White German Shepherd Puppies – Interesting Facts About This Breed

White German Shepherd Puppies

Having pets in the house will help you handle loneliness and depression very well because they give us companionship. Then, white german shepherd puppies may be an ideal alternative if you are allergic to cats.

Why Shepherd in particular? Should you believe some sources of dog not drinking water? Keep flipping through the end of our paper, and you will be clear.

White German Shepherd Puppies – What Makes The Dog White?

Solid black coats will not be seen on a white German Shepherd whose white fur, according to scientific approval, is a biological outcome of a dominant gene. All German Shepherds have this gene. And, people usually assume these dogs are albino due to their white fur.

However, it is not true. So what is the truth? Keep scrolling down a bit, and you will know. Albinism, or in many cases of albino animals, is an inherited condition resulting from a lack of melanin, which lets blood vessels come up on the skins.  In essence, Shepherds do not lack melanin, but their fur is lighter.

White German Shepherd Puppies

White German Shepherd Puppies

What Is The Life Expectancy of a White German Shepherd Puppy?

The average length of Shepherds’ life is an in-between stage of 10 and 14 years. Some white Shepherds even pass away at the youngest age of 7 years, and the oldest is 16.

But if you offer your dogs with a proper diet, an appropriate exercise routine, and regular checkups, they probably live longer.

Does a Shepherd Require Special Diets?

You do not need to provide white German Shepherds with a special diet but keep feeding them regularly. Remember to divide their feeding amount into smaller portions. Following this rule helps avoid the potential indication of bloat that is likely to cause a more life-threatening status.

Some allergy syndromes occur in Shepherds when you overlook the importance of limited ingredient intake given to your dogs. Hence, looking for a suitable diet is important indeed.

We recommend 1500 to 16000 calories per day for a 75-lb male Shepherd. And it is just a suggestion. Generally speaking, you can modify the dog’s calorie requirements based on its weight and health conditions.

What are The Health Issues of a Shepherd?

Bloat, hip, and elbow dysplasia and food-related allergies are the three health issues commonly appearing in Shepherds breed. Besides, they might suffer from heart disease, hock walking, epilepsy, or degenerative myelopathy. Therefore, bear in mind these issues to deliver the right treatment. 

From some notes in terms of health problems mentioned above, we strongly advise that the dog is perfectly living with whom: 

  • Have a rather active lifestyle, and prefer outdoor activities. 
  • Able to devote time and resources to meet the dog’s needs.
  • Good at training and socializing a dog, especially a white German Shepherd puppy.

You should not raise a Shepherd if you: 

  • Have some allergies 
  • Tend to be couch potatoes 
  • Do not like socializing dogs.

What Is The Temperament of This Breed? 

White German Shepherds are among the most loyal breeds that they even accept to risk their lives to protect the human family. These dogs’ personalities are typically the same as the standard color German Shepherds. They show confidence, courage and obedience.

The white shepherds are very cheerful, calm, and sometimes quite serious. Although these dogs do not show aggressiveness towards strangers, they still observe and exhibit a certain aloofness level.

Moreover, shepherds are playful and friendly while playing with kids. They can even be excellent watchdogs. So, it is unnecessary to worry about your children’s security when they are around Shepherds.

White German Shepherds Good With Kids

White German Shepherds Good With Kids

Unfortunately, Shepherds occasionally moan, grunt, and howl. On top of that, they are clever and faithful dogs that you can count on in any situation. 

Can White German Shepherd Eat Tuna? 

You are wondering: “Can dogs eat tuna?” Then, if the answer is yes, how much tuna should your pup eat to stay safe? We highly recommend not feeding it to your dogs at all. Nevertheless, a tiny amount will not lead to mercury poisoning.


Hopefully, the paper about white german shepherd puppies has provided you with a more intensive knowledge so that you can decide whether to raise a Shepherd in the house. Searching for the right reading materials is surely the most crucial step before going to the pet store, and picking a puppy.

But if you already owned one Shepherd, you can share your experience of nurturing your dog. Also, feel free to add some information about Shepherd in the box below for other readers. We always welcome all of your comments. And lastly, thank you for reading our post.

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