Is A Short-Haired German Shepherd Right For You?

Short-haired German Shepherd dogs are courageous, devoted, and intelligent. That’s the reason why they have become one of the world’s most beloved dog breeds. However, they are not for everyone. Do you want to know whether a short hair German Shepherd is right for you? What are their characteristics and personalities? How much do they cost?

Do not worry, and we are willing to help you with all the facts about this breed. Check it out now!

Where Did The Short Haired German Shepherd Originate? 

As their name suggests, Haired German Shepherds are native to Germany. This breed has become popular around the world since 1899, with its original purpose of raising livestock.

Nowadays, they become human’s faithful four-legged friends. Not only are they favored for housekeeping tasks, german shepherds are exceptional choices for military training because of their intelligence, agility, and sharp sense of smell.

What Are The Characteristics Of Short Haired German Shepherd Dogs?

Short-haired German Shepherds puppies

Short-haired German Shepherd​s puppies are well-proportioned dogs with a broad, taper handsomely head and a pointed snout. The ears stand erect and rather large. The back is muscular and level, and the tail is curved downward and bushy.

They weigh up to about 43 kilograms (95 lbs) and reach a maximum height of 65 centimeters (26 inches). 

Like long-haired German Shepherd, the coat of short-haired German Shepherds come in a variety of colors, including those considered purebred such as brown, black and silver, red and black, blue, black and tan, sable, gray, and black. 

Their coats can also be rare, including gray, liver, light blue, and panda pattern. However, the solid blue, spotted, and white German shepherd puppies are not considered purebred.

colors-of-german-shepherd-and-alsatian copy

German Shepherd coat and color varieties

What Are Their Personalities?

Obedient and loyal

Short-haired German shepherds are extremely obedient, faithful, and willing to do anything for their owners. However, these personalities will get you into trouble when they are left alone for a long time because they tend to need companionship.

Loving and cautious

Short-haired German Shepherds are great watchdogs because they tend to be cautious around strangers. Therefore, to raise well-behaved, obedient, and social dogs, expose your Short-haired german shepherd puppies to many people, experiences, and places. 

Let’s begin by teaching them basic canine manners and getting them used to other dogs and people. All in all, they are human’s faithful four-legged friends once they acknowledge you, and this relationship will last forever. 

Intelligent and active

Short-haired German Shepherds are considered extremely intelligent and active. Stanley Coren – the author of the book “the intelligence of Dog” ranked this breed third for intelligence. 

German shepherds can interpret instructions and learn various tasks better and quicker than other breeds. These traits make the short-haired German Shepherd desirable as a rescue, search, guard, and police dog.

In addition, this breed must be kept busy exercising, working, learning, and playing to vent their energy because they are also extremely active.

German Shepherd used in military training

German Shepherd used in military training

Crate training

Crate training is an important way for German Shepherds because it teaches them to be happy and calm when left alone or separated from their owner. 

Crate training should be trained in Short-haired German Shepherd puppies at a young age to increase their adaptability to their surroundings, people, and other dogs.

Do Short Haired German Shepherd Dogs Shed Hairs Much?

Like long-haired German shepherds, short-haired German Shepherd Dogs shed a lot, especially when they blow their coat. 

However, compared to the long-haired German shepherd, the short-haired German Shepherd Dog tends to shed more because of loose hairs that are not likely to get caught in their thick outer coat. The Fall and the Spring are the highest shedding season for German Shepherd Dogs. 

In summer, German Shepherd Dogs shed and replace their thick fur with a thinner one, and allow this thicker fur to grow back in preparation for the winter. 

How much Does A Short Haired German Shepherd Cost? 

On average, you can buy a short-haired German Shepherd from breeders with prices ranging from 500 dollars to 1500 dollars. You can also pay thousands of dollars for a short-haired German Shepherd with memorable lines, working titles, papers, pedigree, and puppies who have a proven regulated breeding history.

It would be best if you considered carefully when choosing a breeder. Do not be fooled or buy from unethical or shady breeders.

In A Nutshell

The short-haired German Shepherd dog is reliable, flexible, strong, devoted, courageous, intelligent, and loving. If you are looking for a human’s faithful four-legged friend who has all these above personalities, this breed is a perfect choice for you.

However, let’s consider carefully before choosing German Shepherds because they are not for everyone who goes out too often, can not tolerate noise, or only see them as watchdogs.

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