Some Facts You Should Know About Old English Bulldog


It is not an overstatement to say that a dog is “man’s best friend.” And you can never go wrong with an old english bulldog. This unique dog breed is another version of the now-extinct English bulldog. Carrying the latter’s strong points such as agile limbs, muscular body, and decent size.

There are so many kinds of bulldog currently available, though, making it hard to identify which dog is which. We are aware of your struggle, and this article presents some interesting facts about the modern bulldog to help you find your favorite!

Can you guess which one is the Old English bulldog?
Can you guess which one is the Old English bulldog?

Detailed Information Of Old English Bulldog

Are you a proud owner of an Old English Bulldog looking to find more about their pet, or just thinking about getting this breed? Take a closer look at some facts about your favorite canine friend below.

The Origin

When we ask people about bulldogs, most of them would think of the old english bulldog. Unexpectedly, that breed of bulldog is now extinct! The modern-day English Bulldog is a completely different kind. More specifically. They are a blend of American Bulldog, American Pit Bull, English Bulldog, and Bullmastiff. This specific breed results in its short, bulky body, and wrinkly face, the traits indistinguishable from classic bulldogs.

The Appearance

Though having somewhat similar features, bulldogs are not close relatives to pugs! They have some clear differences you can spot throughout their growth.

As Puppies

Old english Bulldog puppies
Old english Bulldog puppies

Right from the start, these babies already show off their sturdy stature, with short chubby legs and a beefy body. Furthermore, the signature wrinkly coats can make you misunderstand these pups for baby pugs.

As Adults

Matured Old English bulldogs come in various sizes and weights, which is also dependent on their gender. Overall, a male bull dog should be around 65 to 130 pounds in weight and 19 to 25 inches high. On the other hand, females are slightly lighter, weighing 5 pounds less and 1 inch shorter.

Old English Bulldogs are muscular, and large-boned dogs that are also nimble and athletic. Their girthy heads have wide muzzles and wrinkle-like brows. The big ears can be puffed up or stay droopy similar to some poodle mixes.  Contributing to their strong build , the bulldog has thick, sturdy necks and burly legs, giving them a cuddly and stocky appearance.

Additionally, these dogs have short fur coats that come in a wide variety of colors. In general, you can usually find bulldogs with white or black coats and large patches of black, grey, and brown. Some variants even have full black coats comparable to black pugs.

You can say that these bulldogs are the opposite of longhaired parti yorkies, size and fur length-wise.

The Traits

Since this type of bulldog is a combination of many breeds, they are considered to blend every positive trait from each of their ancestors.

baby and dog - 3 month old baby with 4 year old english bulldog
baby and dog – 3 month old baby with 4 year old english bulldog


The characteristics of an Old English Bulldog are numerous. They have higher resistance against health issues related to pure bulldog breeds (distinguishable through a shorter muzzle).

Not only that, this variant has fewer negative traits generally inherited in bulldogs such as (articulate issues, hip pains, weak climate adaptability and low birth-rate).

Good Temper

They are, in fact, gentle and entertaining dogs that have a strong eager to-please their master. Not only that, these bulldogs  are extremely obedient to commands and devoted, always ready to follow your orders. 

Despite their intimidating look, Old English Bulldogs are ideal friends for kids and somewhat comfortable around strangers. But they can be efficient house dogs, too. 

Comparable to the famous white doberman, bulldogs will raise awareness as they sense any possible threat to their house and families.

Tough And Athletic

These bulldogs are built for workouts and daily activities! They have impressive strength, and would always want to release that power. So they usually prefer long walks in the park to a nap. 

This breed is also well known for their athleticism. Do not underestimate their chunky body! It is packed with stamina, capable of keeping up with your daily jog no problem.

Food And Diet

To keep your furry friend in the best shape, we suggest you feed him food with a high nutrition value and contain chemical-free ingredients. If you do not have a large budget, dry dog food is a great alternative. It fits your wallet as long as you pick quality products.

One more important thing, for a complex breed such as the Old English Bulldog, It is critical to select food that has been especially for their specific requirements. The food should be suitable for their age (newborn puppy or matured adults), size, and activity level to make it simple. 

