It creates a different look for your pet.

In the first trim, it may be more challenging than ever. So, cuddle Goldendoodles, treat your pet, and be very gentle at every step of the trimming process. Let your Goldendoodles feel comfortable when doing it. I am sure that it won’t be that hard next time. Besides what you have heard, I know there are many instruction videos on how to trim your Goldendoodles. You can follow or grab any tips that you think are suitable and work for your Goldendoodles. Besides, if you trim their face to look fresher and more comfortable, they will bark to express happy.


Here is everything I want to share with all of you to have an excellent trimming experience for your pet. Goldendoodle is loveable and has become great friends with its owners. Trimming their hair will help your dog feel tidy, not cover their eyesight and keep them cute so no disease grows. It may be hard at first, but encourage them and give them more treats. And especially look at the content to know How To Trim A Goldendoodle Face well. I hope this may help you a lot while trimming their face, and I also hope that all those notes will be very effective for all Goldendoodle owners.