Puppy Schedule- A Foolproof Guide

Puppy Schedule

Bringing home a puppy means that you have more responsibility on your shoulder. Coming with great responsibilities is the experiences you have to handle and the tasks you should do. 

And as you are new to puppy adopting, you might be lacking these mentioned factors. Hence, we have generalized a typical puppy schedule in this article to better take care of your pets. Let’s get started.

Puppy Schedule

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Now is the time to discover what a puppy schedule looks like.

Morning Time

The first thing you should do to your puppy is to provide it some water to drink. Then you can open the bathroom’s door or the front door so that your puppy can respond to “the call of nature.”


Take out the puppy’s bowl and leave the food there for no more than 15 minutes. If your canny does not finish within 15 minutes, you should be strict to him by collecting the bowl and giving no more food( except for a small portion for training). Clean the bowl and add more water.

After Breakfast

After feeding your pet, you can let it rest for a couple of minutes. Then you can play with your puppy or train him. I know that almost everyone is very busy in the morning. However, you can take him out for a walk; just about 15 minutes is enough.


The rest of the morning is ideal for nap time in a crate or a playpen if you’re not at home. However, it is vital to make your puppy stay in the crate even when you are at home. By doing this, your canine will familiarize you with loneliness when needed.

Moreover, you will never know what troubles your puppy can get into when you are not there. So, purchasing a crate or a pen is important for your pet to relieve himself when necessary. Or you can consider hiring a puppy sitter to look after him.

A Puppy Crate Is Needed If You Are Not Home

A Puppy Crate Is Needed If You Are Not Home


You can repeat the same routine as morning one, including feeding your pet, taking him out, playing with him, or doing a little training. And do not forget to sit him on the potty before the afternoon nap.


When your puppy gets up, spend 30 minutes to 1 hour taking him for a stroll again. This is the time for training and playing before dinner time.

One thing to bear in mind is that you should never forget to bath your puppy after a long day. You can choose some gentle puppy shampoo to avoid skin irritation caused by strong chemicals.

Dinner Time

You can either decide whether to let your puppy have its meal when cooking dinner or having dinner. Before feeding your pet, let him play with some chew toys in his space so that he can start his digestive system.

Adorable Labrador Puppy Playing with a Chew Toy on White Backdrop 1

Adorable Labrador Puppy Playing with a Chew Toy on White Backdrop

Evening Time

After dinner, you can let your puppy go for another potty. The evening is a perfect time for communication. You can play with him, train him and remember to give him some small snacks.

Afterward, it would be best if you took him out for a walk to let him relieve himself before bedtime

Time To Sleep

Now is the time to wrap the whole day. Another potty! Prepare the bed comfortably for him to settle down and go deep into his dream.

In case your puppy can not sleep, it is probably that he wants to do his own business again. That’s why you need to set up an alarm to check if he is ok.

In A Nutshell

It is very important to set up a stable puppy schedule from the beginning because not only do you teach your puppy how to behave, but you also make a good habit for yourself.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with a detailed schedule for raising a puppy. This task is quite challenging at first, but as long as you care and love your canine, the result is worth your effort.

Thanks for reading!

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