Because this breed bulldog is bulky and loves exercises, kibbles densely packed with nutrition will give them enough energy to rumble.

Creating a consistent eating routine and balanced diet will significantly reduce your pet’s risk of getting obese. This disease has always been a serious problem for dogs, potentially leading to an abundance of other health issues from laziness to heart diseases.

Training Difficulty

Old English Bulldog Chilling in the Sun
Old English Bulldog Chilling in the Sun

Whether you are new to dog training or not, you will have little trouble teaching these bulldogs. They are very smart dogs, taking only a few tries to learn new moves and habits. To get the dog’s attention, you need to show your dominance as its pack leader before and during your training sessions. 

As these dogs are independent species, you will need to be strict, positive, and most important, confident in your approach. 

Remember to always reward them after a training session; praises and treats are some effective motivators. And fix their wrong actions right when they appear. 

Some owners even try punishment-oriented training. Hear me out. It is not only inefficient, but it can also damage the relationship between you and your dog.

For starters, pet owners should show their dogs the compulsories such as the layout of the house, some basic sit and eat commands. If it is a puppy, we suggest you prioritize teaching it how to walk with a leash on. Teaching a dog is somewhat similar to teaching a baby. It is best to start as early as possible, especially for a stubborn Old English bulldog. So, save some time to train your puppy; it will be worthwhile in the long run. 

Exercise Frequency

As we have mentioned, the breed’s agility and toughness makes for a super active dog. Combine that with a couple of well-conditioned activities, playtimes can even help to channel the dog’s positive energy. Joining with your pet is also suggested, since the owner’s presence can certainly strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Another thing you should know is these dogs tend to chew anything they can put their teeth on.  So providing your pooch with lots of chewable toys and your furniture will be safe from harm. 

This activity is not for nothing though; it acts as a strong stimulant for dogs, preventing them from getting bored whilst fortifying good habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have stumbled upon many questions from many owners, and we think you would have as well while reading.

Are Old English Bulldogs Aggressive?

The name “bulldog” may scare many people, but we can assure you, they are no way as aggressive as their namesake. You can think of a wire haired dachshund, Old English bulldogs can be as cute and friendly to visitors. 

However, this does not mean they are terrible at housekeeping! They are particularly protective of their territory, showing strong determination to ward off strangers.

Regardless, bulldogs are not actively aggressive to humans or other animals, as long as they are outside of the dog’s “comfort zone”. One quote that best describes these four-legged guards is “Non Aggressive But Well-Prepared.”

As fierce as they may look, bulldogs are super friendly
As fierce as they may look, bulldogs are super friendly

How Much Do Old English Bulldogs Cost?

When you take a trip to any bulldog breeders, you would always find the price of an Old English bulldog to be on the higher end. This absurd price tag is due to the extremely difficult and lengthy breeding process. Another criteria to determine the cost of english bulldog puppies would be where they were born.

Overall, Old English bulldogs from creditable breeders are likely to cost you around 1,500 dollars to 4,000 dollars. Should you see these bulldog puppies for sale at less than 1,500 dollar, be cautious. Many stock raisers suggest that the cost of raising a healthy bulldog would be as high, suggesting a lack of quality.

We advise that shops offering bulldogs for less than a thousand should be avoided. Those outlets might be breeders in poor conditions, or worse, mass-produced-for-profit breeding procedures, resulting in  puppies with weak immune systems.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An Old English Bulldog?

On average, the life expectancy of this bulldog breed can go as long as 11 years. That is a very lengthy time in dog years. Reaching this duration is not easy though, you will need to take care of your pet with consideration, and always keep track of their growth.

Some tips we have collected that should ensure a healthy lifestyle for your canine friends are: 

  • Feed them in separate meals, with moderate amounts depending on their diet and exercise frequency.
  • Take them for daily walks. It will not only create a positive habit, but also reinforce their muscles and stamina

Last Words

And above were some facts we found about the old english bulldog. That information was based on our own experience, so rest assured that the bulldog you are looking for would have similar traits to what we have mentioned! 

We hope that by reading them, you will be able to find the perfect companion to brighten up your day!

Thank you all for reading, and see you soon in the next article!

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