What You Need To Know Before Adopting Basset Hound Puppies?

Pretty and gently Basset hound puppy

Every breed has its distinction that requires different methods of maintenance. For example, Samoyed puppiesneed a lot of grooming as they possess a really thick fur coat, or a deer head chihuahua only needs a proper serving size to be full since they are a small breed; the same goes for the basset hound puppies. 

So what do we need to know about this special breed? Let’s read and find out!

Where does the basset hound breed come from?

The ancestors of basset hounds are the St, Hubert hounds, a formerly famous hunting kind. The basset hounds are believed to be a mutated version of these great hounds. Assumably, the first line of basset hounds had proved themselves to be useful for hunting, which explains why their breed is still maintained till modern time.

These hounds then popularized among French aristocrats, but the breed line was changed even more by the 1880s. A breeder named Everett Millais combined the version of a basset hound with a female bloodhound, resulting in a heavier type of basset hound. This breed was made to be the standard for modern basset hounds that we have today.

How is their appearance?

Related to bloodhound puppies, the basset hound pups share some similarities with their cousins. Much like the bloodhound breed, the basset hounds also have an adorable droopy face with floppy ears. However, a significant distinction is that this breed is much shorter than their bloodhound counterparts.

Basset hound dog portrait having a serious

Basset hound dog portrait having a serious

Having shorter legs seems disadvantageous, but it turns out to be beneficial for these dogs. Since they were bred to be hunting dogs, their short stature helps them maneuver through the bushes, tracking clues that are easily overlooked for taller dogs. 

Other than their short stag, their tail is also a good “equipment” in aiding hunters. For most basset hound dogs, their tail usually has a white tip to signal their owners while on the trail.

The long back also makes up for their lack of height; in addition to their ability to stand on hind legs, basset hounds use this advantage to reach higher surfaces.

Basset hounds actually have a very long back

Basset hounds actually have a very long back

Covered by a thick layer of fur coat, this type of dog can withstand any condition of weather. In terms of their fur colors, the basset hound breed comes in five different color patterns: tricolor of black, tan, white, black and white, brown and white, red and white; or lemon and white. 

Another variety is blue, but this coating is very rare and is considered to be a result of genetic mutation.

Basset hounds come in a variety of colors patterns

Basset hounds come in a variety of colors patterns

When you pet a basset hound, you can feel that their fur is very smooth and soft. As their coat is naturally oily, the bassets’ coat is always kept conditioned. 

What are the characteristics of a basset hound?

From their description as a hunting hound, you may think that the basset hounds are aggressive in nature. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Basset hound dogs are a friendly bunch; they can get along with just about anyone or any creature. So, if you have any other pets, do not worry about adding a basset hound to the mix.

They may appear old due to their dewlap, but basset hounds are just as playful as a labradoodle. Furthermore, as they are very affectionate, the basset hounds make great babysitters. 

You won’t have to be worried about leaving your children with these dogs. They may look sturdy from the outside, but they are, in fact, very gentle and lovely.

The chill and laid back basset hound

The chill and laid back basset hound

However, the basset hounds may be too friendly for their own good. With their docile personality, they won’t make a good house guard. On that note, future owners should also know that basset hounds are quite stubborn, too. They are a smart breed, and it’s hard to train them if you’re not an experienced owner.

Do they have any health issues?: 

The basset hound has a lifespan of 12 – 15 years, which is quite standard for a household pet. However, they are not exceptions to illnesses. While most of their physical features contribute to their hunting ability, they can also be a double edge sword to these pups’ well being. 

Vulnerability to skin diseases

Unfortunately, the floppy skin that they’re so known for is one of the causes of their diseases. As the laps of skin overfold each other, they can accumulate bacteria and trigger skin infections. Notably, around the eyes areas and their mouth. 

Their iconic long ears are a problem as well. The basset hound is a hunting breed. They are short and like to sniff on the ground; this creates contacts between their ears and the ground, which will cause their ears to attract dirt and germs, hence why this breed is vulnerable to ear mites.

Obesity and bone diseases

On a side note, this breed is prone to obesity. If caretakers don’t control their intake, their obesity will cause a strain on their bones, exposing them to joint injuries and bone diseases.

How to take care of basset hound puppies ?

Regular grooming

For having so many concerns over skin diseases, caretakers should groom them regularly to prevent bacteria build-ups. Experts recommend that you give your basset hound periodic baths and clean debris multiple times a week. This way, you’ll minimize any chance of skin infection.

It is also preferable for owners to brush their coats weekly to keep shedding under control. Along with brushing, owners can eyeball any concerning issues through their fur condition. For example, if the coat is dry and dull, it indicates a lack of nutrients in their diet. 

Sufficient diet

As mentioned before, these dogs are prone to obesity, so it’s better to consult a vet about their diet. A basset hound should be fed at least twice a day. Their diet should include nutrients, such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins. 

If you’re feeding them kibbles, then you should serve them one and a half cups every meal. Favorably, you can make a puppy schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle for your cub.

Being a helpful assistance

Since bone diseases are prevalent among this kind, owners should also be careful when walking them from higher to lower ground level. If you see the ground they’re jumping from is too high, don’t be hesitant to come and carry them down. This will avoid any unwanted bone injuries.

Keeping your dog company

For basset hound dogs, you not only need to take care of their physical health, their mental well-being is just as important. The basset hounds tend to get lonely easily; these creatures are social butterflies at heart, a suitable owner should be someone who can spend a lot of time with them or have another pet around for them to play with.

How to train a basset hound puppy? 

As a hunting breed, the basset hounds are very smart and focused in their nature. However, they are a stubborn breed and need a skillful trainer.

Most basset hounds love to sniff and track down any abnormal scent. You may notice your basset cub just can’t get their nose off the ground and will stop at every object and give it a sniff. To be fair, that’s what they were born to do. So, don’t get impatient if your hound baby needs to sniff at all times; instead, learn how to grab their attention.

First, you need a distraction-free zone, and then you get some treats and their favorite toys. Take a toy that will make noise to get their attention. 

Once you successfully make them look your way, give them their treats. This will signal them a positive sign; hence, they’ll listen to you. Gradually, you can exchange treats into compliments or petting.

No matter what, take into consideration that basset hounds are sensitive. They don’t respond well with harsh reviews so just be patient and loving; these pups won’t let you down.

Fun facts about the basset hound – Have you heard of them?

  • The word “Basset” in French means low, indicating their short stature.
  • With the young pups, caretakers should pay some attention to these ones because the little basset hounds can get tripped over their own ears.
  • In 1956, Elvis Presley serenaded to a basset hound on The Steve Allen Show. The legendary singer sang a special rendition of “Hound Dog.”
  • Their famous appearance comes from a genetic mutation called androchronoplasia, which is also known as dwarfism. For other breeds, this is considered a defect. But for these hounds, their dwarfism is one of their defining traits, contributing to their hunting abilities.

In conclusion, do basset hounds make suitable pets?

Basset hound is a perfect life long company

Basset hound is a perfect life long company

With their dumbo ears and sad puppy eyes, the basset hound puppies can steal our hearts right on the first meet. One will look at them, and they may think of a sad baby that they just want to hug and cuddle away.

Aside from their unique cuteness, basset hounds are emotionally intelligent and very loyal to their owners, which makes them wonderful life companies.

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